Jennifer Lopez: “We’re Not Ones To Parade The Kids Around”

After taking some time off from music and movie-making, multi-talented mom Jennifer Lopez is now back on the big screen and in the studio. Though she tries to fit her career in around her kids Max and Emme, 2, the 40-year-old star of The Back-up Plan admits she still feels some mommy guilt.

“Oh my God, yeah. That’s something people never tell you,” she explains to USA Today. “In the beginning, before you start working again, you just feel guilty if you go out for an hour and have lunch. You go out and you’re like, ‘I gotta get back to the babies.’ There’s a tremendous amount of guilt that they need you and they want you to be there. They miss you and they wonder where you are, and as they get older, it only increases.”

Though J.Lo and her husband Marc Anthony are both in the public eye, she says they try to keep their children out of the spotlight and off of the red carpet.

“We’re not ones to parade the kids around. Marc is really adamant about that. He’s really protective. We don’t want them getting used to that life,” Jennifer says. “It’s a weird existence. I used to be of the attitude, many years ago, that I would just live my life and not care…. But at the same time, you shouldn’t just throw caution to the wind, because there are consequences to that lifestyle.”

Jennifer’s new film, The Back-Up Plan, hits theaters this Friday.

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  1. oh really, she makes this comment after parading her kids on the cover of people magazine for millions.


  2. While she did a photoshoot with People shortly after her twins were born, in comparison with others (Suri, the Garner-Affleck kids, Jessica Alba’s, and lately again Brangelina’s) you hardly see her and Marc’s kids being photographed. She is shielding them and it shows.

  3. Yeah, we all know why she shields them. I don’t think she is proud of the fact that they look like her husband and he is let’s say…not that attractive.

  4. That’s because she is irrelevant, the industry aren’t interested on over paying her for making crappy films and her music doesn’t sale anymore, she is talentless and her family isn’t interesting. Also if i remember well at first she made millions for showing her new born babies, on hello magazene? JLo is a fat liar.

    • And what exactly, pray tell, makes Jennifer Garner and Jessica Alba so relevant? Their award-winning performances? Their box office topping movies?

      • I don’t think that Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner “parade” their kids around. Have you seen the places these kids are photographed??? At the park, being picked up from school….I guess these women aren’t supposed to take their kids to school or to play outside? And before you say that they have a nice big yard at home or that they could have a nanny take the kids to school. I know that my son, although we had a great yard for him to play in, LOVED going to the park. It was something different. And I loved taking him to school, and wouldn’t have wanted to let anyone else doing it for me.

        • That doesn’t answer my question. Why is it that some women and their kids are photographed almost every day while others just as relevant/ irrelevant are better in shielding their kids? If people like Johnny Depp, Matt Damon, Nicole Kidman, Tina Fey, etc., etc. are able to do it, then why can’t Jessica Alba (who compared to these people is a nobody)? Seems like she doesn’t want to.

  5. I think her children are adorable. I can’t see how her thinking her children aren’t attractive because they look like Marc, is a reason for not showing them to the public. That is just cruel to say.

  6. Jez, How long is she going to milk and brag about her twins. I have twins myself, the same age as hers, and yes its very hard, but my god!!! move on now and whin about something else for god sake. EVERY single interview its about Oh my god, look at me how hard it is and how I cope with it.
    Coping with what? Try to get EVERYTHING in the house on your own (laundry, cleaning, groceries, preparing the meals and so forth) and also save some time to have with the kids, and then talk and BRAG about how hard it is. You feel guilty ONLY because you dont spend enough time with them, not even when you are at home. There are others around.

    So annoying family!

  7. She is a high maintenance self absorbed diva. No one cares about her, her puppet husband or her kids! Go away!

  8. I think she’s a world class hypocrite. She sells her baby photos to People for 6 million dollars and brags about her Dolce and Gabanna blankets, her kids’ nursery with their 2,000 cribs etc. She dresses them up in a tux and party dress and ‘parades’ them on stage at Madison Square Garden after a concert, she flies them in private planes and then has the nerve to judge other celebs and how they choose to bring up their kids?

    Most celebs we see are those who are simply walking their kids to and from school. taking a stroll to the beach or just playing in a playground. I think it is weirder that she doesn’t do any that stuff? or maybe she does and people simply don’t care. Ha. That must suck for her.

  9. Jenny Lopez is such a liar. First she tried to convince everyone that she didn’t have nannies and that she was such a hands on mom. Turned out to be a lie as there are pictures of the kids with the hired help.
    Now she is claiming that she doesn’t parade her kids. What about the over the top People magazine spread. I would believe her if we saw her doing normal things with her kids like going to the park but instead she brings her kids to big soccer matches and big sporting events like the superbowl where the whole world can get a glimpse of them on the big screen.

  10. Jennifer Lopez doesn’t have the right to say she doesn’t parade her kids around when she sold their picture to People Magazine for millions. Hypocrite.
    Jennifer Garner didn’t not sell her kids pictures to a Magazine. She is just living her life.

    Jennifer Lopez is a huge star. But, the public isn’t as interested in her family as they are the Jolie Pitts. The media will spend any amount of money and travel to whatever city/country they happen to be in at the time to get photos.

    Most kids of celebrities that live in LA get photos taken. Their kids will not have normal life experiences if they stay home all the time. They have to make the decision of totally secluding their kids or taking them to school, parks, movies….. I would deal with the photo taking as well. The celebrities that live out side of Hollywood have a better chance of protecting their kids. Jennifer has several homes and doesn’t stay in one city for every long.

  11. What about the 6 million dollar People Magazine cover – that was surely parading her kids around — and rubbing it in our faces that they lived in an over the top nursery with chandeliers and crib canopies no less! And the parading around onstage (they looked scared!) and on European vacations! Give me a break “you don’t parade them around” JLO! Untrue! The only places she doesnt take them are normal kids outings! Because she probably doesnt take them anywhere normal herself!

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