Amanda Peet Debuts Daughter Molly June!

It’s our first glimpse of Molly June!

Amanda Peet
along with her husband David Benioff were spotted with their two daughters – Frankie, 3, and Molly, 5 weeks – strolling in downtown Manhattan on Sunday (May 23). The family-of-four did some quick shopping before heading back to their New York City apartment.

Amanda recently said that Frankie is adjusting well to big sisterhood.

It’s been good, she’s a little more moody than usual but it’s not directed at the baby. It’s more like, ‘Frankie eat your broccoli,’ and she starts screaming. She wants to have a baby in her belly and she wants to breastfeed.”

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  1. Cute baby – but I think it’s dumb to write “Amanda Peet debuts daughter…”
    Clearly she is not “debuting” her. She is trying to have privacy while out with her family. I think this is why she has a blanket over the baby’s head.

  2. Aw, Molly June, you’re such a darling! Frankie is an absolute beauty, so no doubt Molly with turn from the gorgeous baby that she is into an adorable young girl 🙂

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