Lullabelly: Prenatal Music Belt

Expecting mommies often hear about the benefits of playing music for your baby while it’s in the womb. The old school version of putting headphones around your belly has finally been revamped! Now, with Lullabelly, you can plug in your iPod or MP3 Player and let your baby listen to any music of your choosing.

Some experts say listening to music in the womb encourages learning, language development and memory skills. Expand your baby’s horizons by playing lullabies, audio books, foreign language recordings, and introduce him or her to the voices of friends and family who don’t live nearby. Plus, playing the same music after birth can help your baby sleep better. The Lullabelly prenatal music belt offers a more modern, comfortable way to help your baby’s development with your favorite music! And it’s a great way for daddy to get involved, let him pick the tunes for the iPod!

Any mom-to-be will tell you that stretching a headset across your belly is clumsy and hard to position. The Lullabelly prenatal music belt can be used whether you are on the go or just relaxing home. It is extremely soft, flexible, lightweight and comfortable. The large pocket is ideal for carrying your portable MP3 player or other small accessories. The Lullabelly even comes with built-in speakers and adjustable volume control. Choose from pastel green, blue or pink, yellow, chocolate & mint.

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  1. Just strap the belt around your belly, insert your iPod and, voila, you’re giving your baby the gift of sound and connecting on a deep, emotional level.

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