Naomi Watts On Her Documented Pregnancy

21 Grams star and mom-of-two Naomi Watts has a special attachment to her latest film, Mother & Child, as the star was pregnant with 1-year-old son Samuel Kai during filming. Emotions ran high for the actress at a screening of the film in a scene where the director Rodrigo Garcia captured baby Kai kicking mamas belly. Of the scene the actress told Wenn via Canoe Jam!,

Here I had this growing belly and we needed a few shots but we actually only used one. It was a no-brainer because prosthetics never look convincing enough and the good ones are really expensive and this was a tiny budget, so Rodrigo [director] popped on a plane and came with his cinematographer and he stole that shot. Now, when I watch it, I get very emotional because it was that moment between me and my baby and you see a little bit of movement because I drank some ice water and shook him (baby) up!”

The talented actress, who recently shared her thoughts on having a third child, and partner of five-years Liev Schreiber are also parents to Sasha, 2 1/2.

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