Carry Me Babies T-Shirts: Doll Carrier & Shirt in One

Kids like to carry their toys and dolls with them wherever they go. Keeping tracking of them, however, usually falls on the shoulders of mom or dad. Carry Me Babies has just made parents’ lives a little easier with its collection of t-shirts which allows kids to carry their favorite friend right on the front of the shirt. A handy little pouch on the front of each shirt conveniently holds a small doll or teddy so it’s always available when your child needs or wants it.

What makes Carry Me Babies clothing and apparel unique is the design’s fusion of a toy and garment into a useful piece of children’s apparel. The patented concept permits children to easily insert or remove their favorite doll or pet from the carrier on the front of the t-shirt at their own leisure. The purpose is multifaceted as it allows children to gain enjoyment by carrying their toy and it also helps to develop social responsibility. Parents no longer have to worry so much about keeping track of toys because Carry Me Babies hold toys in place.

Another important feature of Carry Me Babies is that it will bring comfort to young children undergoing transitions. Children will feel reassurance knowing that their toy will be close to them while experiencing changes that everyday life can bring. The varieties of characters were designed with a diverse artistic flair. Designs are culturally sensitive and great effort is implemented to creating names, slogans, or images that are ethnically appropriate. Each of the stuffed toys can be inserted in a front carrying pouch, which is stitched on top of the artwork of the t-shirt. The shirts are made of premium, preshrunk 100% cotton and are available in long and short sleeve versions.

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  1. I think this is the cutest T-Shirt for kids I have seen in a long time. How can anyone find this creepy….creepy is Chucky. The price is fair. You would pay 20.00 for a….say Canada Day T-Shirt for a child and only wear it once. I give it an A!

  2. I can go to walmart buy a 3.00 shirt 1.00 for a piece of material and sew it onmy self for olny 4-5.00 it’s only going to be cute for a couple days than in the corner like everything else

  3. Very cute T-shirt with Doll Carrier,I really like this and must buy this for my baby
    she must like this,Price is also very reasonable,super T-shirt

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