Jennifer Lopez & Her Sleeping Beauty

Actress and singer, Jennifer Lopez, was spotted leaving her hotel in Paris, France after appearing on a Parisian TV show on Monday (April 26). Jennifer is currently globe-trotting to promote her new flick, The Back-Up Plan.

After her appearance, J.Lo was spotted leaving Paris on a private jet, holding her 2-year-old sleepy daughter Emme. No sign of twin brother, Max.

Jennifer and her hubby Marc Anthony are “adamant” about not parading their children around the Hollywood limelight.

We’re not ones to parade the kids around. Marc is really adamant about that. He’s really protective. We don’t want them getting used to that life. It’s a weird existence.”

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  1. AWWW how Jlo went back the one manager that she said ruined her
    career..she fired him back in 2002…Now he is BACK.. So go figure ..
    Ever since he got her back her career has skyrocketed.. Now this movie
    is doing very the box office… her new c.d is coming out later this
    year too…Gone are the Latino movies…and c.ds..

  2. Interesting she would say that she doesn’t wants them to live a weird exitence .Then what would you call showing her kids off to a couple hundred thousand people at a concert or on a tabloid magazine just a couple months old.Just a everyday thing?Please getting jetted off to apperance and being taken care off by mutiple nannies is far from normal Jennifer and don’t pretend it is.

  3. The kids were very young then and won’t remember being “shown” to people at a concert. They haven’t been put on display anywhere in public since then. Any photos snapped now are taken by greedy paps who will do anything to get that shot, including at airports, hotel pools, maybe later at the childrens’ school. They can’t totally avoid the childrens’ photos being taken.

  4. It always troubles me to hear that there are parents using sleep medications for getting baby to sleep. Not just for baby’s welfare but for the parents as well.

  5. Many mums, in an attempt to get some much needed shut eye, are taking a complacent attitude towards sleep habits in an effort to get their baby to sleep; oblivious to the fact these habits could be making matters worse for them.

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