Laura Dern & Meg Ryan Do Dinner With Their Girls

It was a girls’ night out for A-list pals Laura Dern and Meg Ryan, who treated their daughters Jaya, 5, and Daisy, 5, to dinner at Toscana restaurant in Brentwood, California yesterday (May 31).

The two movie star moms are longtime friends – the Sleepless in Seattle star even introduced Laura to her musical hubby Ben Harper back in 2001.

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  1. Jen and Ben and Sera were at the same restuarant..this weekend too..!
    Wonder why they didn’t bump into each other..!!! Thanks celebrity baby
    scoop we have not seen Meg for a long time..

  2. Meg’s daughter is wearing a wool jacket and uggs..please it is what 90
    degrees in California right now.. where everyone else is wearing t shirts.
    BTW CATVOMITE the girl is not a dude…

    • All the adults in that picture are wearing jackets as well, so obviously it wasn’t that warm. May and June are not hot months in southern CA.

  3. Feel better now that you’ve ranted on a kid, catvomit/anon? Daisy probably wanted to wear that jacket and those uggs herself. She is clearly in a great mood!!! I love her quirky style. I don’t like kids like Suri being dressed up as grown up women.

    Thanks CBB! More pix of Meg and her sweet girl please!

  4. Nice to see her wearing a pretty skirt, pity about the old man’s blazer though. I don’t mind a tomboy or less feminine clothes, but why does she always look like she’s dressed as a little old man? I’m sure theres much nicer tomboy clothes out there in not such bland colours :S

  5. “A-List” pals? Please!! These days Meg Ryan can’t even get a part in the TV series and when was the last time anybody even saw Laura Dern in a movie? No, these two are closer to C-List, but the little girls are really adorable.

  6. mslewis, talk about hating on somebody. Meg Ryan has taken time off to raise a child. I admire her for that and she doesn’t need the money if you check her net worth she’ in excess of $50 million. I’m sure if she wanted a role she could get one. But since you’re such good friends of these two ladies. I’m sure you know more about they’re life than us pions. But thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to give us an update!!!!

  7. I think you mean: “the Sleepless in Seattle star even introduced Laura to * SOMEBODY ELSE’S * musical hubby Ben Harper back in 2001.

    Laura’s current husband was married to a very pregnant wife who was NOT Laura Dern when Laura Dern ‘met’ and also ‘got pregnant by’ her current husband.

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