Denise Richards Takes Girls To The Doctor

Denise Richards took her two daughters – Sam, 6, and Lola, 5 in June – to a doctor’s office in Agora Hills, Calif. today (May 5).

Denise Tweeted about her girls being sick:

thank you for your sweet messages about my girls..its strep throat..they’ll get better very soon. lots of TLC,homemade soup, &antibiotics!”

We just learned that Sam and Lola’s father, Charlie Sheen, has surrendered legal custody of his two daughters. Denise now has full legal custody of the girls.

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  1. These poor little girls, it’s broken hearting, they truly look upset about all that fuzzy the paparazzis do around them 🙁

  2. These kids are cute but they look sad…rarely ever see them without one or both sucking their thumb

  3. I heart Lola’s outfit!
    They always look sad in pap shots but are always laughing in the Twitpics Denise posts. Guess that answers that question. Makes me feel guilty looking at them.

  4. I feel bad for these sad little girls as they’re obviously freaked out by these strange men who are getting too familiarly close, calling their names and taking their photos. But when we come on these sites we don’t know what we will see beforehand. Otherwise, I think Denise is a good mom, and it’s the paps, not their home life causing them such stress.

  5. They are going to ruin their teeth with all that thumbsucking. They are WAY to old to be doing that still! My brother didn’t break his middle kid of it soon enough and he is almost a teenager and STILL we catch him sucking his thumb sometimes >.< it's ridiculous!

    • I sucked my thumb untill I was 10 years old, and my teeth are fine! Never had to have braces or anything either..
      They are 5 and 6 years old, and are only seen sucking their thumb around the paps, indicating it is indeed a comfort thing.. it doesn’t mean they suck their thumbs all the time!
      I’m sure their teeth will be just fine

  6. My son sucked two fingers just like these two are doing until he went to school. The ridicule of the other kids soon put a stop to it. Nothing worked before then. If Denise put them with other kids, it “might” work.

  7. I can’t believe Charlie gave up his rights to the girls, what are they going to think when they get older their Dad didn’t want them.

    • He gave up LEGAL custody of the girls. There are different types of custody. Basically it just means that Denise has the right to make decisions without consulting with Charlie first. If has NOTHING to do with Charlie not wanting them, and I’m sure (or I hope) the kids won’t feel that way.

      Honestly, my daughter’s father and I are going through a bad time and considering divorce. I’m pushing for 100% legal custody, but not 100% physical custody. He has many times in the past stood in the way of making the right decision medically and otherwise for his daughter. Not sure Denise and Charlie’s situation, but that’s mine.

  8. Also I think them sucking their thumbs is a security thing for them like if they suck their thumb no one can see them as you will notice they do it when the cameras come.

  9. The thumb sucking is obviously a security thing. Look how scared they look ! Just as another comment stated, they have a bunch of strange men taking pictures of them and yelling their names out. I feel bad. You never see them look like this in Denise’s personal pictures.
    Charlie is a loser…. period.

  10. I think they are sucking theirs fingers because they are insecure and scared with all those men around them taking pictures and calling them and calling their names, what child would not be scared and insecure in a situation like this?

    Sam and Lola are happy little girls, you can see it because they always seem to be happy in the pictures of Denise’s twitter!

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