Heidi Klum Says She Is “So Lucky”

Whether she’s hosting Project Runway, launching her beauty line, or designing maternity wear, Heidi Klum is a force to be reckoned with. In the June issue of REDBOOK, the mother-of-four opens up about her marriage with pop star Seal and their family of six.

On her husband Seal: “I don’t know why I got so lucky. I have to pinch myself often and say, ‘Is this just a dream?’ Not only do I love my husband for the obvious reasons (ahem, his sex appeal), but also he is one of the kindest, most loving men I have ever met. He is sexy to me because he is fearless and not afraid to show his emotions. He is a supersexy, hot kisser and…he is sexy to me because he can be singing in front of 25,000 people one minute and, the next, be changing our daughter’s diaper…When is he the most sexy and handsome? Hmmmm… in our bedroom.”

Seal, on renewing their vows: “Each year, Heidi and I get remarried. It’s a great party, but for about an hour, we go off on our own down to a private beach. We sit there with the kids and read vows to each other as the sun sets. It’s a very special moment to us.”

On her marriage: “One thing I think I will always want to be for my husband is not only his wife, mother of his children, and his best friend, but also his ‘hot’ girl who keeps making an effort to be attractive and fun!!!!”

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  1. I find her so over the top with how great everything always is. Not an ounce of reality or awareness of the world around her.

    Step into other women’s shoes who have real jobs, not 3 nannies and millions of dollars.

  2. “When is he the most sexy and handsome? Hmmmm… in our bedroom.”

    EWW, I don’t know him personally or anything, but he’s hella ugly. sorry it’s my opinion. HEIDI please stay classy, we don’ care bout ur sex life

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