Bethenny Frankel In Size-4 Three Weeks Postpartum

Just three weeks after giving birth to her daughter Bryn, Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel is back to a size-4 swimsuit!

In the new issue of Us Weekly, Frankel, 39, reveals how she’s already lost 29 of the 35 pounds she gained during her pregnancy. “I don’t believe in diets,” says the author of The Skinnygirl Dish, who wed Bryn’s dad Jason Hoppy on March 28.

Frankel says she stayed active while carrying Bryn, alternating yoga with 45-minute walks three times a week. The reality TV starlet also practiced portion control with a vegetarian diet.

Still healing since Bryn’s C-section birth, the 122-pound star has decreased her walks to 30 minutes and continues to eat low-fat foods. The new mom says she often eats a muffin and fruit for breakfast, a veggie sandwich and soup at lunch and BBQ chicken and a half a sweet potato for dinner.

Frankel admits, “I’m still wearing maternity clothes, because they’re comfortable.” Although she says, “I”m excited to get into my Louboutins again. No more swollen feet!”

Size-4 just 3 weeks after baby – annoying or inspiring?

What do you think?

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  1. It is annoying!!!!!
    How can she tell us about portion control and at the same time that she doesn’t believe in diets. What else is it?

  2. Neither annoying nor inspiring. Maybe disheartening that this is considered newsworthy. I think it sends a poor message to women and girls about what they should strive for. Giving birth is a wonderful, amazing experience becoming a mother is unmatched. Why put pressure on women to snap back to what they were before? Why foster a sense of competition among women with stories like this?

    • “Newsworthy?”. You’re reading a celebrity blog and the story they refer to is from US magazine. Take it for what it is: celebrity gossip. None of it is “news”. I do agree with your other comments though. 🙂

  3. this is a terrible story to be sharing with moms – she is definitely not consuming enough calories to be breastfeeding in a healthy manner. this is not the ideal that any woman should hold up. shame on the magazine for promoting this unhealthy lifestyle and shame on this blog for even bothering to post it.

  4. Congrats on baby Bryn AND your post-baby body Bethenny!!! That body is an inspiration for us all to eat healthily.

    • But she’s not eating healthy. She starved her baby by eating poorly while she was pregnant… All because she is obsessed with her own body. How selfish.

      “Annoying” is not the proper term to describe her behavior — it is far, far worse than that.

      I really hope that other women and girls are NOT influenced by her selfishness, and confuse it with a type of “accomplishment.”… But I predict that they will be, including her own daughter.

      • “Starved” her baby…? What an ignorant statement. She gained 35 pounds! That’s the upper end of the recommended weight gain for pregnant women. Hardly selfish OR unhealthy.

      • Just because she isn’t a fat pig like most expectant mothers out there doesn’t mean she “starved” her baby. What an idiot you must be. Healthy eating, portion control……. maybe they are things you need to learn about yourself? And vegetarians are natually thinner. It’s proven.

        • her baby weighed 4 pounds…wtf?? she was probably underweight to begin so what if she gained 35 pounds eating crappy vegetarian food( I can say that cuz I used to be one for 5 years) I bet she scheduled her c-section 5 weeks early just so she wouldn’t gain anymore weight…and what the heck are you doing calling pregnant women fat pigs weight gain is healthy it isnt healthy to have your baby 5 weeks early cuz your a selfish cow obsessed with body image..

  5. I believe every women is different, just as every birthing experience is different. It’s a shame that Bethany is being glorified for being the size she is now after having a baby, when she really wasn’t that big to begin with. That’s HER experience and that’s how HER body is made, it’s not realistic for the next woman to think that her body will do the same. Just as everyone’s body responds differently to dieting and exercising…every woman’s body will respond differently after she has had a baby. Some lose it faster than others…some don’t gain as much in the process. But it’s nothing to be glorified, as if to say to other women, “If you can’t snap back like her then you’re doing something wrong”. That’s what I’m getting from this article and that’s not good.

  6. Yeah, you tend to lose your “baby weight” quickly when you’re anorexic to begin with (in her book she mentions eating about 800 calories a day) and deliver your baby almost a month and a half early. Kudos to that????

  7. She lost 25 lbs in 3 weeks!?!?! That is nuts and unhealthy I dont care how she or anyone else tries to make themselves thinks it is healthy!! Im surprized she had a healthy baby since she seems to not EAT!!! Lets not glorify something that shouldn’t be. She is way too skinny!!! Congrats on the baby but not the weight loss…your killing yourself!

    • She’s not killing herself… she’s the picture of good health and smart eating. The people who are killing themselves are the fat slobs on this earth that I’m so tired of looking at. Have some self-respect.. not everyone has to weigh 300 lbs. to look “normal”. Bethenny is NORMAL.

      • that comment is as cold as your heart must be congratulations! and like the person mentioned before eating 800 calories is NOT healthy sorry! and ya that is starvation…so model for healthy eating…bs!

  8. Bethenny please give me a break!!! You were a size zero to begin with, you delivered early. Glad u are happy and everything is well. But let’s face it you never ate much before. I’m beginning to think Kelly is right about you!!!!

  9. I have a two sided opinion on this. 1) This is not the norm, she was tiny to begin with, so who cares. 2) It is NOT unhealthy to lose 25 lbs of baby weight in 3 weeks. I gained 31 lbs when I was pregnant with my daughter and had lost all be 5 lbs of it within 2 weeks, thanks to breast feeding.

  10. It’s neither annoying or inspiring to me but losing weight is not a bad thing. If that works for her body, then there you go. Whats annoying is magazines continuously posting celebs and their weight loss. Does it matter that they can fit into a bathing suit now? Not to me.

  11. I agree with most of the previous posters — this woman is a bad, bad role model for girls and women everywhere. She obviously did not take care of herself or her baby while pregnant. It’s been well-established that poor nutrition is a strong risk factor for delivery of premature, low birth weight babies. Her poor daughter suffered (and will continue to suffer, in my opinion) because her mom is anorexic. And now we are being asked to admire her??? …To consider this to be an “accomplishment”?? Disgusting.

    Please stop giving this woman press and attention!!

    (And to be clear, I am not jealous. I had a healthy pregnancy and lost all the weight in an appropriate amount of time, post-partum. How insulting that CBS even implies that women would be annoyed/jealous by her radical weight loss!!!)

  12. It really isn’t surprising when your super fit, and I do agree that shes a bit unhealthy. I weighed 165 when I got pregnant and 187 when I delivered, when I left the hospital I weighed in right at my pre pregnancy weight because I lost muscle mass from not lifting weights while pregnant. Everyone is different and there are plenty of stories about women who don’t lose the weight right away. So everyone should stop being so judgy.

  13. I too just delivered, two weeks ago, via c-section I might add. I gained 40 lbs, and lost 20 lbs. About ten are baby and luggage (placenta, amniotic fluid, blood loss etc.), and the other ten are water (you swell during pregnancy). I think its safe to say the rest of the 20 lbs are fat…. Fat loss, however, doesn’t occur so quickly, at least not a healthy manner. I also thought that you should NOT be dieting the first 6 weeks postpartum. This article only made me feel bad, what was the point of it? Very unfair to new Moms, and unrealistic to post a pic of her in a bathing suit. I am also sure that Bethenny has TONS of baby help (she has been seen having fun around NYC without her baby)/food being cooked prepared for her/help around the house, so she can focus on her diet. Nice. (sigh)

  14. Hasn’t she already tweeted that Bryn is on a formula supplement? All that caloric restriction cannot be good for her milk supply and it is not good for her recovering body either. A healing body needs calories and protein in order to mend properly, that is why doctors tell you not to diet for the first six weeks postpartum, severe caloric restrictions can interfere with incision healing and make infection more likely. She needs to eat better and give herself time to heal.

  15. It’s like a celebrity arms race. Who can lose the baby weight the fastest? It’s all crap in my opinion. How is losing 25 lbs 3 weeks post delivery a positive image? It makes other celebrities feel they have to drop baby weight at the snap of the fingers, and even worse for mother’s who read these rag mags, and believe losing the baby weight is that easy. It took 9 months to gain the weight…

    Not at all surprised that Bethenney, who is coined herself as a “Skinny girl” is in the headlines for losing her baby weight so fast.

    BTW, my opinion is annoying…

  16. Well size 4 isn’t that thin and when she was pregnant she never looked big. So it’s no surprise, and no big accomplishment either.
    But I’d rather carry a baby to term and breastfeed healthily than lose weight, especially in the first weeks.

  17. What is wrong with you haters? She gained 35 pounds while pregnant and some of you think she did that by unhealthy eating?? Give me a break. She was tiny to begin with, eats small healthful meals, ate healthily while pregnant, gave birth prematurely and breast feeds. Some you who are still whining about your “baby” fat need to stop hating and get to moving. The only reason you are still fat is because you are too lazy to be thin. It takes work. Get off the couch and walk around the block!

    • Hi “JJB.”

      Before you issue blanket judgements about the lifestyles of people you’ve never met,” you should open your mind to the possibility that people are critical of her shallowness not her skinniness. It’s a little more complex and nuanced than you’ve attempted to summarize in your silly, ranting post. Labeling someone as a ‘hater’ just because they are in disagreement with this women exhibits a sever lack of analytic thought. It seems that you are the lazy one!

      As for being negative towards her because I am fat or out of shape, you should know that I ran a half-marathon in under 2 hours a few weeks ago, pushing my baby in a stroller in front of me. This doesn’t give my opinions any validity, of course, but it shows that your comments are far, far off-base.


    • Thank you, JJB, for saying what everyone else is afraid to say! Not that I think Bethenny is exactly a role model for pregnant and/or post-partum women, but many people in our society seem to think that having a baby equals being overweight and unhealthy for the rest of your life, simply because “having a baby changes everything.” You are still responsible for your own health and well-being. Exercising and eating right SHOULD be maintained throughout pregnancy and afterwards!!

      • Too many people use pregnancy and “healthy baby excuses” for getting HUGE and turning into a garbage can during pregnancy. Look at Giselle, she did it too. These people are healthy eaters to begin with. Pregnancy or anything for that matter is not an excuse to be overweight, which 60% of American women are. Get a grip on your health people. Bethenny is healthy and looks great!!! Congrats to her!

        • I suspect that this last poster is a man. One who hates women, too.

          Whatever your gender, please read more carefully before making such judgements. No one in this thread has advocated for women gaining huge amounts of weight during pregnancy, so I have no idea where you got that from.

          The only criticism I see of Bethenny is for her obsession with her body. It’s disgusting. Her poor daughter is going to have body image problems as well, unfortunately.

  18. Hmmm…I don’t know quite what to think. I’m a fellow petite/tiny woman myself, so I understand looking “too thin” for that timeframe…HOWEVER, the fact that she is supplementing breast feeding due to supply issues (according to her twitter feed) makes me wonder if she’s getting enough nutrition. She does, after all, admit to a history of anorexia nervosa. I hope she gets a handle on it for the sake of her family.

  19. I HATE that she did this photo shoot. Losing all that weight so quickly isn’t something she should be proud of and gloat about. Disgusting.
    It sends a terrible message to new moms.
    I really wonder if her poor baby was hungry in that “skinny girl” body.
    I used to like Bethenny, I really did. But now….
    She seems to be losing herself and giving in to the movie star/hollywood
    Come on, Bethenny…

  20. What a ridiculous woman. She does not inspire anyone, she is a narcisist in all its glory. I feel so sorry for her child. This woman does not seem to have an ounce of maternal instinct

  21. Losing 35 pounds of baby weight is NOT the same than losing 35 pounds of fat in 3 weeks – a lot of that weight is from the baby itself, placenta, water, water retention, blood ecc.

    That said, this article doesn’t set a good example for any new moms. Of course it is nice for yourself to get back to normal and feeling good after being more or less out of balance for 9+ months, but the extent the media is taking this whole who-loses-the-baby-weight-fastest thing is getting out of hands.

  22. I only gained 9lbs when i was pregnant. But after I delivered my son (via c-section) within 3-4wks I had lost 28lbs. I was breastfeeding n recovering from my c-section, i hardly had an appetite. Now alomost 4 months later, I have kept the weight off, but eating regular portions now. I was never overweight, but I always thought I could stand to lose a few pounds n be a bit more healthy. So, I don’t get why everyone is upset with Bethanny?

  23. she’s not even a real star only on a lowly tv show and the way your body is built also has something to do with how fast you lose weight after childbirth granted my mom gained 60+ pounds with both her healthy pregnancies and is only 5’3″ and Bethenny probably didn’t have hyperperenisis Gravidium {severe Morning sickness} with Bryn like my mother did with me 25 years ago even being hospitalized for it a few times and I was born 12 days late besides mom wanted to breastfeed me and couldn’t because my sucking mustles were paralyzed from the forecepts that helped deliver me so I had to use a premmie nipple eventhough I wasn’t

    Bethenny is typical of a lot of modern day hollywood stars who don’t respect their bodies during pregnancy or not so this doesn’t surprise me one bit

  24. It’s disheartening that, even while suggesting the danger in Bethenny’s weight loss regimen, magazines and news shows continue to flaunt photos of her in a bathing suit, promote her books and products, and proclaim her diet, exercise and weight loss to the world as though it is something to emulate. Subsequently, the public is greeted with more mixed messages about health and weight loss that are confusing and difficult to sort through.

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