Tiny Says She Plans To Marry T.I. “Soon”

BET’s Tiny and Toya stars former Xscape singer-songwriter and the fiancée of rapper T.I., Tameka ‘Tiny‘ Cottle, and rapper Lil Wayne‘s ex-wife Antonia ‘Toya‘ Carter. Tiny is mom-to-six while Toya’s only child, daughter Reginae, is now 12.

Tiny took the time to chat with Celebrity Baby Scoop about her upcoming wedding to T.I., her daughter Zonnique‘s girl group OMG Girlz which includes Reginae, and their new reality series that highlights two women “coming out the shadows of our famous loved ones.”

CBS: Tell us about your new reality TV show, Tiny and Toya:

Tiny: “My show Tiny & Toya is about 2 women doing things on our own raising our kids and getting into new business venues – Coming out the shadows of our famous loved ones.”

CBS: Tiny, you’ve been in a relationship with T.I. for 9 years and you have 2 children together. Any plans to get married? What is the secret to your successful relationship?

Tiny: “We do have plans to marry soon! We have a great friendship first, and a lot of respect for one another.”

CBS: You’ve written many songs including TLC’s hit single No Scrubs. Were you close with Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes?

Tiny: Yes I co wrote No Scrubs and me and Lisa Left Eye knew each other when I first got in Xscape. She was interested in working with us as her group but we ending up with Jermaine Dupree of course but I always loved her passion and creativity.”

CBS: Tell us about your children, Zonnique, King and Major.

Tiny: I have 6 kids in all but my daughter Zonnique is 14, she is my sweetest child. She is very talented. She has a singing group called the OMG Girlz along with her 2 best friends she’s been with since birth.

King is 6 now and he is what I call my expensive child. He wants to buy games and toys everyday! He also is hilarious. He has a lot of his dad and me mixed in together. Major is 2 and he seems to be very head strong and he is a mommy’s baby def.”

CBS: What values do you teach your children?

Tiny: I teach my kids to believe in their selves, work hard at whatever it is they wanna be great in and be a leader not a follower. Never be afraid to be different or think outside the box!”

CBS: Any chance there will be an Xscape reunion?

Tiny: I will always love my group Xscape, its where I started from and it’s part of who I am. I believe that Xscape never got our just due if that’s how you say it but was an extraordinary group and wish things could be great for us to make a comeback, but unfortunately it will probably never happen.”

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