Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale’s Saturday Sweeties

Rockers Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale were photographed with their two gorgeous boys – Kingston, 4 later this month, and Zuma, 21 months – visiting a friend’s house on Saturday (May 22). Kingston stuck out his tongue at the paparazzi, while Zuma stayed in mom and dads’ arms.

The family-of-four looked stylish as always with Gwen rocking an all black outfit and straight locks, while Zuma wore a pair of cowboy boots.

Gwen, 40, is rumored to be expecting her third child. She’s been spotted wearing loose-fitting tops and Sea-Bands on both her wrists.

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  1. Don´t know, but Kingston seems to be such an unpleasant little person to me…not because of the tongue…but in general.
    There are bad vibes sorta coming from this family.

  2. OMG Kingston is so cool, just like his daddy! What a great family, I can’t wait for those boys to get older, I bet they are amazing! Gavin is lookin very fine 😀

  3. Unpleasant? What a ridiculous thing to say. Gee, if you had paparazzi shoving their camera in your face every day, I’d like to know what you’d do about it. Grow up.

  4. Kingston unpleasant? I think that he´s just adorable. He has every right to show the whole world what he thinks of the paparazzis. No one is saying Zahara Jolie-Pitt is unpleasant when she gives her trademark “death stare” to the paps. Besides Kingston has the right attitude toward these pests that always follow this family when they go out. Zuma is very adorable too. I love this family because they´re so down-to-earth. I would love to see the Rossdale-Stefani family going out with the Jolie-Pits since those families know each other. Besides Kingston and Shiloh have their birthdays only one day apart (Kingston May 26 and Shi on May 27). So they both will be 4 years old this week. Kingston seems to look a lot like his dad Gavin. Zuma is a mix of both Gavin and Gwen.

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