StrollerTraffic: A New Mom’s Must-Have

As a new mom, you can easily become overwhelmed by all the baby information and products out there. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a resource that sifted through all the clutter and gave you exactly what you needed to know? There is!! We recently discovered a fabulous new resource for new moms-StrollerTraffic.

StrollerTraffic is an addictive weekly email for moms with kids under the age of three—covering everything from new brands and brilliant inventions to emerging trends and controversial topics—all wrapped up in a smart, once-every-seven-days email that won’t clog your inbox.

The witty little email has a huge following of magazine editors, fashion designers, and Hollywood types—it’s been read by everyone from Kelly Rutherford to Carolina Zapf to Sarah Jessica Parker, who called herself a “devotee” of the site.

The StrollerTraffic editors interview well-known experts on everything from getting rid of toddler stains to the best educational toys for babies, and regularly chat with celebrity moms about things like the products they can’t live without and the challenges of raising kids in the city.

New moms everywhere can receive StrollerTraffic’s Every City edition (published on Tuesdays); to keep up on the latest in the Big Apple, subscribe to StrollerTraffic New York (published Mondays and Thursdays). Los Angeles and Dallas editions coming soon! Be sure to sign up right away so you can be among the first to hear all about the latest swag and must-have baby & tot info.


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