Rick Schroder: The Older I Get, The More Tolerant I Have Become”

Ricky Schroder stole our hearts in the ’80s TV sitcom Silver Spoons as the rich kid we all loved. Now 40, Rick has outgrown the child star persona – and the “y” – and appeared in shows such as NYPD Blue, Lonesome Dove and 24.

Rick is also a dedicated family man, having been married to his sweetheart Andrea for 20 years. Together, they have 4 gorgeous kids: Holden, 18, Luke, 17, Cambrie, 13, and Faith Anne, 9. Rick opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about his personal evolution, Holden’s traumatic head injury, the non-stop cooking and cleaning it takes to raise 4 kids, and their 1-year family adventure in Spain.

CBS: You are parents to four children. What is a typical day like in your house?

RS: “Well right now we are living in Barcelona, Spain. It was my wife’s dream to spend a year with our kids in a foreign country and learn Spanish. With family life though, no matter where you are, the same routine exists. With 3 teenagers, a lot of our time revolves around food. Buying food, making food and cleaning up the food and then start the process over again. The morning school run is the biggest challenge. It is a marathon getting everyone fed, lunches packed, homework ready and to school by 8 a.m.”

CBS: Do all 4 of your kids get along? Do the boys stick with each other and the girls with the girls?

RS: “Yes pretty much the boys hang out separately from the girls. My oldest 2 are both boys and are best friends, and the younger 2 are both girly girls, so it works out great.”

CBS: How is Holden doing since his dirt bike accident? How did the accident change him? How did it change all of you?

RS: “Holden is still recovering. Traumatic head injuries take a long time to heal. We know a lot more now, but it seems like so little is known about the brain. Everyday Holden is getting better, but it’s a process. It changed our whole family because experienced how fragile life can be. It gave us the courage to think outside the box with how we spend our time.”

CBS: How do you keep your relationship strong amidst the 4 children?

RS: “I would say it’s the 4 children that help keep our relationship strong. We talk about the kids all the time, and notice traits they have of each of us. It helps us appreciate each other more. Andrea and I have been together for 20 years now, but we still have ups and downs and that too also keeps the passion alive.”

CBS: What values do you teach your children? Do you also talk to them about the ‘tough’ stuff like safe sex, drugs and alcohol?

RS: “Andrea and I bring totally different values to the table with our kids. Her No. 1 value is kindness, while I believe in working hard and giving 100%. The ‘tough’ stuff is talked about so much, it’s not tough anymore. Kids in America have such opportunity and it would be foolish if I didn’t protect my kids by being realistic and upfront about temptation, vices, and potential danger.”

CBS: Andrea, tell us about your interior designing career. You appeared on Season Two of Top Design. Will we see more of you and your designs on TV any day soon?

AS: “I have spent the year sharpening my senses in design and studying art and architecture. I have a couple of shows in development that have to do with home and family. The future is bright.”

CBS: You will always be Ricky Stratton to so many of us! What was it like starring on Silver Spoons at such a young age?

RS: “I really have nothing to compare it to because I have been an actor my whole life. I think there were times when it was awkward going through the teenage years in front of the camera, but also it was what I knew and looking back now, it was probably more fun than sitting in a classroom all day.”

CBS: What is your best advice to child actors?

RS: “Keep other interests outside of work, because in every actors life there is a time when you aren’t working and you still need to be fulfilled and not dependent on the business alone.”

CBS: Do you want your children to enter showbiz?

RS: “All my kids at different times in their lives so far have shown interest in the entertainment business. Who knows what the future holds, so stayed tuned.”

CBS: Any truth to the rumor that you are in the running for the upcoming Kurt Cobain biopic?

RS: “Ha ha, that is a new rumor that I haven’t heard. Hope I get a chance to read the script, it sounds interesting.”

CBS: You’ve starred on various shows such as NYPD Blue, Lonesome Dove and 24. What’s next for you?

RS: “I have about a dozen things going on right now. While in Spain I wrote 2 scripts, one which is already in pre-production, I also have an unnamed series that I will be starring in, and also I own a production company that is busy with a show that I created for the Army. I don’t know if I have learned to slow down yet.”

CBS: You have been an ongoing supporter of the Republican Party. Why does this political party speak to you?

RS: “You know the older I get, the more tolerant I have become. Today, I don’t align myself with any party; I take things issue by issue. I am a patriot to the core.”

CBS: If you are working on any other projects or with any charities, please feel free to discuss.

RS: “I support many charities, but the ones closest to me are TAPS, a charity that assists people who have lost a loved one in the war, BOYS and GIRLS CLUB, HABITAT FOR HUMANITY and CHILDHELP USA. In addition, Andrea is passionate about helping end child trafficking.”


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  1. Rick is one of the greatest child actor’s ever! His performance in “The Champ” (with John Voight) was awful und make me cry everytime i watch this movie.

  2. I really liked Andrea on “Top Design.” I was sorry when she dropped out because I think she could have won it all. She has a very feminine design sense but not silly or too girly. I liked her a lot. I hope she does get a new design-type show. I would watch it.

    And Rick is as handsome as ever and his kids are gorgeous!! I’m happy to hear that Holden is recovering from his head injury. He’s a lucky young man.

  3. Learning Spanish in Barcelona? Catalan is more prevalent in Barcelona than Spanish. On my first trip to Europe, I traveled with a companion fluent in Spanish, first language – he couldn’t understand them, they could understand him. We did better in Italy.

    Catalan=mix of Spanish and French given the close proximity of that part of Spain to France.

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