Elizabeth Hurley’s Sex-Mad Son

During an interview with The Independent, Britain’s Elizabeth Hurley talked about her son Damian, 8. She said, “For the past eight years my primary role has been mummy.” Hurley admitted that her son, whose father is Steve Bing – billionaire property developer and film producer – is mature for his age and is comfortable discussing the facts of life. She said of Damian, who is clearly the light of her life,

Damian is currently obsessed with the word ‘sex’, spelt out S-E-X. He talks about it all the time. He knows the facts of life already.”

The precocious young man, whose godfathers include Elton John, Hugh Grant and Denis Leary, is already experiencing his first crush, teen idol Selena Gomez. Like other famous moms, Hurley pulled strings in Hollywood to get an autograph for her son. She states,

It’s got to the point where I had to ring my L.A. agent and say, ‘Do you know anyone who knows Selena Gomez? I must get her autograph.’… She’s this huge teen star, in Wizards of Waverly Place. She’s 17 and is also a pop singer, and she’s his dream girl. I’ve had to beg for an autograph. We had posters arrive, signed ‘I can’t wait to meet you – Selena’. Damian just can’t believe his luck. It’s the one good thing about his mother’s job, that he can get Selena Gomez’s number.”

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