How Will Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Celebrate Her 4th Birthday?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s adorable daughter Shiloh is set to turn 4 on May 27, and the A-list parents are already making plans for their daughter’s special day, In Touch reports. “Maddox had a soldier-themed party when he turned 4, so Shiloh wants the same,” says a longtime family friend.

Reportedly, the birthday girl can also expect new boots, toy guns and a new bed that looks like a spaceship. “She wants boys’ toys, since she’s such a little tomboy. Brad also bought Shiloh a jeep that is safe for kids, and he’s thinking of getting her a toy ATV that she can drive around the property,” the friend adds.

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  1. let her be a tomboy if she wants. i can guarantee if they did not let her dress how she wanted or be a tomboy people would be freaking out on here that angelina and brad are not letting her be herself.

  2. I don’t think this is a tomboy phase. She dressed as a boy has a boy haircut played with boy toys. She wants a solider themed birthday party. Like being called john. This is not a normal tomboy. She’s a pretty little girl but I think she needs to be dress more girly once in a while.

  3. She is very cute!!

    At this age the child have no idea about how to dress and what clothes she likes more. The parents are the ones who dress and put the clothes on the child. Unless Angelina and Brad are submissive parents.

    • sorry, but you’re wrong. both my nieces have been choosing their own clothes and wardrobes since they were atleast three years old. my four year old niece will pick out frilly dresses and very feminine princessy things, while my six year old niece loves bugs, dinosaurs, and vampires and while she also wears dresses, she likes to get her hands dirty and wear jeans. but she threw a hissy fit mother’s day weekend because it was cold and her mother wanted her to wear jeans UNDER her dress and she was very adament that that would look “stupid” so kids do care about how they look and what they wear.

      • Ugh. I’m glad I have a son! I do miss having the opportunity to dress a baby girl up in cute girly outfits, but I am very very happy that I will (most likely) avoid all the appearance-obsession craziness that comes with having a girl. (I know not all girls are like that, but they are much more likely to be this way than boys…)

  4. She is a beautiful, happy, and well-loved child no matter what she is wearing. Clothes don’t matter that much — let’s focus on more important things.

    Besides, I could be wrong, Annalise, but I’m guessing that you don’t actually know that she never dresses “girly” at home. The photos we see represent 0.0001% of this child’s life. I think it’s wrong to make broad, sweeping generalizations about what she always does based on the occasional glimpse we have into her life.

  5. I can assure you that children as young as 4 can and often do choose their clothes. Mine did except for the rare exception such as a party or something seasonal.

  6. So she wants to dress like a boy, great! Does it really matter? I mean, why should girls have to wear pink and dresses all the time?

  7. who cares about her outfit? she’s 4 yrs old for god’s sake, do you really need to have that “gender transformation” discussion?
    Happy b’day to her 🙂

  8. I have a bigger question – who are these blabbermouth friends telling the tabloids all this info?

    And why don’t people seem to realise that a child 3 and over will choose their own clothes if given a choice? That’s the age their personalities and their likes/dislikes are made apparent – by them.

    • Lol there are no blabbermouth friends, the tabs just make this cr*p up. They have to print SOMETHING in their magazines, and that’s difficult when they know barely any more about the lives of the Jolie-Pitts than we do, sitting here looking at paparazzi shots. Shiloh having a soldier party is just a story they’ve created that’s carefully constructed to sound marginally plausible and also provoke the maximum amount of outrage in their readers. Tabloids know what their readers well – look at all the outrage here!

  9. She went from a beautiful little girl to a cute little boy. What happened to her? It’s one thing to dress that way, but when you cut their hair to make them LOOK like a boy, that’s a whole different issue. This is not normal and I don’t care about how other people dress their kids like that and it’s normal because it’s not.

    • What is normal anyway? For this child and her family, this IS normal. You make your choices for your family, let them make the choices for their family.

    • gotta mention my nieces again, who both had hideous choppy pixie cuts after the eldest took to both their heads with scissors. actually the oldest took to her own head with scissors more than once in her young life (don’t ask me why my sister-in-law couldn’t put scissors somewhere out of her reach). it does sort of look like shiloh could have very well done this to herself. even if she didn’t, lots of girls and women have pixie cuts.

  10. This is BS if IntouchWeekly had access to insiders they would know where the family has been since they left Venice over 2 weeks ago. This is fiction imo. To the last poster how do you she didn’t cut her own and it had to be fixed by the hairsylist. oh no you believe after 3 years of her having long hair her parents forced to get this haircut and forced her to wear those clothes. I suppose that forced the sister she shares a room with to wear skirts. supporting your premise I wonder why they didn’t force her to get a crew cut thann she would really look like a boy. They should also forbid her from carrying that pink silkie she had in Venice. GMAB

  11. I agree that she has surpassed anything that falls under normal tomboy mindset. She wants to BE a boy and seems to loathe ANYTHING that reminds her that she is a girl. She is also being encouraged by her ignorant parents, to buck gender rules of any kind which can cause her to be seriously confused when she’s older. I agree with the Charity Bono reference. The sad thing is that Brad and Angelina see themselves as some sort of messianic world changers who would like nothing more than to be able to use their own sweet child to promote their misguided messages. This child is being groomed to defy all norms and just “be who she wants to be” which might sound really great in theory, but in reality, it creates much serious pain and confusion for the child involved. While she is just a toddler or even an elementary school aged child, she might be fine but when jr. high rolls around and Shiloh still thinks she is neither definitively male or female, things will start to get very difficult quickly. I was a tomboy and I knew many tomboys. None of us took it to the level that Shiloh is taking it. The argument that she is just trying to fit in with her brothers is not legitimate. She also has a sister who acts and dresses very much like a girl and but she doesn’t show even the slightest interest in dressing like or being like her. She identifies herself as a boy. NOT as a girl who merely likes boyish things. She thinks she IS a boy and no reputable, learned psychiatrist or educator would call that healthy.

    But hey, don’t take my word for it you fangirls and boys. Just hang on another decade and you will watch with your own eyes, the sad results of Brad’s and Angie’s poor, misguided parenting skills. It’s ignorance breeding ignorance. Brad and Angie have zero understanding of the realities of life. They live in their own little make-believe Hollywood bubble where everyone allows them to go on pretending that they are something more than just two uneducated, vain, morons playing house with a house full of kids that they have no idea how to raise.

    • I couldn’t agree more, this is not normal and this is not just a kid wanting to be like her brothers. This is much more than that. Shiloh I think is very confused when it comes to her gender identity. She doesn’t think she’s a girl and her parents aren’t helping the least by buying her BOYS clothes, BOY haircuts! BOY toys, they are just making her think she IS a boy!

    • Um…unless you have a psychology degree, you’ve got zero credibility. Even *if* you had said degree, you’re not treating Shiloh. If you were treating her and you’re spewing off like this, you need said license revoked.

      So I guess just b/c *you* didn’t take it to “that level” you think you’re onto something?? OoOkay…

    • First of all, it’s Chastity Bono. Not Charity. And secondly, have you ever seen pictures of Chastity Bono as a child? She was very girly. Always had on dresses or skirts. So, apparently, how a child dresses, has no bearing on their orientation as an adult.

    • sorry, but it’s the transgendered adults who forced as children to be something they were not who end up screwed up. if shiloh DOES turn out to be a transgendered adult, she will more likely be less screwed up and confused because her parents have always allowed her to be herself. and i’m sure brad and angie would support any lifestyle she chooses to live as an adult. i don’t really understand what the big deal is if she DOES want to be a boy. god forbid. the jolie-pitts are far more open minded than you will ever be.

  12. Wow, Anonymous at 6:14 pm, you are completely delusional to think that you know so much about what their real live are like. It’s ironic that you accuse the parents of being “ignorant.”

    Lots of people write catty or silly things on comment boards like this, but your post takes the discussion to a whole new level of intolerance, bitterness, and ignorance. Children in our society suffer because of attitudes like yours. You should try to think beyond your “Fox News” themed soundbites. The world is a big place and there are lots of different types of people, and you can choose to be hateful and intolerant, or you can open your mind to the possibility that there just may be more than one way to live.

  13. Why would anyone expect a child by Brad and Angelina to be normal? I just love how this kid is being defended. If it was poor Suri she would be raked over the coals. Come to think of it she is raked over the coals for enjoying traditional girlie stuff. I agree with anonymous 6:14 you don’t need a degree in psychology to understand what is going on here.

    • No, you don’t need a psychology degree to interpret a photo, but it WOULD help to have some knowledge of the child. Seeing a photo doesn’t make you particularly knowledgeable about anyone. No one here has ever been in the same room as her. We don’t know her favorite foods, what games she likes to play, what she finds funny, whether she’s stubborn or easy going, who her school friends are. We don’t even know what her voice sounds like. Think about that. Think about how complex and contradictory you are inside, then remember Shiloh is just as complicated as anyone else in the world. Who she is can never been understood from a photograph.

  14. Okay, maybe you don’t need to have a degree in psychology, but you certainly need to know a little bit about a kid to diagnose them. You don’t know the first thing about her!!!

    Any one of you who really believes that you can accurately diagnose all the psychoses of this child should do the following:

    Post a couple photos of yourself here on this site, and then all of us will sit back and hypothesize about all of your thoughts, aspirations and feelings, make assumptions about what you do in your daily life, and then pin a psychiatric diagnosis on you.

    And then we can figure out how accurate this approach is.

  15. I want to respond to those people who bring up Chastity (Chas) Bono when discussing Shiloh. First of all, Chastity was dressed like a girly girl. In fact, she was TOO girly girl. The poor thing looked like a doll that Cher dressed up everyday. I don’t remember ever seeing that child in jeans or even shorts. So please don’t compare Chas Bono to Shiloh. It does not compute!!

    Also, I cannot believe how many people actually believe crap coming from a gossip rag. Seriously, people!! This is a made up story. I can’t believe there is anybody close to the Jolie-Pitt family who would give such detailed information about what Shiloh’s birthday party will be like. You all need to just stop believing these tabloids. It’s ridiculous.

  16. well, I bet if Chasity (Chas) Bono had a choice of what to wear as a child, s(he) would have chosen pants, shirts, jackets (boys clothing) over the girlie girl outfits her mom made her wear…gender identity and preference starts when the child is really young when they can start making choices and preferences over what kind of toy to play with, etc. (before they can talk).

  17. I am transgender female to Male… I can tell you my mom dressed me in pretty little dresses most of my life and I hated it. I fought against. My mom was always reminding me I was a girl. When I was 5 I cry so hard because she made me wear a dress to my bday party I threw –up and got really sick missed the whole party. When I was 7 she stop letting me hang out with my male friends and put me in a dance class with all girl I sit in the corner every week and cried for almost 5 months. She painted my room pink, threw away all my boys toys, and I still rejected it. She won’t let me play sport, she brought me makeup and everything girly …later she said she was trying to train me to be a proper girl but I rejected it all the way. I hated my childhood, I never got anything I wanted and I always felt like I was awkward in the clothes and shoe and in my body. I knew I was different from the start and I hated myself for not being like all the other girls and not being the daughter my mom wanted. When I was 16 I try to kill myself, I have permanent nerve damage from it… I have seen so many specialist and doctors, pastors, went to a special camp, she had me hospitalize and when all else felled and it did… she kicked me out her home. 15 years later and I made the transition, I put my myself through college and I am happier then I have ever been in my life. I wish at some point in my childhood my mom would have listen to me, I wish she would have supported me, show understanding, tolerance , acceptance, mercy, anything like that . It would have made a world of different. I knew who I was since I could remember, I been prayed over, institutionalize and everything else and I am still who I am. I don’t know what Shiloh going to be when she grows up, but I am really happy her parents are supporting her chooses because it’s going to make dealing with the rest of the world crap a whole lot bearable in the future and give her the courage to always be herself no matter what that is. That’s what really important that our children grow up happy, and healthy, and loved, and supported … right

    PS why are people so mad,she not your kid 🙂

  18. Since its from In Touch, sorry for not believe it!!!!

    Whatever Shiloh wants to be……. let her

    It’s her life!!!!!

  19. Since this story was in In Touch I don´t believe a word of it. And so what if she wants to have a soldier-themed b-day party! Let her have it her way. She is a beautiful little girl no matter what she wears. We don´t know what kind of clothes she wears outside the public eye. She may very well wear girly clothes while playing with her BFF big sis Zahara and show her tomboy side in the public eye. I´m pretty certain that the older she gets she will find her efminine side again. Chastity “Chaz! Bono and Shiloh are two very different persons so don´t compare them to each other. Shi obviously adores her big brother Maddox very much and wants to be like him but it doesn´t mean that she doesn´t know that she actually is a beautiful little girl. Brad and Angie know that a girl of Shi´s age is totally capable of choosing her own clothing. And if it means wearing boyish clothes so be it. That phase will certainly pass in time. I had many girlfriends who were like Shiloh – prefared boyish clothing over girly one – and now as adults they´re really feminine. So leave this pretty little girl alone and let her dress herself as she wants!

  20. Well I should be really concerned that my 4-year-old wanted to have a Bob the Builder themed birthday party. And what’s worse: she wanted to be DRESSED as Bob the Builder!
    I’m getting these Village People vibes right now so maybe I should be worried about her sexual orientation… (NOT)

    You haters really make my day with your assumptions. 😀 I’m just really glad that you are lucky enough to know everything that Shiloh and her parents are thinking and doing so that you feel the right to criticize them. Oh what I would give to be a mind reader like you!

    If even a slightly older celebrity girl would be wearing an outfit similar to what Shiloh is wearing in this pic, you haters would be praising that person’s sense of style (or her parents sense of style) and how classic and timeless they look.

  21. Adorable? Really? I must be blind then because she is anything but adorable. She looks like a boy and not even a cute one. It is too bad how her parents dress her. Btw if she was an adult dressed like that I would have the same comments. Bad is bad period. It would be typical Hollywood to make one child stand out from the others. So I guess this is typical. It is too bad though. It will be interesting to see how she turns out as she gets older. I guess we’ll all have to wait and see.

    • “It will be interesting to see how she turns out as she gets older”

      hmm ok, hopely better than you.

  22. My son just turned 4 last week and he likes to wear clothes he likes too. He doesn’t like to dress up at all and always has a fit on Sunday because he has to wear kakis and loafers with a polo instead of a super hero t-shirt and jeans with Spiderman tennis shoes. I took him to the mall and bought converse tennis shoes and he refused to wear them instead he wanted the $11.00 Wal-Mart Spiderman light up shoes and he wears them every day. Sorry guys kids know what they like and what they don’t!

  23. It’s so sad that some of you people will believe anything that these rags print I mean come one people If this “person” is a longtime family friend then why are they going to In Touch Weekly and telling their buzzes. Angelina and Brad have always kept their kid’s birthday parties privet and out of the public eye and any friends of their would know that and not go to some magazine taking about their Shiloh party. This seems more like a fake story or someone who “claims” to know the family but doesn’t. Some magazine would do anything to sell a paper these days true stories fake stories they don’t care.

    P.S. If it’s a legit story why not say who this “longtime family friend”

  24. I think she might be one of those people who claim to be born into the wrong gender. Like their body is a girl but their mind is a boy, or vice versa.

  25. You´re being really stupid. Children don´t understand about gender, before 11 years old. Probably, she feels an enormous love to his father and brothers, and she wants to look like them. But, in future, she is going to understand his role.

    Afer all, if she doesn´t do that, her family has the money pais her a really good psychiatrist.

  26. If a short haircute and “boyish” toys is going to harm her should I tell my neice to cut her son’s hair and get rid of the kitchen set in his playroom?

    Actually i consider a boy haircute shorter over the ears that this. It is just a pixie cut, even Michelle Williams was shorter than this at one time.

  27. Carrie – but your son doesn’t wear dresses does he? And what if he wanted to? Since a lot of people are talking smack on here about how it’s ok for Shiloh to wear what she wants. Ok, so if your son wanted to wear a dress and heels, would you? I bet the answer is NO.

  28. Human sexuality has no clearly defined borders.
    People can be born with the genitalia of one gender and the DNA of another. There are hermaphrodites. Efforts to force a gender on children for whatever reason have been traumatic, unsuccessful and have often led to suicide later in life.

    I am absolutely convinced that children are born wired a certain way. All this psychobabble about what “causes” homosexuality, transgender, etc. is just that, psychobabble. If nature can play tricks with our bodies and DNA, it can certainly play tricks with our brain wiring and psyches. No one can “turn” a child into a desired gender. My oldest daughter is totally indifferent to anything “feminine” and was from toddlerhood. Yet she is straight and not transgendered, and living with a man for several years with whom she is in love. Her sister is the complete opposite and I saw her innate femininity from toddlerhood. The difference from her sister was striking. So what caused the difference? I am convinced its brainwiring.

    Leave Shiloh alone. She is a child. Her parents are not “turning” her into anything and couldn’t if they tried. Forcing her to fit a role can only cause more harm than good.

    • Completely agreed. If anything the people who are so ignorant about gender identity are what’s going to harm this kid.

  29. I can just see it, shes going to be the next sex changed (into) a man thats going to give birth, its beyond playful tomboy. Shiloh actually looks “butch” I am sure she is the one thats going to become the lesbian she alreasy reminds me of Ellen. lol..sigh

  30. Dear Lord people she is four! It’s no one’s business if she is just a tomboy or *GASP* is a transgendered kid. It happens. There is nothing wrong with that. I applaud Angelina AND Brad on letting her express what she wants to wear. Yes, children have personalities at very young ages and like to express that through dress when there very little. Some people just HATE Angelina so much they want to say she’s hurting her children. While in reality no on knows. If anything is going to screw up this child it’s all the idiots on here who are being ignorant about gender identity.

  31. I think it’s ridiculous to even call a 4 year old a “tomboy”’s not like she makes a conscious choice to act “boysh”..she probably couldn’t care less that there are 2 genders out there..this is a kid that probably has little contact with other kids other than her siblings and parents, since she’s on the road so much.
    I hated dresses until the age of 12..I used to wear denim overalls at that age, and now I’m 21 and friggin’ love dresses.
    Overall I think it’s sick how people are already judging her…she is only a child, and doesn’t know that her dad split up with his wife to be with her mom and raise her, for instance..and yet people look at her and think just that.

  32. Am I the only person who’s going to say it???
    If she was a little boy who liked to wear dresses and carried a baby doll who also wanted a tea party themed birthday party instead….no one who think that was normal.
    I have a girl and a boy. They both had an innate sense of themselves very early on.
    My daughter tried to pee-pee like her brother while potty training. She stood up next to commode and promptly peed all over toilet bowl, herself and the floor. It was funny. She worshiped her brother (who was 3 yrs older) and wanted to be like him but I chose to explain their differences and guide her toward how she should go to thr toilet (so she could function in society). Its a fact that individuality and experimentation is an important part of finding out who you are and will be but as anyone who went to school knows, children like what they perceive as normalcy. It gives them security. They gravitate toward others like themselves and also believe and reflect their parent’s views and opinions about the world around them. Where will “Shiloh-John” fit in if she persists these behaviors? I’m not criticizing or condeming. Only asking. She should be allowed and encouraged to find out who she is but with love and guidance and never pushed one way or another in an attempt by a parent or parents to make a social statement.

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