Shrinkx Hips: Get Back into Pre-Pregnancy Shape

As a new mom, getting back in to your regular clothes after having a baby can be a challenge. Finding time to exercise plus trying to make sure we eat healthy while breastfeeding can make losing weight a daunting task. Now there’s help with Shrinkx Hips, designed to help mom get back her pre-pregnancy hips and into her skinny jeans.

Shrinkx Hips is designed exclusively to narrow moms hips after childbirth. Shrinkx Hips works thanks to the pregnancy hormone Relaxin which loosens and widens the pelvic cavity so baby can pass through the birth canal. Relaxin then stays in moms system for up to 8 weeks keeping pelvic joints loose and soft. Shrinkx Hips provides constant, even pressure to gently guide hips back to their pre-pregnancy position. For the moms that have already tried Shrinkx Hips, over 95% have returned to their pre-pregnancy hip size. Shrinkx Hips must be worn in the first 8 weeks after delivery while Relaxin hormone levels are still elevated.

Which Hollywood moms are benefitting from Shrinkx Hips? Camila Alves, Jenna Elfman, Rebecca Gayheart and Amy Adams are all enjoying getting back into their pre-pregnancy shape thanks to Shrinkx Hips.

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  1. Hmm. Well, I’ve never been pregnant so maybe I’m somewhat ignorant, but why not let things happen naturally instead of pressuring new moms to get back to looking “pre-baby?” Not sure if I’m on board for this or not…

  2. It would be a pretty scary idea if you can change the shape of your bones just with a piece of cloth… Also it does nothing fot the belly itself, do potential buyers realise that?
    It also surprises me that is is also advised for women with a c-section scar. Right after the staples are removed (after 5 days) you can start wearing this thing! Ouch…

    • Are the C-sections still performed with external staples? Wow!!!
      I got my twins 2 years ago, through C section and there were dissolvable stitches used. Today you hardly can see the fine thin line, also because I worn a special corset, right after birth.

      • they just use the dissolvable stitches on most people, that’s what i had 2 years ago too. if the person is bigger sometimes they’ll use staples.

  3. actually, after my c/s i was given a cloth band by the nurses that wrapped around my hips/lower stomache that was supposed to help with swelling, etc. it did seem to work and gave me support i needed (w/lifting, etc)

  4. I’m expecting my second child and can use all the help I can get. My hips really expanded after the first baby so I am definitely going to give these a try.

  5. It’s not the “piece of cloth” that’s doing it it’s the PRESSURE from the wrap that works alongside the hormone (as noted in the description) to put your hips back where they were. You tell ME what should be natural after you see your body change from giving birth. I definitely recommend this product. It was made by every day moms too!

  6. I would like to know if this really does work? I had wide hips to begin with and just don’t want them to be wider than before.

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