Report: Tito Ortiz Arrested For Domestic Violence

Police were called to the Huntington Beach, California home of Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson this morning after receiving a call, reportedly from the former adult entertainment star’s father, about a “disturbance.”

TMZ is reporting that Tito was arrested for felony domestic violence after authorities arrived to find “visible injuries” on Jenna. He is currently in custody.

When TMZ caught up with Jenna, who has 1-year-old twins Journey and Jesse with her UFC fighter beau, she seemed close to tears as she confirmed that she’ll be pressing charges, adding, “My babies are alright… everything’s OK… he’s in jail.”

The mom-of-two later took to Twitter to announce she is quitting the social networking site, writing, “I cant take any more abuse from ANYONE.. To my sweet fans… thank you.”

Jenna, 36, is pictured here with her boys today outside of her California home.

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  1. That is so sad. I almost don’t recognize her though – what the heck has she done to her face?? She used to be so beautiful and now she looks like the cat lady.

  2. That’s a shame. Though I’ll admit that I’ve been waiting for a long time to see some good pictures of her boys and I think they’re very cute! Wish I was seeing them under different circumstances though.

  3. Wow – how much botox has this woman had? And I thought their relationship was a match made in heaven!

  4. She looks terrible. I did not know that she had so much plastic surgery done. She should sue the surgeon. He did a terrible job on her face!

  5. I am truly sad to hear this, but I have to mention… why would she publicly comment? Why would she appear with her kids before photographers today of all days? And even if it was accidental, why is she wearing a short sleeve shirt? For the sake of her children and their future exposure to this terrible event, why?

  6. Yes because twitter is TOTALLY the place people need to use to talk about serious events in their life. God get a a life people. Twitter is the dumbest thing ever!

  7. Ugh, why do these women do that to their cheekbones? She looks nuts, like Madonna does… so many women opt to have those insanely and unnatural big chicken breast cheekbone implants, and it just makes them look like weird wax versions of themselves. I don’t get it…

    Tito is denying all this… I hope, for her sake, if he is abusing her, that she has enough sense (I’m not so sure, judging by what she’s done to her face) to leave his ass alone. These men need to learn that if they insist on beating women, they will be alone.

    On a brighter and completely obvious note, her boys are absolutely beautiful 🙂

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