Tom Brady & His Construction Cutie

On Saturday (April 17), Tom Brady and his adorable 2 1/2-year-old son Jack checked out the construction site at the new home Tom and wife Gisele Bündchen are building in Beverly Hills. Jack ran around and played in a large pile of dirt while papa checked out the site.

Tom and Gisele have just returned from their vacation in Brazil and Paris. The happy couple were spotted a few times with their gorgeous 4-month-old son Benjamin.

Jack’s mother is Tom’s ex-girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan.

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  1. This is great, but you know, it creeps me out that the paparazzi took more pictures of Jack than Tom. Still is so nice to see Tom with his gorgeous older son. 🙂

  2. The Paps always creep me out with their obession of celeb kids. But Tom, Gisele and Bridget all do a good job of being low-key and keeping the kids away from Paps most of the time.

  3. Jack Moynahan does not look EXACTLY like Tom Brady. He is a mix of both parents that’s why he is so cute.

  4. Not sure about taking little kids to a construction site with nails & all around. ..but Jack looks like he is having a blast in the dirt. Cute boy

  5. The person who said tom should have takin John to a park because of the nails, I guess you have never been to a park in Los Angeles. LOL!

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