Nicole Murphy’s Karate Kids

Nicole Murphy rocked the red carpet with four of her children – daughters Shayne, 15, Zola, 10, Bella, 8, and son, Myles, 17 – at the Los Angeles premiere of The Karate Kid yesterday (June 7).

Nicole and her ex-husband Eddie Murphy are also parents to 20-year-old daughter Bria.

A source recently revealed that Nicole is responsible for reuniting Eddie with his youngest daughter, Angel Iris Murphy Brown:

Eddie’s ex-wife Nicole helped them reconcile their issues. Angel is Eddie’s youngest child, and Nicole wants her children to know her. That helped Eddie to come around and get past all the animosity he had towards Mel.”

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    • Eddie has nice features also…Zola is just as beautiful as his other girls…if not prettier…

  1. @rita buchan

    Whats so poor about it? Is it because she is darkskin as supposed to light.

    Get over the complexion. Zola looks like NICOLE , nose and all but she has Eddie’s complexion. Bella even though she is lightskin looks more like Eddie. Take of your colour complex blinders

    • I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. I feel horrible- I wouldn’t want anyone thinking that I use complexion, skin colour, race etc., as a basis for deciding what I feel is attractive, because that honestly isn’t how I feel. I realize now that it was so incredibly stupid and very low of me to publish my comment on the looks of a young girl. I don’t know what came over me to write that earlier.

      • @ritabuchan ….thanks for apologizing…some ppl r grown enough to point out the error of their ways…

  2. @rita buchan you are so not nice for your comment!! this is a wonderful family photo of 4 beautiful children with their Mother sharing life’s wonderful moments! The kids are suppose to look like their moms and dads and each child in this photo looks like their parents Nicole and Eddie and they are happy and snuggled up with one another in such a caring loving manner! You are not pointing out anything worth mentioning!

  3. I agree that Zola looks so much like Nicole, only with dark skin. She is a beautiful girl, just like Eddie and Nicole’s other children.


  5. I just love Nicole’s public appearance… All the kids are beautiful. And I agree Zola looks like Nicole, just with Eddies’s complexion. However, They are all beautiful kids.

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