Laura Ling Expecting Her First Child

Laura Ling and fellow American journalist Euna Lee made worldwide headlines when they were arrested in March 2009 after crossing into North Korea. They were sentenced to 12 years of hard labor in June but released in August after appeals from sister Lisa Ling – the former host of The View – and past president Bill Clinton.

Sitting in a prison cell in North Korea last summer, Laura was coming to terms with the idea that she might never have children. Now a year later and safely back at home, she’s about to welcome a daughter.

Laura, 33, opens up to People about the pregnancy.

It wasn’t exactly planned, but you get separated from your husband for five months, not knowing if you will ever see him again and certain things happen!”

Laura and husband Iain Clayton, 43, are expecting their first child in a few weeks, and couldn’t be happier.

“We feel like this child is a miracle,” she says. “I had pushed [motherhood] off for so long, I was so focused on my career, even though I knew my husband was ready. And so the fact that we had the opportunity to try, and it even happened … it’s such a blessing.”

Have they picked out any names? “We are going to name her Li, after Lisa,” Laura says. “She’s really excited to be an aunt.”

Congratulations to the Ling-Clayton family!

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  1. i did not like her appearance on oprah at all. she should have stayed in jail. what a self absorbed woman.

    • why so much hate, did she do something personally to you, that you may feel this way. There is no words to describe how awful you sound, suppose the tables were turn, would you not want to see you family again or not even knowing if you will ever live to see them. YOUR WRONG FOR YOUR AWFUL WORDS

  2. WHY NOT GET Lisa to announce it …since after all you Laura are going to
    call your daughter after your sister….So when you were on the Today Show
    talking about your experience the other day and you were pregnant ..Why
    not announce it than… since the woman you honor so much was doing most
    of the talking …Lisa should of announced it since she does everything else.

  3. Why is it a “miracle” when a woman gets pregnant after having sex with her husband? And why must people announce to the world when a pregnancy is unplanned? I don’t get it…

  4. Congrats Laura and Ian. I watched you on Vanguard since it started. It is very sad your entire ordeal in North Korea but I am glad you are back, alive, healthy and pregnant. I wish you the best for you child, *hope she becomes President one day*!!!!!! Love you lots.

    Ps- Don’t post messages of hate and dislike. Keep ugly feelings to yourself – don’t spread it!

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