Gisele Bündchen: Benjamin Is Potty Trained!

Supermodel mom Gisele Bündchen is known to be quite eco-minded, and one of the ways she helps to lessen her footprint on the earth is by potty training her 6-month-old son Benjamin!

Bündchen reportedly told via the Boston Herald that Benjamin is on a schedule that includes breastfeeding in the morning and afternoon, promptly followed by a bowel movement, making it easy for her to put him on the toilet and eliminate the use of a diaper. Of the process she said, “Give it about five minutes, and bang,” admitting with a laugh that she realizes the process is actually, “more complicated.”

Though, like most moms, Bündchen spends quite a bit of time talking about Benjamin’s toilet habits, sister/aunt Patricia isn’t as keen on the subject, adding, “Everytime she calls me to see it, I say, ‘Do not want to see it.”

Along with baby Benjamin, Bündchen is also step-mom to husband, NFL player Tom Brady‘s child from a previous relationship, 2 1/2-year-old Jack.


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  1. Putting such a little baby on the potty and wait up to 5 (!!) minutes – that’s really not neccessary at that age. But Gisele just needs to act like super-mommy each time around. Poor boy.

  2. LOL… I can’t wait for the haters to start spewing how Gisele thinks she’s better than everyone. Just because this woman does things differently than you, it gives you an inferiority complex. It’s hysterical.

    Even if this ISN’T true and she’s a self-centered, egotistical liar………. SO WHAT?!?

    • It used to be how it was done in “this” world and is still done throughout the world to train babies to go to teh bathroom. It’s so funny that people will sit there and say diapers are the only way. They’ve been so conditioned to think they NEED these that they don’t realize they weren’t always around. Not to mention they’re being ripped off by disposable diaper companies. But, they will sit there and judge a women who doesn’t want her kid having diaper rash (requires you to buy more creams and stuff, costs more money and do I need to mention not pleasant for the kid) and who wants to have her kid eliminate where it belongs…in a toilet, not in a diaper and all over her kids’ back. People are so dense sometimes…

  3. It’s called elimination communication and it’s very true. It’s not sitting an infant on a toilet for 5 minutes, it’s making a verbal cue and holding the child above a toilet to pee or poop. It’s not cruel. But it’s technically not potty training since they aren’t able to “hold it” until they get to a toilet. I do it off and on with my one year old, he’s been using a toilet since 9 months. I think Gisele is just like every other mother, proud of her child. I doubt she is plotting out parenting techniques which make her sound like a super-hero. Everyone has different priorities, stop being so judgmental.

    • She doesn’t hold him on the toilet for five mins. She said that he poops five mins after she’s done feeding him. So it would make sense for her to take him to the toilet five mins later, not hold him on it for a whole five mins.

    • Elimination communication is quite common in my group of friends here — we’ve done a bit with our daughter too! It’s not as strange as some people might think 🙂

    • yes, we’ve heard of it, they use it typically in asia, but it’s NOT potty trained. the communication is heavily dependent on the parent knowing the cues. i doubt she’s watching the baby 24/7. also, since her child NEVER cries, i doubt his communication skills are that great. it sounds like there might be a problem in that area if he never cries 🙁

      • Wow, this actually sounds like one of the most bitter and jealous posts of them all! Implying that the baby has “problems”??? Talking smack about his communication skills?

        And, why not call it “potty-training”? What else would “potty-training” mean except that a child uses a toilet rather than dirtying himself in the diaper? Yes, the cues are nonverbal, while a 3-yr-old uses words to say they have to go to the bathroom, but so what?

        Angry, bitter moms on the internet… geesh. 🙂

        • Because potty training is when you are able to train your child to sit on the toilet and tell you by themselves when they have to go to the bathroom. She is aware of the times her kid has to poop so she puts him on there. He has no idea what is going on and will not for quite some time. She can do whatever she wants at least she is not involved in her childs life. She does kind of seem like she is trying to prove something to the world since she opened her fat mouth with her husbands kid so much. It would be amazing if her baby was crawling to the toilet and said poop but we all know that isnt happening so WHO CARES!

          • meant to say “at least she IS involved in her childs life” before I get hate replys! lol

  4. Gisele is full of herself a six month old can’t be potty trained as they can’t even walk on their own yet she says this crap to make her kid look like a genius and neither her or Mr Brady will ever be a legend their both egotistical liars Princess Grace light Gisele isn’t Grace had talent a heart of gold a long stable marriage and three beautiful if sometimes rebelious kids may she never have to go through the heartbreak Princess Grace did having 8 miscarriages in a two year span of time and then not having her youngest until age 35 in February 1965 right that would be Stephanie

    • This comment is utterly INSANE. Princess Grace? What? And FYI Princess Grace was only human I know, shocking! Sorry to burst your nutty Grace was a Goddess bubble but she was a raging alcoholic in her later life (not judging, at all- just documented fact) and she was quite promiscuous (read some books on her) in her youth.. and WHO CARES ANYWAY.

      On topic- GB cannot win with some crazy people on here. Nothing wrong with her doing things her way it is her kid. And she is interviewed about things as she is a celebrity. What is she supposed to do lie about what she does so she will not set off some people who say she’s acting superior? This is totally scary weird. Seriously. What has she done to you people who hate her so much?

  5. Try to put your limited point of view aside just for a moment and imagine: There was a world before diapers and there are still many places where no diapers are used; so it´s nothing so special and actually quite normal….Whether you all DON´T THINK SO or regard it as something INNECESSARY doesn´t matter at all.
    Making something differently from what you all are used here has nothing to do with acting super-mommy…you just interpret it like that cos maybe deep inside, you feel that this is how it´s supposed to be. AND i would say that it´s far more egoistic choosing the easy and comfortable way that diapers offer to western mommies. + Needless to mention all the waste that is produced by this regardless attitude.
    I´m glad to see that there are women or in general people that try to find their own way, a thing that always arouses a lot of protest by sheep.

    • Exactly, I couldnt’ agree more!
      I find it so funny that everytime Gisele shares something all mothers on these sites feel offended and call her a liar, etc.
      Gisele does things a little differently from American mothers and she shares certain things when she’s asked about them. This doesn’t mean she bragging. If it seems like bragging to you, you really should get over your insecurities.

  6. Why are people negative/angry about this? It’s great that she is not having to use (as many) diapers. It’s also very normal in other countries, for example China.

    Just because western countries have been letting their children live in diapers for longer and longer doesn’t mean it’s the best thing to do!

    • here’s why..she has NOTHING in common with other mothers..according to her she:
      * gained no pregnancy wait
      * had no drugs AND zero pain in childbirth
      * her child NEVER cries
      * she say her child is “potty trained” when she is simply not using diapers. big difference. also, it’s annoying when everyone KNOWS her nanny probably has done all the work to make that possible and she doesn’t give the nanny credit, but behaves like she’s a “supermom”
      sorry, but shes’ really a little annoying.

      • Here are some things from other interviews you probably haven’t heard that make her more “relatable” (Its been translated from portugese that’s why it sounds weird):

        *When asked about a nanny: “It would be much better for me if my mother was beside my house every day. But I live out and do not have a nanny. I think having a nanny is important, but you have to choose carefully because you are going to leave your child with her. Today I have the help of a friend, who is Brazilian and loves children. She’s
        been my friend for a long time and she is helping me. She does not work for me. I trust her.”

        *What she has learned from having a newborn: “With my son, I am learning to have patience. You know when you’re trying to sleep and your child is crying? If you get desperate, its the worst thing . I read many books. And I learned that if the child cries, not because it’s because he’s tired , you need to download or simply to communicate. I’m not desperate. I try to give a care because everything passes with time . Just stay calm , it will pass. If you despair , the child will also despair”

        *If it is difficult to go to work: ” I do not feel guilty because I have to work . I have appointments and people who are relying on me. I can not just drop everything . Of course I want to be the best mother in the world , participate in everything, but at the same time , I do not want to ask two years from now , where is my life? There are mothers who think it is best to stay 24 hours with the child because they can stay. Not always the best thing. My mother , for example, worked as a bank for a lifetime. And I think love at least that? On the contrary, I admire much of it has worked , sacrificed much to support six girls.

        *Losing the baby weight: “Nothing is a miracle. Even at nine months pregnant, I did kung fu and yoga. I also ate quite well. After the birth, I did not think about losing weight, but about getting healthy and making sure that everything I ate was good for my son. After I had him, I stayed at home for almost two months without leaving home because the first month I was mesmerized with my son. I went out three times to go to friends house . However, not on the street, because it was very cold . Today, like chocolate, I love, but not as frying, for example, because I know everything that goes into the milk.”

        *From another interview
        (The magazine i-D Summer 2010):

        “You recieved a lot of negative after publicly stating that you felt no pain during the birth of your son. Did that criticism effect you?”

        “Everyone experiences life in different way and with giving birth, its no different. I spent a lot of time preparing for the moments so when it came, I embraced and focused on what I had envisioned the birth to be, without fear of pain. I was so excited to meet my son and realized that with each contraction I was closer and closer to holding him in my arms. I was focused on breathing and relaxing as best I could…its not to say my son’s birth wasn’t mentally and physically intense- I just wouldn’t use the word ‘painful.’ To me, it was just a part of the process that needed to happen in order for me to recieve the biggest gift of my life. Giving birth to my son was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had.”

      • You don’t have much of that right, and you’re only looking at one side of all the things she’s said. The US media only like to report of certain things she says and people have a very false impression of her because of that. I put quotations below from other interviews that may give you a different perception of her.

        *When *asked*, she said she gained 30lbs during the pregnancy. If that is what she gained, was she supposed to lie and say she gained 60lbs to make you feel better? She has always been in great shape since before the pregnancy and stayed very active during the pregnancy so its enviable, but also understandable, that she gained only 30lbs and was able to lose it quickly, especially with breast-feeding.
        *She said that giving birth was an extremely “intense” experience for her, although she wouldn’t describe it as “painful.” She prepared for it with months of yoga and meditation and said that when it came time to give birth she was focused on seeing her baby. It doesn’t mean that she physically felt anything different from other women, but that mentally she focused on the positive side and not the pain. I think it was very refreashing to hear a good side of giving birth and not another “horror story” that makes women want to get a c-section.

        *She didn’t say her child “never” cries. When did she say that? All she said is that when he was born he didn’t cry that much. That is VERY different from saying he hasn’t cried once in 6 months. Every baby cries.

        *She does not have a nanny. She said that she has a Brazilian friend who she has known for a long time who helps her from time to time. How do I know she doesn’t have a nanny? There are pics of them all the time and she is always holding Benjamin. Also, she has taken him to work with her so she can feed him.

      • All of you “jealous” people on here hate Giselle because she is beautiful, successful, skinny and you are all probably a bunch of fat asses who’s kids still probably suck a paci and wear diapers at age 5.

        Giselle is looking after the environment, starting her sons on early on potty training trying to do good things. Only fat, lazy ignorant people would have a problem with this.

        • Labor doesn’t have to be painful. We are constantly bombarded by messages that it is this horrifically painful experience, so we are wired to interpret what happens as pain. I gave birth to a 9.5lb baby girl with no drugs or medications. Like Giselle, I would say it was “intense,” but painful? No. Pain is scary…my daughter’s birth wasn’t scary, it was exciting. Why is it so hard to believe that a woman could give birth, medication-free, without it being painful?

  7. what would you expect from someone who didn’t even have labor pains????
    of course she is going to be a supermom and her child will be a genius .
    come on i say we get used to these type of stories coming from the brady household. unless we get lucky and people stop reporting this ridiculous bull that comes out of her mouth.
    i understand the concept quite well , but she feels the need to tell everyone he’s potty trained . i’ve done the same thing with my girls , does not mean they are potty trained . someone needs a dose of reality and i would really like for these so called celebs to stop sharing every single detail of their life with us. i really think they have issues.
    normally i wouldn’t even comment , but this is just so ridiculous . i had to.

    • “she feels the need to tell everyone he’s potty trained”
      ” i would really like for these so called celebs to stop sharing every single detail of their life with us”

      LOL, its a part of their job to do interviews and these days, they are always asked about their personal lives. Its not like Gisele was calling every media outlet in Brazil to get them to publish a story about her son being potty-trained! Gisele is the biggest celeb in Brazil and #1 supermodel in the world -people want to know everything about her. However, she’s always managed to keep her personal life very private. The only things she shares are these little anecdotes, things that have really made a significant impact on her (i.e giving birth), and environmental issues (for which she’s a UN ambassador). Compared to what most celebs share these days (like details of their marriage, etc) I don’t think Gisele has ever shared much. Saying that your son poops five mins after feeding isn’t exactly earth-shatteringly private. Also, she’s a new mom- she’s excited to talk about her child like all new mothers. Give her a break, geez.
      If you don’t care about celebs private like, why are you coming on a website like this? After all, that is what sites like this are for.

      • Well said Anon!
        I don’t get why so many people have attacked Gisele. I think it’s great that she is talking about EC (which IS essentially the beginning of potty training), as a lot of parents still do not know what it is.

  8. I think that’s great and its definitely possible. Basically, she has him on a schedule where he poops 5 mins after feeding, so she puts him on the potty after five mins.
    In the interview she also said that she’s only been able to accomplish this with pooping, peeing is more complicated.
    Gisele seems like a great mom, good for her!

  9. I don’t think people are necessarily angry, perhaps just annoyed. It seems as if every few weeks there’s a new story about how Giselle has accomplished some incredible ‘mommy act’ and it’s getting a bit obnoxious.

    • Simple solution… don’t read it. It is not her fault all of the magazines hound her for interviews and photos. Shut your jealous trap and move on.

  10. I love Gisele! She always does her research and finds the best way to do things for herself and her baby.
    Having a 6-month old on a schedule to go 5 mins after feeding, and putting him on a potty instead of using a diaper isn’t really that big of a deal, people! Like some others have pointed out here, diapers have no always been around and they still aren’t all that common in every part of the world, but people manage just fine.
    Quit being so offended when others share life experiences that differ slightly from yours. Gisele’s an excited new mother, give her a break!

  11. I’ve heard of this before. My grandmother used to swear by it.

    And for those who hate to hear her comments, to me they only seem as responses to questions asked by the reporters. After all they went to her sister too.

  12. I was drawing a comparison thats all so lay off me Grace has been one of my favorite actresses since I was a child never said I didn’t like Gisele and Brady I do but they need to learn to keep their traps shut sometimes

    • That’s great, but you really should stay on topic. Your comments about a long-dead celeb who has nothing whatsoever to do with Gisele are have no place here. You left a random comment on another post with something about Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward that was completely irrelevant to the post. Your comments just make no sense.

      It doesn’t help that you apparently don’t understand the concept of using punctuation, which makes your comments come off as the completely incoherent rantings of a crazy person.

    • You are clearly not of sound or rational mind.. so I shall ‘lay off you’. I was just making a point how insane you come across going off the rails and bringing up princess Grace not once in depth but in another Gisele post. It’s one thing to go off topic, fine. But to include extensive biographical info on Princess Grace is just utterly bewildering to the sane person reading these comments. I am not kidding when I say seek help.
      And saying Gisele would never be a Princess Grace…who says she wants that? Oy. She’s pretty successful I think she’s probably ok with her life. Your rants are just a little unsettling and make me worry about your state of mind.

  13. Why is every interview she does she sounds totally obnoxious and tries to make it sound like she’s super mom and her kid is a genius and smarter than everyone else’s kid. Please lady he’s six months old, anyone could hold their kid over a potty after they eat and they’d use the bathroom. It’s not ,ike her kid is the only one whose ever done this, so why does she act like he’s a genius?

  14. Thought this was way cool! WOW! A super famous person using EC! How
    fabulous?! Spread the word!!! Gisele Bundchen, love her!

    Fundawears Cloth Diapers

  15. wow awesome! EC will finally get some recognition that it so rightfully deserves! I have done it with all 3 of my children and it works and makes them happy they dont have to sit in poo all day. It is a very great alternative. That is nice Gisele does it, it shows she spends MUCH time with her baby and that is awesome. you have to have time and patience for it, or it wont work. much respect to her!

  16. oh come on this isn’t her acting perfect! its her speaking about causes she believes in!!! what is so wrong about that????? I dont think there is one thing wrong with it! Besides no one is forcing you to read her magazine articles. she is asked the questions and she answers. what is she supposed to say? no comment? puh lease. she has made me interested in home births and now EC for when I have children! it it works for her, hey why not try it? sounds good to me. Both alternatives are practiced by poor-er people or people who live Green. its not un-common at all!!!

  17. oh wow! this is so awesome finally someone famous talking about EC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t be more happy to hear it!!! I hope more people will learn about this now. It is amazing and totally works! amazing!!! thanks Gisele.

  18. Before you go judging her do some research on EC! it is an amazing alternative! youd be surprised to learn how many people do infant potty training, its just you dont hear much about it because they aren’t Gisele! I am glad she speaks about great motherhood practices. dont knock it til ya try it folks!

  19. someone famous who does EC! how cool! you wouldn’t think a rich busy supermodel would have the time, and has enough money to buy all the diapers in the world, but this is so cool she chose EC!! it so works and babies love it!

  20. I can’t help it if I like to draw comparisons that’s how my mind works so don’t be so harsh in fact some of Gisele’s manerisms sometimes remind me of princess Grace so it’s only fair that I compaired the two eariler so get over it

  21. Seriously, i wouldn’t be surprised if later she comes up saying Benjamin can read and write before turning 1.

  22. My Grandma said she used to do that with me; she said she could tell when I was about to soil my nappies and take me straight to the child potty she had set up. Apparently, it made it easier for me to transition from nappies to using the toilet when the time came. They just slapped a fancy ‘EC’ label on it; it’s hardly a new concept.

    As for Gisele, I don’t care enough about her to like or dislike what she has to say. I’m just here for the babies.

  23. If your child is on a schedule and you follow it closely things come out about the same time each day making it easier to eventually potty train. I know lots of women who didn’t gain huge amounts of weight during pregnancy. I gained 27 pounds, 3 days after my son I was 11 pounds over my normal 126. My labor was 3 hours 25 minutes and I was given no pain killers, not enough time. The Giselle and Katie haters need to get a grip.

  24. It sounds great, but children can not control their muscels down there before they become 2 years old. So i think it´s just luck when he uses the potty but he is not potty trained yet.

    • Sorry, Grace, but that’s an old wives tale!

      Like all animals, babies are born with the ability to control their pee, just as they can control when they start and stop suckling when they are feeding. However, they are gradually trained to lose awareness of bodily functions when we put them in diapers 24 hours a day.

      If you were being honest when you said “it sounds great,” and you are truly curious, you should read a couple books. I recommend “Diaper-free baby” — an easy read and it very clearly explains elimination communication (EC). My husband read it when I was pregnant, I honestly thought that it was ridiculous when he first told me about it, but then when our son was born we found out that it really does work. Babies are naturally adverse to the idea of soiling themselves (again, think about other animals, like cats, who would never relieve themselves in the same place where they sleep). Babies are forced to get used to sitting in their own pee and poop when parents put diapers on them — it’s not like a newborn can say no to diapers… But it you really think about what it’s like to be sitting in your own poop for minutes or hours, you would probably realize that it’s quite disgusting.

  25. alright I’ll admit I forget to use punctuation. but I have a right to my oppinions as you do to yours it’s a free country. lets Just agree to disagree. Gisele is never gonna be as big a star as Grace Kelly was.

  26. If she is truly “eco-minded” and this is a way to “lessen the footprint left on earth” then why doesn’t she stop traveling around in private jets?

    just saying.

  27. I am not a Gisele fan, with that said if her intent is to teach her son to use the potty so she doesn’t use disposable dipers at least we can all admit she has a viewpoint on the environment and she is consistant with it and that is admirable. I have never heard of EC until I read the posts on here but someone posted earlier that babies like other animals don’t like to sit in their waste and that makes sense to me. I am not a mother, I can’t wait to be one someday and I know when I have watched other people’s babies and small children who are not yet potty trained I am so attentive to their diaper because I hate the thought of them sitting in their own waste for even minutes. I would feel horrible if a pee or a poo got by me. Since I am not a mom, am I wrong in thinking that your baby should never sit in a dirty diaper for very long? When I do become a mom I may look into EC for my child because I think making them comfortable with the potty early on never hurts.

  28. This is Grace kelly and I would like to defend Courtney, she is very insightful and intelligent yet beautiful and factual and you mean women need to leave Courtney ALONE!

  29. she does not wear fur! and this is so common. look up infant potty training. there is websites,videos, galore! alot of people do it, and if it works for them I dont see the problem. its not her acting perfect. its her doing an interview for a Brazilian magazine and some tards decided to translate the article and spill it all over tha net., but hey thats Gisele for ya. everyone loves to keep her relevant, lol. so what-evs. umm Leo Decaprio flies in airplanes and he is “green” alot of celebs have to travel ya know. she doesnt fly in private jets, where did you get this mumbo jumbo? I see pics of her flying at airports with the rest of em! so go do some research before you spew your words of hatred towards her. jealous cuz your fave d list model can say something and its lucky if she gets one mention? lol yes probably.

  30. EC is quite common, and I love that a celeb can make it more known! alot of people do it, when they are practicing green methods. it does work. you just have to have much time with your baby. aww cute to know she spends lots of time with her baby and doesnt rely on nannies and stuff. her good friend from brazil lives with her. (some brunette exotic looking girl who is always walking with her in photos) kudos gisele! keep on talking about great causes! we love it!

  31. people wopuld actually criticize this?????!!! wow…
    Did you know more of the population chooses EC than those who use diapers? This is obviously not true for North Americans, but think about 3rd world countries and what not. you think mama in Africa can buy diapers? lol. no. It’s common practice in more places than not… except in wealthy countries where we can afford to throw our money away. EC has so many benefits! you’re doing a great job, momma G!!! 😀

  32. She signed a contract with a major fur company back on 2002,there was a big Peta protest about it.I guess she’s using the money she saves not buying diapers to get her fur coats!




  34. Gisele does not wear fur. lol as a follower of her i have never seen her once wear it. when she was a naive (18) year old mdoel she advertised for it and thats where the controversy came from. she doesnt wear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! models always model for it, but they dont wear it. its common. quit thinkinh models are “un human” all the time…they will make mistakes too. but wow how cool of her to practice potty elimination!!! I do too and its works beyong belief. cant believe peiople will criticize. (people who judge so much, are the ones with the most problems)….99% of the time.

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