Jennifer Garner & Her Happy Preschooler

She’s such a cutie pie! Valentine’s Day star Jennifer Garner picked up her adorable 4-year-old daughter Violet from preschool in Santa Monica today (June 3).

Violet was all smiles as she jumped and skipped alongside her mama.

Jen and her hunky hubby, Ben Affleck, are also parents to 1-year-old daughter Seraphina.

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  1. That child loves the cameras way too much!! She’s like Hugh Jackman’s little girl, always mugging for the paps. I would rather see children not engaging with the paps at all.

    Why doesn’t Jen bother combing her hair? Is it too difficult? She also needs to dress a bit better. In everyday life, she always looks like she doesn’t care. But she does clean up well for those PR moments.

    • Are you serious? In one post people complain that the kids always look so miserable and the next one its they’re too happy and comfortable with the paparazzi? They can’t win can they? She’s 4 for goodness sake, she doesn’t understand the concept of paparazzi. She’s a happy playful girl, and they’re part of her life, should her mother berate her and tell her to ignore them and make them seem like a horrible thing? Isn’t it better that they don’t bother her?
      It seems like no matter how happy, sweet, friendly or healthy a celebrity’s child is, someone will always find some way to knock the innocent kid and diss the parent’s parenting skills. Why read a blog like this if their all such horrible families and disgust you so much?

    • I agree, AJ!! Violet is a happy kid and that’s better than to be bothered by paparazzi. They can’t not react to them when they are so invasive.

      As for Jen’s style, I wonder how you look in everyday life, mslewis. Jeans, shirt… everyone I see in the street is dressed like she is. She dresses like a regular person, being famous doesn’t mean she has to be red-carpet-ready 24/7.

  2. shes probably the happiest little girl i’ve seen. I think its actually better if celeb kids are comfortable with paps, I mean I’m sure that she gets annoyed at times, as any little kid would, but it shows that Jen&Ben are showing her to not be scared about something that they deal with constantly. and i love the way Jen dresses her! It’s so cute

  3. I love that Violet is dealing so well with the paps as I don’t think they are going to go away any time soon.

    How fun loving and adorable is this kid?

  4. Wow, dressed like a little old lady in her house coat and sweater. Poor kid, with those dagger teeth and those clothes. She’s going to be a target for bullies.

    • Look, we get it, you obviously were bullied and are projecting your own insecurities on a little kid. You don’t have to post the exact same comment on every post about her.

    • I´d rather say: Wow, what a poor comment @ Anonymous 12:56.
      It almost arouses pity. Is that form of talking about a little kid really makes you feel better ?
      By the way: perfect little teeth, and a “stylish” way of dressing don´t protect you automatically from being a target for bullies.
      It´s feeling confident with yourself that protects you!!!! And i think you don´t have to worry about Violet in that aspect.

    • Just a horrible, mean comment from someone looking to pick on a pretty, happy child. Just consider the source of these spiteful,baiting comments.

  5. wow…This little Geena Davis is born to be a big leader. I suppose everybody at home must do what she says and wants, am i right? Welcome Mrs. President. What a strong kid. Just great.

  6. This girlie literally never stops smiling! It’s fantastic! She seems like such a happy, bubbly, loving girl 🙂
    PS Wtf is with people calling her ugly and saying “get her out of everyone’s sight”?! Why on earth are you commenting on these photos if you can’t stand the sight of the child? So rude and unnecessary, especially seeing as she’s so sweet-natured! Grow uuuuuup.

    OTHER MAGS…Second.. No Vi is not ugly….Did you know that Suri has
    the same sweater and dress guess she is an old hag herself too..

  8. Jen is pretty no matter what she wears…well, most of the time. And Vi certainly is one of the happiest little girls ever [like Matilda – I honestly commend Michelle for raising her daughter without a father to be (seemingly) well-rounded, happy and secure]. But Vi is cute and sweet, not gorgeous or beautiful. She looks a lot like Ben to me. She does have funny teeth, but then, many kids too. I think she’s happy and comfortable, so good on her.

  9. Lol, don’t bother to answer the moron. He/she can’t help being mentaly behind. Just sitt back and ignore the fool.
    We all know Violet is beautifull, no idiot can change that fact 😉

  10. No, J. Garner said that on The Ellen DeGeneres show recently… that Violet was dumb and happy.
    Maybe she’s a little simple? Who knows.

  11. How can you do anything but smile when you see pictures like this? Her smile and joy are infectious…she’s an absolute doll!

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