Think Then Jump: Teaching Kids to Live Mindfully

Living thoughtfully and mindfully is something that many of us parents are striving to do. But how about our kids? How can we help them to do the same? Meet author Dana Perri and her Think Then Jump children’s book series and t-shirt collection designed to help kids do just that.

Award-winning author Dana Perri has launched her own company to publish her children’s book series and products, Think Then Jump™. Dana had been in the TV production industry for 20 years before turning her business and creative energies to writing children’s books. The fast paced lifestyle of production and NY living prompted her to create Think…then Jump™, a mantra for living thoughtfully. She noted that in this ever rapid world of Instant Message, texting, Twitter and all the rest, we often find ourselves typing in, shouting out, acting out before we think of our behavior. Our hurry up attitude and impatience tends to lead to more reactive responses, and our children are following in our footsteps and not in a positive way.

The basic idea behind Think…then Jump™ is to entertain the children with simple, fun stories and vibrant, bold illustrations so they are engaged and primed for hearing the lessons. The main lesson is about taking the time to think about their words and actions which then lead to the lessons about being kind, thoughtful and responsible for one’s actions. The books are unique in that there are questions to ponder at the end which not only shows a child’s comprehension but opens a dialogue and helps children express their feelings.

Think…then Jump™ has a broader objective than just the children’s book series. It’s a way of life; a gentle reminder to stop, take a breath and not just react. It is important for children to learn about taking action, but equally important for them to learn about being mindful of the things they do and say. The goal behind Think…then Jump™ is to get both children and adults alike to think first, and kinder, more thoughtful choices will be made. Dana’s debut book, The Grumpy Frog, is a celebrated winner of the iParenting Media Award. Her second book, The Careless Frog, received an honorable mention from DIY Book Festival Awards.

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  1. I was able to attend a reading of the books and my 6 year old boy… He absolutely loved it!! The story was engaging and entertaining… for sure the conversation after the reading made it for him as he was able to interact and reflect about the story… I left the reading not only with the books, but the T-shirt and the frog toy!

  2. We’ve been reading these books since they became available, and my daughter continues to be engaged by the stories. These have lasting value–something I cannot say for all of the children’s books out there. Highly recommended.

  3. My kids just love to read not only The Grumpy Frog but The Careless Frog as well. They are mesmerized by the ‘come to life’ illustrations. As a mom, I’m always looking for ways and sources to help reiterate the need to be kind and thoughtful in life. And these books do just that! Kudos to the author! We look forward to the next book in the series!

  4. We have both of The Grumpy Frog and The Careless Frog and my 7 year old loves them. The message to “think before you jump” is so needed in our busy world. I found this heading on the top of a notebook my daughter was writing on one day. She was thoughtfully planning out her day and organizing herself. As adults, we need to take a lesson from these wonderfully written books! My daughter also loves the colorful, playful illustrations. Looking forward to the next one in the series. Congrats to the author !

  5. The Grumpy Frog and The Careless Frog are wonderfully illustrated books with positive themes for young children. I love the books and their “Think before you Jump” philosophy. It’s a hard lesson to teach day to day, but the books present it in a way that is fully transparent to kids. My elementary school was lucky enough to have a visit from Author Dana Perri. I can’t say enough about how she connects with the students, teachers and administration. We can’t wait to see what Rana the frog does next!

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