Jenna Jameson & Journey: Park Pals

Jenna Jameson was photographed playing with her adorable 1-year-old son Journey at a park in Huntington Beach, Calif. on Sunday (May 2). Journey’s twin brother Jesse was not spotted with the duo.

Jenna looked happy and carefree, despite a large bruise on her right arm. The 36-year-old mother of two recently withdrew her allegations regarding the domestic violence case against her partner, Tito Ortiz. “I’m doing everything I can to save my family,” Jenna recently said, adding, “I’m going to do everything I can to protect my man.”

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  1. she wants to protect her man all the while showing that large bruise!
    someone needs to tell her that she can’t have it both ways

  2. I would NEVER remain with a man who abused me, whether mentally OR physically, but I wish Jenna the best of luck in repairing her relationship, and hope if it, God forbid, happens again, she’ll take her children, and leave.

      • um… yeah, it’s about time this baby started walking. he’s kind of on the later side of things. my daughter was born 12 days after Jenna’s twins and started walking alone at 9months. of course my daughter is a very advanced baby for her age… still, 13 months old is actually more the standard normal age that most babies will begin walking. so it’s not that he’s already learning to walk. it’s that he is finally learning to walk.

  3. I feel so sorry for her married to such an abusive man. Her son looks just like his dad Tito Ortiz. He will grow up to be abusive as well if Jenna doesn’t protect them and limit their contact with Ortiz.

  4. No one knows what really happened between Jenna & Tito. Regardless they have two beautiful boys to take care of and that should be the main focus. Journey looks just like his Daddy!

  5. she just enjoys being the martyr
    why else would she put her bruise on display like that?
    especially when she says that they are staying together

  6. Jenna is proud to show off her bruised arm. What wrong with her I guess she loves tito too much to allowed him to abused her.

  7. This woman is an idiot! Why would she be wearing a short sleeved shirt and showing a huge bruise like that to the paparrazi?

  8. Ok, i feel no sympathy at all for her anymore. I did last week, but not now. It’s clear she’s just asking for attention and for people to keep worrying about her while she does nothing. First she tells the whole world her husband is abusing her, then she calls everything off, and now she’s out there showing off her bruises. I’m sorry but she’s building her own hell and she’s dragging her own kids to it. How can i woman be so brainless?!

  9. I honestly have never heard of the people. Who are they? Who is Jenna Jamison and this Tito person?

  10. Wait. did she just say she will protect her man? What a dummy. I think all the drugs she did and does currently has made her lost a lot of brain cells. This is the same guy who according to you beat on you and gave you that bruise on your arm and u want to protect him? really? Jenna Jameson is the saddest case of a celebrity who is so delusional that it’s reprehensible. and there’s something to be said about the people around her who would tolerate her putting herself and her kids in danger. This man is not even your husband. he’s basically a regular bf who knocked u up. There’s nothing to save. Accept that he’s an abuser and keep it moving. Have some kind of dignity. If not for yourself then for your sons. Goodness sake. seek some mental counseling because you need it.

  11. The way she looks and act, it does seem she is on some kind of drugs. Hope the kids will be ok.

  12. I think she should worry less about “protecting her man” and worry more about protecting herself and her sons. That bruise is nasty.

  13. So trashy…
    protect my man!’ like that makes her a fierce lioness? Protect your KIDS you PIG! no sympathy..this looks like a publicity stunt. This HARMS the women who are in abusive situations and makes it look ok to stay with the abuser. SHAME ON HER.

  14. 1. this is obviously a TOTAL photo op…she took a total beating in the media and on these message boards when that whole story came out, so i think she’s trying to repair her image by bringing thekids out and making it look like she’s just like every other mom out there.

    2. i didn’t even notice a bruise on her arm until i started reading these comments and then went back to look. it’s not that obvious, plus it’s hot there, what is she supposed to do???

    3.those poor kids are pretty doofy looking. the one is cute, but the other one looks just like his father and has those big silly ears sticking out. i’m sorry, i just have to get it out of my system and then i’ll never point it out again. am i the only one that thinks this? must be.

    4. that cutesy little girl pink bow in her bangs HAS.GOT.TO.GO. she’s not 5 anymore, she’s 35. no more pink bows after, like, 10

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