Tiffani Thiessen Welcomes Daughter Harper Renn

It’s a girl for White Collar star Tiffani Thiessen and husband Brady Smith!

A rep for the actress has confirmed exclusively to Celebrity Baby Scoop that daughter Harper Renn Smith was born today, Tuesday, June 15 in Los Angeles, Calif. Harper weighed in at 8 lbs., 3 oz., and her rep has told PEOPLE that baby is “doing great.”

The former Saved By The Bell actress recently dished on her plans for childbirth, saying, “I’m going to give a Girl Scout effort to hypno-birthing. I’m really excited about it.”

Congratulations to the Thiessen/Smith family!

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  1. I knew it too! there were a few HUGE clues that it was a girl. I am so excited for them! Its a cute name. Renn I’m sure is after Tiffani’s mom Robyn. and its my nickname! they will be amazing parents and I’m sure that Harper is gorgeous!

  2. I really hoped they would have a boy since so many girls have been born lately. =( But I’m sure their daughter is beautiful. Hopefully someone has a boy next maybe Celine Dion even though she’s not due till the fall.

    • Odd. I know 8 people who are pregnant or have had kids this year (including myself) and all but one had/ are having boys. It’s good to hear that there are girls being born out there somewhere. I was beginning to get worried. LOL

  3. I hope she dishes on how the HypnoBirthing went. I’d love to hear some good birth stories from celebrities as opposed to horror stories of natural birth or scheduled c-sections.

  4. congrats to Tiffani and Brady love the name Harper everytime I hear it It Think of The dectective movies that starred Paul Newman or at least the first two in the series of three as in the last one 1998’s Twilight in which the Dectectives name was changed from Lew Harper To Harry Ross as there had been 23 years and a law suit in between the second installment and the third

    good luck to Tiffani and Brady as parents

  5. Yes, I called that she was having a girl! Congratulations to Tiffani and her husband. I love the name.

    And of course this happens when I’m not home so I don’t get to announce it.

  6. Congrats 2 Tiffani an Brady, i´m so happy for the 2! And I know it 2 that they would have a baby girl! Tiff´s friend revealed it on Facebook a few month ago. Harper Renn welcome to the world and have fun and a great life! I bet she is so beautful like her Mom! I love Tiff since SBTB and BH 90210!!!

  7. yup Nicci thats where I got the clue from too! lol and the fact that it was taken down soon after sealed the deal that she was right.

  8. Our 13-week old girl’s middle name is Harper…. I’m glad someone else chose it as well because IMO it’s a pretty yet unique name 🙂

  9. Harper has got to be to strangest name. The “celebs” name their kids such odd names at times…like for instance Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, jeeze, those poor kids. Does anyone take into account how kids with really odd names will feel with those names as they grow up and when they are 50?

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