Nicole Sullivan: Running The Culver City 5K Run “Felt Amazing!”

Comedienne Nicole Sullivan and her husband Jason Packham – who pushed their sons in a double stroller – recently participated in sporteve’s third annual Culver City 5K Run/Walk. After losing 35 pounds on the Jenny Craig Program, Nicole learned that she has “the power to make my life healthy and fun.” The inspirational mother of two boys – Dash, 3, and Beckett, 10 months – opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her new CBS sitcom $#*! My Dad Says, how her weight loss has changed her life and her goals to participate in a triathlon this fall.

CBS: Congrats on recently completing the Culver City 5K Run! How did that feel?

NS: “It felt amazing! I hadn’t run a mile since high school. I always wanted to be a runner. But I never thought I had it in me. But I’m learning that I can’t let my fears get in my way. I can make my own reality now.”

CBS: Do you have any plans to run any more races/marathons in the future?

NS: “I have signed up for the Malibu triathlon in September with 2 of my girlfriends. I will do the running part of that race. And they will do the swimming and biking. That race is 4 miles. And then I plan on doing a 10K this fall! 6.4 miles! Woohooo!”

CBS: Congrats also on recently losing 35 pounds! How are you keeping the weight off? Do you still eat Jenny Craig food for most of your meals?

NS: “I am on Jenny Craig maintenance right now. I love to cook, so I make almost all my own meals. That’s Jenny’s purpose. They want you to eat the food you like. During the weight loss part of the program, you eat their food so that you can learn proper portion control and nutritional balance without having to actually count calories. But because the Jenny food is so delish (no really… it is!) I usually have 2-4 Jenny meals a week. In fact, I just ate Jenny lasagna for dinner tonight with a big salad. And when my husband gets home from playing basketball later tonight, I will make him his favorite… the rising crust pizza.”

CBS: Tell us about your new sitcom, CBS’s $#*! My Dad Says.

NS: “I’m so thrilled to be working these people. Max Mutchnick and David Kohan who did Will and Grace are running this show. And William Shatner is the lead. And they’re all sooooo good at what they do. I love to be around that kind of talent. It makes me feel giddy. I think our future looks bright. Thursday nights at 8:30 on CBS this fall.”

CBS: What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned since losing the weight? How has this weight loss changed you?

NS: “I think the greatest lesson I’ve learned is that I have the power to make my life healthy and fun! Just because I’m a mom of two doesn’t mean I have to be fat and tired. I was so depressed after the birth of my first son. I couldn’t believe how hard it was to take off the weight!!! So after the 2nd child I knew I needed to do something different. I didn’t want to be the fat, mad mom anymore. The weight loss has changed me because I finally fit into jeans that I like. I don’t dread getting dressed in the morning. I look forward to shopping!

But the way this weight loss has changed my family is amazing. My sons will never remember a day when daddy and mommy didn’t exercise. They will never see a dinner where vegetables or salad aren’t served. It makes me want to cry when my son comes in to our bedroom and says ‘So when are you going for your walk mommy?’ He doesn’t know that I’ve spent the last 20 years NOT walking. Ha!”

CBS: What do you say to women who say they don’t have the time or the money to join a program like Jenny Craig?

NS: “That’s a really great question. The money is one thing. I would first say: Try and figure out how much you spend on your food now. And try and see if you can cut out fancy coffee or all the treats you pick up in a day, and see if you can put that money towards a healthy program like Jenny Craig. The bottom line is eating healthy is always going to appear to be more expensive than crappy fast food. But it’s really not true when you start looking at what you spend eating out, and Jenny is worth every dime. Because you will look and feel so amazing.

Now, the time is another issue. But I am here to tell you that doing Jenny was the easiest food program or diet I have EVER done. It takes no time! You can look at my blogs on I do a day in the life of a Jenny eater and show exactly how easy it is! I am a working mother of 2 with 7 animals and a husband that, well, sometimes counts as a third child. Your Jenny Craig consultant can plan your week with you ahead of time, so you literally have to think about nothing. And I’m here to tell you it works. I would not feel comfortable promoting a food program that wasn’t so perfectly geared towards mommies. If you can find time to walk 4 days a week, you can make this happen. That’s all I did to lose the weight and I took 1-2 pounds off almost every single week!!! It’s the closest thing to magic that I’ve ever known.

CBS: How are your boys? What are they into?

NS: “My boys are great! My oldest son, Dash, is obsessed with the Lakers. He can name the whole starting lineup. He says the funniest things which we write on our twitter account ‘Things Dash Says.’ But he’s 3, so we also have our share of time outs. My youngest, Beckett, is 10 months and is just a love bug. He loves to eat and pet the doggies. Which really means pull their hair. The dogs get extra treats for putting up with it.”

CBS: If you are working on any other projects or with any charities, please feel free to discuss.

NS: “I am currently the voice of the otter on the Penguins of Madagascar animated show on Nickelodeon. Which is super fun. And the charities I work with most are Team 25 which raises money for kids afflicted with Ataxia, a horrible disease. And I am on the mommy board of March of Dimes which works tirelessly to help avoid premature births and sick infants.”

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