David & Victoria Beckhams’ Jonas Brothers Boys

The Jonas Brothers were grooving at The Grove and the Beckham family joined in on the fun. David and Victoria brought along their three gorgeous boys – Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 7 1/2, and Cruz, 5 – to the free outdoor concert in Los Angeles today (May 15).

Papa stayed close to his sons as they leaned against a railing to have a good spot during the free show.

The 35-year-old soccer star suffered a torn Achilles tendon in March while playing for AC Milan, ending his chances of playing in a fourth World Cup and sending him home to Los Angeles to be with his family.


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  1. I love how they all have a really different style already
    3 completely different boys, but all so cute!

  2. How is romeo gonna be gay??? coz he looks the best outa the boys?? or is it coz he pays attention to wot he wears?? man if u aint got nothing good to say then dont say anything fool.

    btw the beckhams are all nice and so are the jonas bros!!

  3. All 3 boys are cute. What would be the problem if Romeo was gay, as long as he was happy, what would it matter?

  4. I don’t know if Mikayla’s comment is as offensive as those who automatically assume that being gay is a horrible thing. If he is not gay, fine. And if he is gay, big deal!

  5. Romeo is gorgeous, his name really suits him, I bet he’ll be every girls dream when he’s a teen 😛

  6. God you people and the gay straight thing. Who care… I know alot of boy who are flamboyant and are straight and alot of over masculine gay guy.stop labeling children gay or straight… They are who they are. Being gay is not a bad thing and I hate how people here act like it the worse, I just feel that no child should be label anything by any one.

  7. There are many extremely girly girls who “turn out to be” lesbians and many tough boys who “turn out to be” gay. The clothes you wear don’t dictate your sexual orientation.

  8. I agree about Romeo’s name suiting him, he so handsome he’s going to grow up to be such a cutie. btw I think its nuts ppl are talking about a little boys sexuality on here. Keep it in your sick heads please.

  9. My only comment is that if David Beckham were in my bed every night, I sure wouldn’t have that sourpuss look on my face every day! Geez Posh, life really could be so much worse! 😉

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