Ellen Pompeo & Her Sweet Stella

Ellen Pompeo had her hands full as she headed into Golden Bridge Yoga in Hollywood, California today (July 2). The health-conscious Grey’s Anatomy star and her gorgeous daughter Stella, 9 months, seem to be regulars at the studio’s Mommy & Me yoga class.

Stella’s dad is Ellen’s husband of 2 years, producer Chris Ivery.


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    • Why, because Ellen doesn’t dress her in dresses or idiotic bows or nauseating pink? You know all babies look the same, right? You only think she looks like a boy because you’re so used to seeing so many people who obsess over making sure girl babies are dressed “girly.” It’s so stupid.

    • That’s ridiculous. Babies neither look “like a girl” or “like a boy”, that’s why people often get it wrong unless the baby girls are dressed in pink girly clothes.

  1. I agree with the first comment, if I didn’t know she had a girl I would have thought that was a boy one hundred percent. She looks like her dad just like Sunday Urban does. They look more like boys than girls because they have their dads looks.

  2. i think it’s not important about a baby is ”like a boy or girl”
    the important thing is they are comfortable

  3. oh please even girls that are feminine can more closely resemble their father As Mary McCartney or Melissa Newman for instance both look more like their fathers than their mothers not that that’s a bad thing both their dads are pin ups in their respective branches of the entertainment business though Melissa has the same face complection and hair as her mother and her dad said on at least one ocassion that he couldn’t tell the difference between her and her sisters when they were little because they all had their mothers face and coloring and besides Stella isn’t exactaly an original name in hollywood it’s actually been popular for decades actress Stella Stevens comes to mind

  4. That’s an awesome personalized waffle fleece baby blanket Ellen is carrying for Stella…looks like a L’il Monkeys Personalized Baby Blanket!

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