Brad Pitt & His Gorgeous Girl

So cute! Brad Pitt brought his adorable 1 ½-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne to meet up with his parents and his eldest children – Shiloh, 3 ½, Zahara, 5, Pax, 6, and Maddox, 8 – at a park in Venice, Italy today (April 16).

We just spotted Brad’s parents, William and Jane, sightseeing with their four eldest grandchildren.

Brad carried his youngest daughter as he watched his older kids enjoy the monkey bars. The proud papa even brought out his camera and took a few pics as the family bonded at the park.

The kids’ mama, Angelina Jolie, was not spotted with the group. She is currently in town filming her latest movie, The Tourist, alongside Johnny Depp.

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    • The names are listed from youngest to oldest. It just so happens that the adopted ones are older than Shiloh. Take a chill pill. Oh, and yeah, I concur, she’s honestly not that gorgeous. maybe she will grow out of it….not trying to be mean, just honest.

  1. Everyone seems to think Viv is gorgeous, I have to say I think she’s one funny looking child. Not being mean (doesn’t matter anyway not like Angie and Brad will know I said it) she’ll probably grow into a gorgeous adult but right now she’s funny looking, very large forehead. Knox is cutie though.

  2. OMG….cute cute cute! How could anyone say Vivienne is not cute? There was a picture of her on the balcony in Venice and she was stunning.

    • its pretty easy to say she’s not that cute… she isn’t. she looks completely miserable and constipated-at best-in almost every picture of her i’ve ever seen. and at worst, she looks like she might have downs syndrome or fetal alcohol syndrome because her eyes look droopey and she has the giant forehead with no hair to cover it and those poor, unfortunate cheeks and jowls.
      you are right tho about the pictures of her onthe balcony from the other day, they actually were the cutest pictures i have ever seen of her, BY FAR!!!! and i think it was because she was actually laughing and smiling and you could see a spark of personality in her and she didn’t look so damn droopey, or “touched.”
      see how easy that was for me to say she’s not cute??? it was sooooo easy. i personally dont understand the people that are so inlove with her, is it because they are loooking for a substitute for Shiloh now that’s she’s jumped ship?? It’s a shame that poor Vivienne didn’t get Knox’s looks. Now THAT is one GOOD LOOKING…if not fricking BEAUTIFUL child.

      • Maybe your kids are no cute and “poor’,no cute Vivienne. Vivienne looks like Shiloh=Pitt.Knox looks like Angelina .Twins are gorgeous-and Vivienne and Knox

      • I personally don’t like going around and saying kids are ugly, but knox is WAY WAY WAY cuter than her, like you said.
        No big deal, she’ll certainly grow out of it.

      • As grandmother of one with Down Syndrome I don’t understand how “droopy” eyelids (don’t see it here) or high forehead automatically means DS. Seems nitpicky. And why would that be something people interested in children be looking for. Why not just enjoy the individuality in appearance of all kids. I doubt too many of us on this site are particularly photogenic.

  3. Danielle, you are one evil Biatttch! Why say mean things about a one year old???? and while Brad and Angie can’t hear you make fun of their child, GOD and the rest of us CAN!!! Don’t you have a conscience???

    …Vivienne is ADORABLE and PRECIOUS!!….just like every other innocent baby out there. Lets not loose our humanitry just cause we are under the anonymity of the internet!

    …So great that the family was able to enjoy the outdoors without the invasion of the papparrazzi.

    • wow calm down… she didn’t say anything mean… and it’s not evil if she doesn’t think the baby is gorgeous… yeah, I personally prefer the method of not saying anything at all when you don’t have something nice to say, but ‘losing humanity’? just because she called a kid ‘funny looking’? there are far worse crimes against children and humanity out there and I’ve seen ppl say worse stuff about celebs’ children :/

    • we get it, all babies are sweet and precious…they really are. i know that, you know that, everyone on here knows that…. at the same time, Vivienne is NOT a cute baby as far as cute baby standards go. she looks grumpy and miserable all the time, she has a HUUUUUMUNGOUS forehead that actually goes all the way up to the very tip top point of her head because her hair is so blonde and baby-fine that it doesn’t cover her forehead or her fivehead for that matter. and she always is making a face like she’s constipated or farting…one or the other.

      i know, i know, i’m evil too. i get it. actually, i am a mother, i have two beautiful children of my own. many of my friends have kids and i absolutely adore every single one of those children and feel blessed to have them in my life…that doesn’t mean, however, that i dont think some of them arent cuter than others. and that doesn’t mean i dont think that some of them are down right funny looking…. and its ok, cuz most of the time when they are funny lookiing, their parents know and will joke about it, because HEY! they’re babies…and sometimes babies are just funny looking and you hope they grow into it, which they usually do.

      so no, Vivienne is not some GORGEOUS GOLDEN CHILD< that award, unfortunately for her, goes to her brother Knox. now THAT kid is as cute as can be, just absolutely beautiful

      • I must agree she is akward looking. Why do some of you people need to lie and suck up and all by saying every celebrity baby is cute??? Just because they are famous doesnt mean that they are super cute etc.///

        Also why are they dressing their daughters like mini biker men??

      • “…she has a HUUUUUMUNGOUS forehead that actually goes all the way up to the very tip top point of her head because her hair is so blonde and baby-fine that it doesn’t cover her forehead or her fivehead for that matter.”

        LMAO!!! Okay I laughed right out loud on that “fivehead” remark, and I know many of you others did too, cuz it was damn funny, lol. Messed up? Yes. But funny nonetheless- Anonymous, you are too much, lol! Leave little Viv alone, she can’t help the size of her forehead! I personally think she’s very cute, big head and all- doesn’t she look like someone’s biker grandma in these pics? Looking just as stubborn as one, too, LOL! Too cute!

        I love the quirky parts of kids that make them a little funny-looking- makes them cuter to me. I mean, look at Ruby McGuire- she’s got a giant forehead too, and it just adds to her cuteness. Nahla Aubry often contorts her face in very weird ways, making her look funny sometimes- again, adds to her cuteness. And Francesca Bateman has a flat nose, big ears, and a turkey neck- and we all know how everyone feels about her. So celebrate the quirks, they make life more interesting!

  4. viv is adorable very beautiful looks like her dad all kids have big head at that age
    by the way people who insult babies are pathetic cowards

  5. LOVE this family!!! I wish we could see more photos from this set of all the kids together.. would be nice to see the older kids with the little ones 🙂
    These babies are soo cute! And I want to see more Knox, he totally stole my heart 🙂

  6. Vivienne is just so freaking adorable and beautiful! She has these realöly beautiful eyes and she seems to looking more and more like her big sis Shi and mum Angie every day. She has this beautiful blond hair just like sis Shi. No matter what she wears she looks gorgeous. I don´t understand those people that say there is something wrong. Especially those ones that say she must have Down´s Syndrome because she has a high forehead. The JPs went through the same thing with Shi when she was a baby. Many people said that she must have a Down´s Syndrome since she hardly ever smiled and had her mouth open almost every time she was seen out. Mark my words:this little girl (Vivienne) is perfectly healthy little girl who´s gonna be a stunner when she grows up. I also love Knox. Wonderful to see him on Papa Bill´s shoulders watching the scenery.

    • Agree with you.
      Why did people say a nasty thing about her?
      Poor Vivienne!!! She did not do anything to make people admire her.
      Is that her fault to make someone bashing her?
      Leave her alone if you think she is ugly, don’t waste your priceless time to a little one that makes you feel angry coz her appearance does not reach with your CUTE GORGEOUS BEAUTIFUL words. I Pity her!!!

  7. Blonde with blue eyes does not = gorgeous ok!

    Its about features not colour etc… and Viv has large features sorry

  8. For me, Vivienne is too precious!!!
    And I expect my baby to look like her.
    She is freaking adorable in my eyes.

  9. Vivienne is mini Bras. She is cute. She is not unpretty , like Honoir cor Violet. She looks like Shiloh. Knox is mini Angelina, is te cutest

  10. Vivienne is mini Brad. She is cute. She is not unpretty , like Honoir or Violet. She looks like Shiloh. Knox is mini Angelina, he is te cutest

  11. I can see for myself that the ages are from youngest to oldest…thank you very much. But most times the bio children always seem to come first, then the adopted ones… why don’t you take a chill pill or two.

  12. I’m sorry but she is not that cute. Why do they say gorgeous kid??? Common…Just because she is Brad and Angie ‘s kid?
    Shiloh was better looking.

          • Who did she offended ?
            And why are you judging her when yourself is not
            respecting her own opinion …

          • Who did she offended ?
            – (quote) “Why do they say gorgeous kid???”
            So I think why did not respect whoever say that, it was their minds.

            My answer is (quote)
            “Please respect other opinion!!!
            Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

            Where is the word I am judging her ?

            and where is the word I did not accept her idea?

            Like I said “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”
            I think this sentence is too clear for do not have the same outlook.
            And you will not ask again (quote) “Why do they say gorgeous kid???”

            My purpose is Just says that if you did not see her gorgeous and someone saw her gorgeous, why did you not respect other? It was their minds to think.

            However I wrote in short sentence and did not tell her that I accepted her mind though, so you would misunderstand.

            Okay!!! Peace

          • Maybe to you this is offensive but to me
            It isn’t .. and why should people get offended?
            The only person on this planet that should be offended
            Are the parents … cause I mean … it gonna sucks
            To hear people saying that your child isn’t gorgeous.

            And yeah I still think that she is not the most beautiful
            But she is not ugly … just .. not as gorgeous as her bother.

  13. Vivienne is cute, she looks like Brad as baby. Se is really cute baby girl.No all babies are very cute(S. Sandler, Honor Warren, Zuma, ), but Vivienne cute.

  14. I was reading an article the other day about how the anonmity of the web belies the public persona of the poster. It talked about how the more mainstream and conservative the poster is in their everyday life, the more hostile, argumentative, critical and cinical they are online. It also talked about the professions tended to be of a more subordnate nature and rarely managerial or educational. They see themselves as religious and law abiding in public, but a large percentage have a secrect life/habit/picadillo they are lothsome to share.

    Wonder how many here fit what was described. I have a strong feeling it’s a scary number.

  15. I agree Vivienne is a plain child (at preesnt). Knox is beautiful. So what? Its not like there is some massive beauty contest going on. I don’t love one of my children more because she was a jaw droppingly gorgeous baby and the others were either just pretty or in fact funny looking. I kinda like the funny looking ones personally.

  16. I just don´t like seeing kids in black, why can´t they be in some colours. maybe i´m weird or something but I love to see kids wearing clothes in all colours but just not black and grey….

  17. Well i was not hiding behind anonymous with my comment and I certainly don’t think I was being evil. Infact to me that person is more a spammer.
    I was just replying to all the commenter’s who think she is cute saying i dont see it myself, as others have said beauty is in the eye of the beholder so if you think shes gorgeous fair enough I dont see it like I do with Knox.
    I am not hiding behind some web persona SiervaMaria either, I am a nanny to 3 children, one is very cute, one is pretty and the middle child not so good looking, but has such a personality she wins you over. Im not going to say she’s gorgeous when she isn’t. (not that I make any comments to childrens faces about looks anyway) but in general that’s the way it is.

  18. Love at first sight in the picture she was in Narita Airport.
    Vivienne is my angel, my ideal baby, and such a real doll.
    Then I am waiting for her picture everyday and wishing some day to have my own like her.
    She is too cute for words.
    Anyway these pictures makes her ill, even I do resist it.
    I think this set is her worst photos, because before she looks better than this.

    Okay whatever you will be, I still love you the most Vivienne 🙂

  19. Totally agree with you Danielle that baby is not cute, I think its time we stop with these lies. No one has a problem saying Adam Sandlers daughters are not cute but because this is Brangelina’s baby she is “cute”, just stop, the child is not cute, she looks like she cld be special if you know what I mean. Lets just be honest.

  20. Knox is so beautiful, looks so much like Angie. I’m an Angelina Fan, but I don’t think that all of the Jolie-Pitt Kids are beyond beautiful. Siloh and Vivienne are cute, but not the cutest kids. The adopted ones are adorable.

  21. Why do people get so offended when we say someone is not so cute?
    We like looking at cute kids, obviously, so when a jolie-pitt kid turns out to be no that cute, we’ll talk about it! that’s part of the fun of coming here!
    We think, this kid is really cute, this one, not so much. That’s called having an opinion!
    And it ONLY means the kid is funny looking, it doens’t mean we wish bad things for the kid, or that she’s worth less than the others, it’s just an opinion on looks.
    And by the way, knox is my new favorite, along with Violet.

  22. I love her curiously personality and think it is charming.

    May be I am weird but I love her look.

    She is a cutie.

  23. Why do people have to say Vivvy has some disorder that makes her look strange or mentally handicapped. BGecause the child appears withdrawn and tired in pictures due to travelling and being the lacck of focus due to such a large group of children having to have there needs met.
    All I see is a sweet little girl who is in need of a big HUG and some attention amongst all the focus being put on such a large group of children. Vivvy appears left out, her clothing style decided upon a style that does not suit her very sweet and very shy girly nature. You can see Vivvy looks withdrawn in these pictures.


  24. vivienne looks like a cute young brad pitt with angelina’s stunning lips. can’t wait to see photos of her when she’s older.

  25. She is very cute, and if she does have downs that doesn’t mean she is not adorable. Downs syndrome children are cute too, and to me she does look like she has it. Could be wrong..but guys, Angie had children back to back without giving her body a rest, and then also doing movies in between having Shi and the twins.

  26. Was just lead here via a link to the second close-up picture of Brad and Vivienne together and I’m just now seeing where Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne get that funny vacant stare/open mouth thing from lol.

    Reading over that, that seems a little mean, but no, I think that constantly-in-a-world-of-daydream thing the younger Jolie-Pitts do is cute, I’m just saying I can see they get it from their dad. x

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