Giuliana & Bill Rancic Pull In Ratings With Fertility Struggle

The Style Network has picked up a third season of reality TV show Giuliana & Bill, THR reports. The docu-series examines the celebrity marriage of Giuliana and Bill Rancic and their struggles with fertility.

The show’s season two finale was the network’s most-watched telecast ever among women aged 18-49.

Style viewers have fallen in love with Giuliana and Bill, and have tuned in for every honest and open moment the couple has been through since saying ‘I do,'” says the president of The Style Network. “Now, with a baby at the top of their wish list, viewers will continue on this very personal journey as they explore new options for trying to expand their family and face some of the hardest issues a couple can go through.”

Will you tune into the third season of Giuliana & Bill?

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  1. Is it just me or does she look pregnant? Her face looks fuller and her belly area looks like it’s popping out a bit. I think she’s pregnant now.

  2. I agree! she does look pregnant!! If anything she has gained weight due to her Dr.’s adviced of gaining weight earlier in the show that was stated! Reardless, she will always look pretty even with a little weight on her or if it was a baby bump!!
    I hope everything works out well for this couple!! They seem to be a strong couple who will great parents & I wish them all the best!!

  3. Seriously what is the world coming too. This is desperate tv.
    Bill & Guiliana are two totally self obsessed and deluded individuals. Their life, emotions, experiences and thoughts are no different or special from anybody else who has walked this earth.

    Producers need to Axe this irratable nonsense…and reconsider other more intellectual and appropriate media.

    Truly appalling…!

  4. I dont see anything appalling there!
    Its nice of people to be happy and supportive og them two! They are nice people. I wish them all the best in the world. Be strong! There are lots of people out there, who been going through ivf 5,10 and more times and got their baby or byby’s in the end! Good luck!

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