Happy 6th Birthday Leni Samuel!

Name: Helene ‘Leni’ Samuel

Date of Birth: May 4, 2004

Parents: Heidi Klum & Seal Samuel

Siblings: Henry Gunther Adeola Dashtu (09/15/05), Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo (11/22/06), Lou Sulola (10/09/09) & half-brother Falco Nathan (03/18/10)

– She is most often called Leni, short for Helene
– She enjoys taking Taekwondo classes with her brothers
– Her biological father is Flavio Briatore, however, Heidi has stated that he is not involved in her life and that “Seal is Leni’s father”, a fact which became even more certain when Seal legally adopted her in December 2009, changing her last name from Klum to Samuel
– Mom Heidi’s last name has also been changed to Samuel, though it’s believed she’ll continue to use Klum professionally

“It’s [the adoption] only happened fairly recently. But it doesn’t make her any more or less my daughter. She always has been. All it means is that both Heidi and I wanted her to have the same last name as the rest of us. It was about Leni. I don’t want her to feel different because I know what that’s like, being a kind of stepson. And I don’t want that dynamic for my little girl.” – Seal, on legally adopting Leni.

“I was, like, Hmm, is this an insult or is this positive? I talked to Seal about it, and we’re, like, it’s actually kind of great—we’re all different shades and we came together and we all love each other. They may call it black and white, but I’m not white, I’m a shade of brown and so is our daughter, Leni. She’s the lightest, then it’s me, then it’s our son, and then it’s Seal. So I think, Hey, it’s actually kind of nice to have a ‘patchwork family.” – Heidi, on hearing her brood referred to as a “patchwork family” by a German newspaper.

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  1. Falco isn’t her half brother. That man is NOT her father, and I doubt she will ever have any communication with him or the baby.

  2. I’m not sure why Falco is idenfied as the only half sibling when Henry, Lou and Jonah are also half siblings to Leni? Just because Seal is legally her father now doesn’t change genetics. She has four half siblings. Nothing wrong with that. My kids are all half siblings but I don’t lie about it just because I don’t like my exs.

  3. i dont think its because she doesnt like her ex, its because leni has being legally adopted by seal.

  4. Happy Birthday to gorgeous Leni!!!
    Henry, Johan and Lou are her half-siblings too, biologically, but now that Seal is her legal father I guess it makes sense to call them her full siblings. And I suppose they really always were just full brothers and sisters in terms of being raised together, and in terms of who they call Mommy (Heidi) and who they call Daddy (Seal). I hardly even thought about the fact that Leni and Falco are biological sister and brother.

  5. I wonder why innocent kids have to go through this, wat did Leni do that her biological father doesnt want anything to do with her?

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