Dennis Hopper’s Daughter Caught In Estate Battle

An ugly battle is brewing over Dennis Hopper‘s estate, and an unintended victim could be his 7-year-old daughter Galen, TMZ reports.

Prior to Hopper’s death last month after battling prostate cancer, he and his fifth wife Victoria Duffy were in the midst of a bitter divorce. In his final months, Hopper had been ordered to pay $12,000 a month – $8,000 per month in spousal, and $4000 per month in child support – to his estranged wife. Further, Victoria and Galen were living on the family compound in Venice, Calif.

Weeks after Hopper’s death, the trustees are now fighting to get Victoria and Galen off the property as soon as possible.

As for dividing up the estate, Hopper reportedly drafted an amendment to his estate plan back in March, in which he effectively tried to cut down Galen’s share from 40% to 25%. Under California law, however, the amendment may not be valid since changes to an estate plan are severely restricted when a divorce is pending.

In the meantime Victoria believes she’s entitled to 25% of Hopper’s estate, while the trustees believe she should receive nothing.

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  1. If that is true that y is it that Anna Nicole Smith went after half of her ex
    husbands fortune… spent 10 years in court with the public saying that
    she should get it… What ever happened to 50 percent divorce ..where
    she gets 50 percent…What about her daughter does she get anything
    from her old geezzer father..!! Eh..??

    • you should go back and look up who Anna Nicole Smith had her little girl with, the old geezer was already dead when she concieved and her real father is raising her along with a portion of the estate going to her little girl.

  2. I don’t know why there is a problem. Victoria was still legally married to Dennis when he died. She is entitled to something from his estate for that reason alone. Plus, Galen is a minor child of the deceased and is entitled to a share of his estate, whether it’s an equal share with his other children or the 40% that was in the Will. She is also entitled to the previously negotiated child support payments from that estate. I also don’t understand how the “trustees” can evict a minor child from her father’s property and if the minor child stays, the mother stays.

    I know California is a strange place when it comes to laws, etc., but this seems like there should be no problems here . . . the child is a minor; there should be no discussion about what she is entitled to. This is ridiculous.

  3. I have been following this story for awhile. If I’m right I believe Dennis Hopper older daughter is the one who push for her father to get a divorce because she didn’t want to share any of his money after he died. How greedy can people be that they would cut off alittle girl and the little girls mother

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