Which Rock Star Daddy Would You Choose To Sing Your Baby A Lullaby?

Rock stars have a reputation for being wild and crazy and for staying up all night partying. But these devoted rocker daddies are awake in the wee hours of the morning for other reasons — to help take care of their babies and kids!

How lucky are these little ones to have famous dads like Chris Martin, Pete Wentz, Seal and Gavin Rossdale who can sing them lullabies for free, when the rest of us have to line-up and pay money to hear them croon?

Click below to see some of the rock star dads we would love to have sing our babes a night-night song!

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin may share a love for The Wiggles with his daughter, Apple, 6, but we’d rather listen to the singer belt out one of his own soft ballads to send our baby to dreamland. One of his first hits, “Yellow” would make a great lullaby… “look at the stars, look how they shine for you…”

Not only would we love to have Martin around to sing a tune, we really dig his philosophy on changing diapers.

We also love that this busy dad finds time to take his kids with wife Gwyneth Paltrow, Apple, 6, and Moses, 4 on zoo outings and down awesome slides! Gwyneth recently said of her musically inclined brood,

When I see my daughter with my husband, it’s like her eyes get all big. They both love music and they’re into it. Music comes out of my son, it’s like he goes into another world.

Seal‘s mega-hit “Don’t Cry” has the perfect lyrics to soothe a cranky baby! ‘Don’t cry tonight my baby, don’t cry, you’ll always be loved.’ The sweet singer and daddy of four: Leni, 6, Johan, 4, Henry, 3, and 7 month-old baby Lou, and husband of Heidi Klum tops our list of rock stars we’d like to have on hand to sing on demand!

Klum says that Seal is a “wonderful daddy,” sharing,

…he loves to sing lullabies and he’s always 100% there.

Irish megastar and U2 lead singer, Bono has four children to match his nearly four decades of performing in one of the world’s most famous bands. His lucky brood, with wife of twenty-seven years, Ali Hewson, includes daughters Jordan, 20, Memphis, 18, and sons Elijah, 10 and John, 8, get to hear him sing whenever they want to! While lullabies may no longer be on Bono’s list of to-dos, perhaps Bono helps his kids drift off to sleep with a relaxing ride on the family’s amazing yacht.

One of the kings of the big-hair rock bands of the 80’s, Jon Bon Jovi ended up taming his mane and settling down to have four children with his wife, Dorothea: Stephanie Rose , 16, Jesse James Louis, 14, Jacob Hurley, 7, and Romeo Jon, 5 1/2.

While Bon Jovi is currently on The Circle Tour, we’re sure the lead singer finds plenty of time to serenade his sweet bunch at home.

Keith Urban

Country star Keith Urban and wife, Aussie gone Hollywood beauty Nicole Kidman are parents to Sunday Rose, 1 1/2. The singer says that his new family has not only changed his life, but his music as well. He told People Magazine,

It’s been a profound impact [on my songwriting] to meet somebody who offered me a life and helped me become the person I wanted to be.

CNN recently reported that Keith Urban said he may have lost all of his guitars and music equipment in the recent Nashville floods. We hope he’ll still be able to make sweet music for Sunday Rose, and the rest of us!

  • Joel Madden

Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden not only has fans in his family, he has daughter who tells him the truth about his music. Dad to Harlow, 2 and Sparrow, 6 months, reveals that his little girl,

…says yea or nay when I record a demo. She gives me the honest reaction.

We’ll have to see whether Harlow inherited her daddy’s ear for music by picking up Good Charlotte’s most recent album, The Young and the Hopeless.

After all, she is also the granddaughter of the legendary Lionel Richie, so it’s in her blood to dance on the ceiling! Adorable Harlow is already making her mark on the music industry, having participated in the We Are the World remake with her dad, Joel Madden, mom Nicole Richie, and Grandpa Lionel!

Fall Out Boy rock star Pete Wentz and singer Ashlee Simpson-Wentz are both prime candidates to serenade their son 17 month-old son Bronx Mowgli with a jammin’ tune. We recently spotted the trio headed into the recording studio, where perhaps mom Ashlee was getting ready to venture back into the music scene after a hiatus.

Pete loves being a dad, and is often seen toting his son around the streets of NYC in a backpack carrier. He takes pride in his ability to fly solo with daddy duty saying,

I just spent the last weekend – Mom was rehearsing for Chicago – being Dad without a nanny, without Mom, and didn’t burn the house down. So I’m pretty excited about that.

  • Gavin Rossdale

There’s “no doubt” that Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani will share their musical inclinations and talents with their boys Kingston, almost 4, and Zuma, 1 1/2.

The always stylish rocker family is constantly on the go, and the Bush frontman and No Doubt leading lady always find a way to juggle being hands-on parents while remaining part of the night scene.

We’d love to have Gavin lull us to sleep with his dreamy voice!

Dad of three and lead singer for Soundgarden and Audioslave, Chris Cornell may rock out on stage, but he is a tender and loving father as seen here, helping his daughter Toni, slide down a fireman’s pole at Coldwater Park in Beverly Hills. The all smiles father-daughter duo is often photographed playing and having fun together at the park. We’re certain that any dad who’s this much fun on the playground must regularly belt out tunes to entertain his kids at home!

  • Travis Barker

Heavily tattooed Blink-182 drummer and father Travis Barker has a mini-me music mogul in his son Landon, 6. They walked the red carpet hand in hand at this year’s 52nd Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Mom Shanna Moakler told Celebrity Baby Scoop,

Landon is really into music. My ex Travis has a band mate who plays the guitar (Mark Hoppus of Blink-182). It’s funny ’cause Landon wants to play the guitar and his son (Mark Hoppos’ of Blink-182) wants to play the drums! Everyday I have a new rockstar in the house. I’ve already told him no tattoos!

At this rate, maybe Landon can sing himself to sleep!

Which rocker would you like to invite to your house to sing to your baby?

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  1. Joel Madden!!! <3
    or Seal...if the baby should really go to sleep (love his songs but they are kinda ...slow ;))

  2. Dave Grohl!! and/or Gavin Rossdale. Love them both to bits…though if i started singing i think sleep would be the last thing on my mind! haha x

  3. Chris Daughtry, Gavin, Sting, Jon Bon Jovi, Joel Madden, and can we just call David Beckham a Rock Star too???? Hmmm….

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