Christina Milian & Her Beautiful Baby

Absolutely gorgeous!

A radiant Christina Milian stepped out with her adorable 3 1/2-month-old daughter Violet in Los Angeles, Calif. last week. The pair were accompanied by Christina’s mom Carmen as they headed to lunch.

“She looked very happy and she’s a very loving mom,” an onlooker says of Christina. “She kissed the baby at least 30 times in the three hours they were there!”

Violet is the first child for the 28-year old Grammy-nominated singer, while husband The-Dream, (real name Terius Youngdell Nash) has three other children from a previous relationship.


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  1. So cute and squeezable. You can tell Christina is over the moon with her sweetheart doll baby. Soooo adorable!

  2. Aw this is precious!! Christina is soo gorgeous and look at Violet! And one of my friends just got those cute little shoes in white for her baby girl! Cute.

  3. bless them, Christina looks SO happy, and so does Violet.

    I don’t know much about Christina, but didn’t she start out as a Disney starlet type? Eh, I’ll just google it.

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