Celebrities Appeal For Healthy School Meals Act

Funny lady Sarah Silverman is America’s newest advocate for healthy school lunches. She is urging Congress to support the Healthy School Meals Act of 2010, a bill that would help schools serve healthier meal options.

In her letter to Congressman George Miller, Sarah states, “I’m writing to you about something that has shocked and offended me. And trust me when I say it takes a lot to shock and offend me. Some of the foods we’re feeding kids in schools are repulsive—and that unhealthy food is feeding the childhood obesity epidemic.”

Many more celebrities are joining Sarah in this important campaign, including celeb parents like Nicole Richie, Sean Penn, Bethenny Frankel, Kelly Rutherford and Tobey Maguire. The following letters have been released to Celebrity Baby Scoop. Read below how some of our fav celeb parents support this campaign.

  • Sean Penn:

“Childhood obesity is widespread in every state, and an appalling number of young children are showing signs of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

I am writing to ask that you please support HR 4870, the Healthy School Meals Act, which would provide healthier options in school lunch lines to help fight the obesity epidemic. I’m joining the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and numerous others in endorsing this bill.

Millions of children in the United States eat lunches provided through the National School Lunch Program. Many parents cannot afford to pack lunches for their children, and a subsidized school meal is their only option. For some children, this meal is the best or the only one they eat all day. It is shocking that children in this country who eat lunch at school may be overweight or obese and also undernourished—like the children I work with in Haiti—because they do not have access to healthy, nutritious options.”

  • Bethenny Frankel:

“The eating habits children learn tend to stay with them through the teen years and into adulthood. Over time, I’ve become passionate about preparing naturally healthy, balanced meals, and I have been amazed at the difference in my overall health, well-being and energy level. The best way to spread this message is to teach children optimal eating habits from day one. We need to fill school cafeterias with healthy options to support children’s healthy development.”

  • Kelly Rutherford:

“I love acting, but the most important job I have is my role as the real-life mother of two children. As a parent, I am worried about the state of children’s health, and I want to help increase all kids’ access to healthy foods. Obesity and type 2 diabetes are striking younger and younger children, but healthier diets could help reverse that disturbing trend.”

  • Nicole Richie:

“As a parent, I want to ask you to help improve the outlook for all children in America. My partner, Joel, and I recently opened a playground in Los Angeles to encourage kids to get out and play. I also support nutrition education in schools and school gardens. But now I want to make sure we are setting a good example by serving healthful foods in school lunch lines. That’s why I am joining the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in supporting the Healthy School Meals Act, H.R. 4870.

It’s wonderful to teach children about good nutrition and show them how to grow vegetables, but it’s even more important to ensure that they actually have an opportunity to eat these healthier foods on a daily basis.

The Healthy School Meals Act would encourage schools to add fruits, vegetables, and healthy plant-based meal options. It would even provide financial incentives to schools that provide these healthier options. This is an extremely innovative bill—and it is also a practical and cost-effective way to improve child nutrition.

Many families struggle to afford healthful foods, and they may not be able to pack lunches for their children. That’s why it is so crucial that all children have access to nutritious options in the school lunch line.”

  • Tobey Maguire:

“I am deeply concerned that unhealthy school lunches are contributing to our nation’s childhood obesity epidemic. My wife and I just had our second child, so this issue is tremendously important to us.

School is tough enough already—students shouldn’t have to put up with lunches swimming in fat and cholesterol. Let me ask you to please ensure the Child Nutrition Act provides more fruits, vegetables, and healthy vegetarian foods.”

  • Vanessa Williams:

“As a mother, I know that parents want to feed both their children’s souls and their rapidly growing bodies in the best way possible. That is why I want to ask you to join me in supporting the Healthy School Meals Act of 2010, a bill that would help schools serve more fruits, vegetables, and low-fat vegetarian meals.

I have followed a plant-based diet for well over a decade and I have been amazed by the health benefits it has had for me and my children. So many young people today are struggling to stay slim, and far too many are at risk of diabetes. We need to make sure that school lunchrooms provide healthy options that help children avoid obesity now and serious medical problems like heart disease later in life.

Processed meats and dairy products seem to be an excessive part of school lunches these days. I want to see the emphasis placed on fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes.

We also need to offer nondairy alternatives to milk for young people who are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk or who simply want a nondairy beverage.

Our children deserve healthful options, and schools need help to improve their meal programs. That’s why I support the Healthy School Meals Act of 2010. We have to seize this opportunity to safeguard the health of America’s youngest citizens.”

Click here to learn more about the Healthy School Meals Act.

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  1. I know a Masterchef whom has been concerned with this very issue since the late 70’s.
    He has had some recent opportunity to work on it at a national level. The issue stopping Healthyschool lunch in public schools is of course en large BEUROCRACY.
    The program is at a price point that would easily allow it tone administered under current budgets.

    Aside from the horrible obesity, diabetes type II and associated health problems there are Hormones, excessive Antibiotics, Pesticides, Fertilizers etc… Everything from Early Onset Puberty, creation of super-resistant infections the many chemicals have been linked to everything from childhood cancer and onset later in life and there are new studies linking these foods to conditions constantly.

    Obviously the children are our first concern, but another effect of our current system is decimating our environment with alll of these chemicals and this is the environment we live in and will pass on to our children.

    The protocol that is possible at the public school budget involves locally sourcing foods free from all of the chemicals. “Think Globally. Act locally”-

    Unfortunately only a handful of private schools currently have a healthy school lunch program in place.

    Bring in a Chef, keep the kitchen staff and educate them, they will forget U threw their Fryers out in no time. As for the children awesome response to the food, they love it.
    Ithink it’s extremely important to fight for this issue, so I thank U all.

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