Max & Emme Muñiz Are Monaco Munchkins

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s 2-year-old twins, Max and Emme, were spotted out for a stroll in Monaco with the nannies on Friday (May 7). Little Emme seems to have a wounded left wrist.

The day before, we saw the family-of-four at the airport in Nice.

J.Lo recently talked about mommy guilt:

In the beginning, before you start working again, you just feel guilty if you go out for an hour and have lunch. You go out and you’re like, ‘I gotta get back to the babies.’ There’s a tremendous amount of guilt that they need you and they want you to be there. They miss you and they wonder where you are, and as they get older, it only increases.”


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  1. anon is right, Monaco is a state on its own surrounded by France (except for the Mediterranean coastline) not a city in France.

  2. Is that a bandage on her hand if so I wonder what happened? That could also be a reason why she looks so unhappy.

  3. They are not bratty just because they are being raised by mr and mrs
    nanny not the parents… Marc and Jlo are too busy.. emmi probably got
    Marc mad and he grabbed her by the arm and injured it… would not doubt
    it… Since the parents are not around any more..!! To take care of them
    why not leave them at home..!! Nice how MR AND MRS NANNY TEAM…
    NOT happy would you be if you didn’t have any toys or anything else
    to entertain..

  4. wow way to completely over react^. So they have nannies to help out because they can afford it, whats wrong with that? And this is probably the first time I’ve seen Jlo’s kids with a nanny alone, they are usually always with her and Mark. I’m not exactly their biggest fan (especially not Mark’s) but you don’t have to bash them like that or say that they’re kids are so unhappy when you get two see two seconds of their lives in pictures.

  5. actually, i was going to make a comment that i haven’t seen them smile in any pictures either……….. i wasn’t going to say that they were unhappy or bratty for that matter, but they always look bored. and to the commenter above me,. it’s not two seconds of photos that we see, we see pictures pretty often of them in all kinds of various places and i don’t think i have seen a smile or even just a change in expression besides the daughters pout (which she totally has DOWN, by the way, J-Lo’s little diva!) or Max’s bored out of his mind look.

  6. I don’t get bratty out of two kids quietly relaxing in a stroller taking in the view. As the grandmother of a Down Syndrome child Emme does NOT have DS. And as for smiling, kids don’t always grin like the Cheshire cat.

    I didn’t have a nanny but a babysitter because I worked. And they often went out for a walk. It beats staying inside looking at the walls just because the parents aren’t there. A cute pair of toddlers.

  7. There’s plenty of photos online of the twins with their mom & dad, and smiling too. Those who’ve never seen them, (for real?) aren’t looking very hard. . Jennifer was one of the last new moms to hire nannies; she didn’t run back to work right away, and her relatives (grandma, etc.) babysat on the few occasions she and her husband went out. + NO one smiles every second of every moment, lol. Look on the right, the Lower half of the page: there are six photos, with a total of seven children pictured from other families. In the instant it was taken,
    (5) out of the (7) children don’t appear to be smiling either.

  8. Too bad, I have two smiling photos, from the same place, that I could share, but I can’t, – because it’s considered “spam”.

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