David Duchovny: “Things Are Terrific At Home”

Life is good, says dad-of-two David Duchovny.

Following his 2008 stint in rehab for sex addiction and his reunion with his wife of almost 13 years Téa Leoni, the Californication star tells the USA Today, “”I’m filled with humility and gratitude. Before, I was focused on winning and deserving. I would say, ‘Oh, I deserve that.’ That’s not grateful. Grateful is, ‘Wow. I’m lucky. That’s fantastic.’ ”

It sounds as though David has done some serious soul-searching over the past year. So what has he discovered?

“I still feel like I haven’t grown up. But I can judge from my work that I’m a lot more of a man than I was five years ago,” he muses. “Maybe I’m late. Maybe I’m on time. I’m happy it happened. It’s something you have to do. I paid attention. I didn’t coast. I asked some hard questions. I took some hard answers. I learned humility.”

As for his family life with Téa and their daughter Madelaine West, 10, and son Kyd Miller, 7, the former X-Files star reports that “things are terrific at home.”

“Téa and I parent together,” he says of the couple’s commitment to their kids. “Although if the kids had one phone call to make, they’d call their mom, probably.”

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