Melanie Brown & Family Attend ‘Shrek’ Premiere

We weren’t expecting to see her on the red carpet!

Melanie Brown, husband Stephen Belafonte (not pictured) and their three girls – Phoenix, 11, Angel, 3, and Giselle, 5 – attended the premiere of Shrek Forever After at the Gidson Amphitheatre in Universal City, Calif. on Sunday (May 16).

The show’s star, Eddie Murphy, is the biological father of Angel and has been noticeably absence in his youngest daughter’s life since her birth. But after years of estrangement, it appears Murphy and Brown have put their difficulties behind them for the sake of their daughter.


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  1. So she takes her baby to a movie premiere where her biological dad is starring? The same dad who has not been in her life? No movie or photo op is worth that! Very odd.

  2. How strange! I wonder if she even knows that’s her real dad? It surprises me that Eddie doesnt try to be involved more in her life… considering he seems very kid friendly making all these movies like the Shreks and Daddy Day Care.

  3. Eddie doesnt care about angel or any of his other kids including the 5 with nicole
    he s an absentee father who only deals with his kids when its convenient i.e. kid movie Shrek premiere other than that, he has about as much to do with his kids as a stranger on the street. he has nannies, drivers and chefs that deal with them so he doesnt hve to

  4. It would be great if Angel got to know her bio dad, but let’s not forget that child already has a stable father figure in her life. I doubt (even though I hope he did) Murphy actually spent time with the child during this premiere. For some reason he seems to not want this kid IDK why and it’s his decision. Shrek is a movie that kids love so I don’t doubt it if Melanie Brown and her husband saw it fit to bring them to the premiere. Why wouldn’t they go, even if Murphy was there? The kids must have loved it.

    • Well I for one find it strange because even though it’s a kids movie that doesn’t mean that she needed to take Angel and the others to the premiere. They could have simply watched it in theaters or a regular theater once it’s out. I have no sympathy for Mel B. I have friends in the industry who sleep with stars and try to get pregnant knowing very well that the relationship is supposed to be casual and that the man doesn’t want a baby. Mel B did the same. Now everyone expects Eddie to get happy about a child he never wanted in the first place. It’s not fair to him. Sad for the child but her mom is to blame.

  5. When did Melanie and Eddie tell us how they deal with their daughter? We know nothing about whether Eddie is involved in Angel’s life. Melanie and Eddie haven’t spoken about this recently.

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