Kingston Rossdale’s 4th Birthday Bash Cost $15,000!

You only turn 4 once and in honor of Kingston Rossdale‘s big day, his famous parents spared no expense!

A source tells Us that Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale spent $15,000 on their firstborn son’s May 29 birthday bash at their Los Angeles-area home.

The 100 party guests – including fellow celeb parents Kate Beckinsale and David and Victoria Beckham – nibbled on burgers, hot dogs, tacos, quesadillas, french fries and chicken fingers. In addition to Kingston’s birthday cake, sweets included a cotton candy machine and a lemonade stand.

What kind of entertainment was available for the little people? A bouncy castle, three birds, a face painter, a balloon artist, and roaming super hero characters.

To primp and prep for the elaborate birthday bash, Gwen took Kingston for a mother-son mani-pedi at the salon.

Kingston, whose actual birthday was on May 26, is big brother to Zuma, 21 months.


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  1. Oh, great — here come all the lame reader comments along the lines of “Why is this boy wearing a barette in his hair? Why are his nails painted?? He is going to be so messed up when he grows up!!”

    (Well, I’m hoping that no one posts lame comments like this, but I fear that someone will, anyway…)

    He is a happy and well-loved child. This picture is so cute.

  2. @1stposter: Sorry but if you thought of that yourself is very much likely that everybody else is going to notice it too! You may agree or disagree, but it´s obvious to me that this specific ITEM was more his mother attempt to appear to be an edgy and cool mom than his own decision of wearing something as ridiculous for a boy his age, c´mon, seriously Gwen Stephany, stop trying to try to make your children a fashion statement FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I doubt she’s using her kids to make a fashion statement. Maybe he wanted to put the barette in his hair and paint his nails, 4 year olds don’t exactly have a clear perception of double standard. Parents are the reason their children judge (whether it be good or bad) but to a small child without parental influence, they don’t see short or tall, ugly or pretty, skinny or fat. Did you also consider Kingston doesn’t give a flying F%#@ about what you think of him?

  3. I am sooo happy to hear of real celebs using their own money to make a party and not use it as a marketing event. Spend what you want. It’s your money! Hooray. I just don’t like it when they give out gifts of stuff a marketing team put together. Let me add I’m in marketing, but a kids party is going too far! Usually “B or D” list celebs use this to get publicity and free stuff. They rock as a family!!

  4. 15,000 for a 4th birthday party. Well I hope Kingston have a wonderful birthday party. By the way I think Kingston looks adorable with the barrette and painted fingers and toes.

    • ha! minus well?? it took me a while to figure out that what you meant to say was ‘might as well’. what ever happened to grammar……

        • if you noticed when you typed your comment ‘anonymous’ is already filled in, so that isn’t a mispelling, it’s on purpose. we have enough ‘anonymous’ comments on this site.

  5. Can gwen leave kingston’s hair, nails alone? all those nasty chimicals ugh, what next? eyeshadow and lipstick oh wait maybe some new heels? LOL

  6. well they have the money so why not i say 🙂 and seriously kingston’s hair has been dyed for a year now leave it alone its starting to get boring now, and my little brother liked wearing nail varnish when he was kingston’s age don’t worry he’ll probably grow out of it anywho, i hope the stefani-rossdale’s had a rad weekend! 🙂

  7. I agree with some of the other posters here. I don’t the parents are forcing him to put a clip in his hair or paint his nails…Kingston probably wanted to do it himself. He’s 4. It’s not like he has a sexual preference, he’s not at that age where you start to care about what people think of you, he’s not dressing to impress anyone…I mean give the kid a break. He’s young, he’s having fun…isn’t that all what matters?

    • I meant to say I don’t THINK the parents are forcing him to put a clip in his hair or paint his nails.

  8. i agree that the hair dye is getting a little old and boring. but look at his mom, she’s been wearing her hair and make-up the exact same way for the last 10 years.

  9. I don’t think it’s hair dye is used for Kingston. I think Gwen uses that wash in stuff that Maddox uses in his mohawk. It’s not chemical based. It’s harmless.

    Anyway, what I’m wondering is . . . what exactly did they spend $15,000 on for that party? I’ve given children’s birthday parties and had those blow up slides and jumpy things and it didn’t cost anywhere near that much. Maybe they had champagn, caviar and truffles for the grownups and counted that in the price!!!

  10. WTF? What’s in his hair, and how about those nails and painted toenails? Man is she desperate for a girl or what?!?

  11. oops i meant to say that the comments about his hair being dyed are getting old, not the style i LOVE kingston’s hair 🙂

  12. kingston is a cutie but the party is a self indulgent ploy considering he isn’t going to remember it by the time he’s an adult a child doesn’t gets memories until age 5 unless something traumatic is involved before that she could’ve donated the 15k to charity like for instance Amfar or The Hole In The Wall Gang Camps granted she’s probably to self centered to do that as those charities were founded by actual hollywood legends

  13. I think Kingston looks cute with his barette and nail-polish. He probably wanted to paint his nails for fun and just put the clip in his hair to keep it out of the way, I’ve seen that done on little boys before.
    $15,000 for a kid’s party seems crazy excessive to me, but whatever floats their boat. I hope Kingston had a lovely birthday 🙂

  14. Kingston Rossdale is definitely my favorite celebrity kid! He deserves an unforgettable birthday party! LUV U, KINGSTON!

    Krissi – Greetings from Austria, Europe

  15. I think Kingston looks very cute. He’s gay and his parents support his wise choice. What’s the problem?
    Kingston can do whatever he wants, he has money and power. Today is a innocent childish birthday party with candies, in some years a rave with ecstasy GHB and other cool stuff.
    Leave the boy alone.

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