Brooke Burke & Sierra Hit The Shops

Brooke Burke shared a laugh with her 8-year-old daughter Sierra Sky yesterday as the very pretty pair were spotted out and about in Brentwood, California (July 6).

The mom-of-four – she also has daughters Neriah, 10, and Heaven, 3, and son Shaya, 2 – recently blogged about a tantrum-filled trip to NYC:

I finished my press tour early one day and thought about sneaking off to the spa, but instead I rushed back to my hotel to surprise the kids by taking them to the zoo on my free day. Shaya fought me the entire trip. It was so bad that he did not get to see any of the animals except the penguin exhibit. Probably because that was the air conditioned potion of the zoo. He kicked and screamed so much that I had to sit outside with him and let him wear himself out. I am partially to blame, because I didn’t check to see if his ba ba (pacifier) was in the baby bag before I left, and he NEEDS it when he goes to sleep. So he totally wigged out, in front of the entire ZOO. Even the animals were paying attention.”

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