Katherine Heigl: “Life Is Great”

Katherine Heigl recently traded in her Grey’s Anatomy scrubs to focus her time on her family, and now the actress is reveling in the small things in life. Heigl spoke with Entertainment Tonight and confirmed that had made the right choice leaving the show saying, “Life is great. It’s really family oriented right now…[it] feels as it should be,” US Weekly reports.

The mom-of-one gushed of her 17-month-old daughter Naleigh, “They change every month so monumentally that every month she’s a new kid.” Of her daughters latest milestone Heigl, “She just started walking this weekend, she started talking more last month. If I were missing that right now, I would just be devastated.”

The 31-year-old, who has six films in some from of pre-production and one set for release, says of her career, “I’m still a working mom, but I’m really grateful that I have the time with her that I do.”

Heigl and husband Josh Kelly, whom the actress recently gushed, “I really could not have imagined a better father for [Naleigh],” have been married for 2 1/2 years.

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  1. I think its awesome that her daughter means so much to her she’s willing to step back and spend time with her and her husband! I think too many starts let nannies raise they’re children, almost as though they only have children for a status symbol. Not like they’re going to be poor anytime soon! I say good for her for making her living and now taking time to enjoy the fruits of her labor!! Good for her!! (CW is spot on though…the outfit is horrible!!)

  2. Isobel was my favorite character, i loved her but i am sooo glad that she is doing this for her and her family and not because she has something else to do! You go GIRL!!!!! Have a great life with your beautiful family! God Bless and pls burn that outfit! YIKES!!!!!! LOL

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