Angelina Jolie: “I Think Shiloh Is Fascinating”

Mom-of-six Angelina Jolie admits that she is fascinated by her 4-year-old daughter Shiloh, who she recently revealed “wants to be a boy.”

“I think she [Shiloh] is fascinating, the choices she is making,” Angelina says of tomboy Shiloh, who is often seen out and about in suspenders and suit jackets. “And I would never be the kind of parent to force somebody to be something they are not. I think that is just bad parenting…. Children should be allowed to express themselves in whatever way they wish without anybody judging them because it is an important part of their growth.”

Angie adds that the fact that Shiloh’s unique sense of style – she dresses “like a little dude,” says mom – has been a such a hot topic shows how flawed our society is.

“Society always has something to learn when it comes to the way we judge each other, label each other. We have far to go.”

Do you agree with Angelina?


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  1. for the first time in long time I AGREE WITH ANGELINA. God it happens with boys AND girls. Shiloh wants to be a boy, dress like a boy. And why shouldn’t she? Our society is absolutely ridiculous to think they can dictate who should do what and wear what. My favorite celebrity kid is Rene-Charles, because of his gorgeous long hair! Does that make him any less a boy? NO!!!!!!!!! Same for Shiloh. If she wants to be a boy, she can be a boy! If she wants to be a girl, be a girl! If she wants to be a mixture, be a mixture! Everyone needs to RELAX about this gender bender stuff.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. It’s *is* interesting watching this little girl becoming her own person (just as interesting as watching how girly Zahara seems to be). Thank goodness they let their kids express themselves!!

    To those who thinks “she looks too much like a boy” or “she must be spoiled” or “how could they let her dress/act like this”….. what is it about their decision to let her be that makes you so angry???

  3. @Mandie Rene-Charles never said he wanted to be a girl. He was just a boy with long hair.

    Being a tomboy & wanting to be a boy are two different things. I work with children who have gender issues & will most likely transgender into the gender they feel they should be. If this is what Shiloh wants, then it’s great that her parents support her. But if this is just a ploy that they are using for their own popularity, to gain press for their various “charities” or political machism, then it is very sad. Working with parents of kids who feel they are the opposite gender, I know that it isn’t easy for anyone…the kid, the parents, etc. There is a lot of stigma involved. For these kids, they have a hard time relaxing, it goes beyond just wearing boy’s or girl’s clothes.

    • I agree to let her be herself. The other thing that crossed my mind was most transgender people will tell you that they knew around age 3 that they were born in the wrong body. I’m not saying this is the case here, but if it is, then it is good that they allow her to be herself and dress like she wants to. It will cause less psychological trauma later in life.
      Maybe she just enjoys the comfort of the clothes to allow her to play freely instead of being boggled down by clumsy pretty dresses, etc. Whatever the case, it is none of our business. Kudos to Angelina and Brad for not forcing their daughter into girlie clothing if she doesn’t want it.

  4. I wonder, with CHILDREN having all this…freedom to express themselves..where are the boundaries? When is too much, too much? It’s one thing to express yourself, but it’s another to thing to not know who you are in the first place. Not saying Shiloh doesn’t know she’s a girl, I guess, I’m saying why not nuture her being a girl just as they nuture her pretending to be a boy? I guess I’m just old fashioned, I don’t think CHILDREN should be making decisions, I thought that was the parent’s job. I also wonder if this is something that will continue into the pre-teen/teen years…will it be okay for them to express themselves when one decides she’s ready to wear make-up or high heels or even short shorts…? I’m just wondering because no child of mine will have that much expression before their time. Everything in due time…because they have their whole lives to experience things (good/bad) however, laying SOME boundaries doesn’t hurt.

    • I agree completely! Parents are parents and the child is the child. The parent is responsible for teaching this growing human being about themselves and their environment.

    • I don’t think children should be making decisions about major things. But I think children should be allowed to have as many choices as possible when it comes to smaller things. For example: If it’s the dead of winter then the kids have to wear weather-appropriate clothes, no flimsy dresses or shorts in January, that kind of thing. But I don’t see any harm that can come from letting them decide what they wear within those boundaries. I also let my kids pick which fruit or vegetable they want to eat (the decision about whether to eat fruit/vegetable to begin with is not up to them), what color of cup they want to drink out of, etc. It’s important for kids to get to feel like they have some degree of control over their own lives. Plus, they need to have a chance to learn how to make small choices and then gradually move up to bigger and bigger choices as they get bigger. Otherwise they will arrive at adulthood and have no idea how to make decisions and life will overwhelm them.

      • Yes, exactly, Grace! My mother didn’t allow my brother or me to have any choices at all as children. She actually chose what I would wear on a daily basis until I was 13, and even after that, she had to approve what I purchased to wear. Because all our decisions were made for us, my brother and I have struggled to make decisions as adults. We also have a hard time stepping up the plate and doing simple things on our own (like making a phone call to a stranger).

        Children should be allowed to make choices that are “safe.” Do I let my daughter wear clothing that’s out of season just because she wants to? No. But I let her choose what she wants to wear that is in season. Do I let her eat whatever she wants all day long? No, but I do let her choose what flavor of yogurt she wants, or if she wants a banana or blueberries for snack. These are harmless, but important decisions.

      • I agree with you on that..but I was saying nuture both sides..she may have a choice in what she wants to wear, but FOR ME, it wouldn’t be all the time. There maybe days when I need my little girl to wear a dress and because I’ve allowed her to have the “freedom” to wear what she wants, she decides she isn’t going along with it. Children should have choices, no doubt about that! Shiloh is a cutie, actually all of the kids are adorable! I mean I wouldn’t be able to leave them they’re so cute! But again, whatever works for Angie and Brad…

    • “but it’s another to thing to not know who you are in the first place.”
      What do you mean by this? (Who are we to decide she is not being herself?)
      “why not nuture her being a girl just as they nuture her pretending to be a boy”?
      (Why does she have to fit into society’s version of what a girl is suppose to be?)
      “I don’t think CHILDREN should be making decisions”(I agree.Parents should decide when there kids should go to bed or whether or not they should get vaccinations.I am not sure why parents get to force kids to wear clothes they may not be comfortable in(within reason) or play with toys they do not like.)
      “will it be okay for them to express themselves when one decides she’s ready to wear make-up or high heels or even short shorts…?” (Again within reason I am not sure why a parent would have a problem with that?)

      I just really don’t get the issue here.Shiloh is not out expressing herself with tattoos,piercings,and mini-skirts.She is simply wearing more”boyish” clothing.Is that really hurting anyone?

      • This is just my opinion…it’s not set in Gold. As you have your opinion, I have mine. These are not my children, so how Angie and Brad raise them is on them. I stated how I would raise mine. No, it’s not hurting anyone…but this is the topic of discussion at this time, which is why I commented. Again, this “form of expression” is cool for you and Angie and that’s okay, whatever works for you and your kids. However, it doesn’t change my opinion and I wasn’t trying to change anyone elses. If Shiloh wants to dress like a boy, let her dress like a boy, but I would remind her that she is just as gorgeous when she’s dressing as a little girl. There is no issue, with me… these are not my kids and I’m sure Angie and Brad love her regardless, as parents should do their children..

    • So you don’t think it’s okay to give your children choices? To let them decide whether to wear the pink shirt or the blue one? Whether they wear their hair in a ponytail or not? Whether to eat carrots or peas? Whether to watch Blue Clues or Sesame Street?

      We’re not talking about lifelong decisions, we’re not talking about allowing a four-year old to make decisions that could be dangerous. We’re not even talking about boundaries.

      What’s the harm in saying “You WILL get dressed, what you wear is up to you” or “You must brush your hair, but you don’t have to wear pigtails”. These are superficial decisions to say the least.

  5. I totally agree with Angelina. She is being a responsible parent by allowing her children to make their own decisions about the way they want to dress. How a child chooses to dress is just not that important. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Childhood is too short for a child to be unhappy about something like this.

    To Anon who works with transgender children . . . perhaps the children you work with are unhappy and confused because their parents are unhappy and confused. Why can’t these parents just accept that their children know that they were “born in the wrong body” and let the child do what they want to do? Why are these parents embarrassed or upset? I’m no expert but I feel if the parents accept the child as he/she is then the child will feel happy and loved and that will help in facing the rest of the world.

    • I totally agree. If this child happens to be transgendered (which I have no idea if she is or not), not forcing her to be girlie when she would rather be a tombody will save her a lot of psychological problems later in life, if that is the case, when she feels like an outcast. My friend is transgendered, had reassignment surgery later in life, and is now a woman, finally, after years and years of trying to pretend to be a man and got almost to the point of suicide. She is now happy being what she always felt she was on the inside — a woman. It certainly isn’t as bad as these parents who put their children in adult clothing and in competitions far beyond their age!! At least they are letting her be the way she wants to be. Forcing her into a dress will not change what she feels on the inside if, in fact, she is transgendered. Clothing will not change that, nor will any amount of talking to. People are born transgendered or homosexual (and there is definitely a difference and not necessarily any connection) and all the preaching and praying will not change that on the inside of the person. The longer people cover up or hide what they really are, the more psychological damage is done to the person. But all this talk is crazy — perhaps she just wants to be more comfortable. Let her alone.

  6. That poor lil thing is a product of bad parenting and narcissism. I don’t want to judge another parent but clearly this little gal is becoming what her mother wants her to become- controversial. There is something wrong with Jolie, unless Shiloh is trans gender (in that case she should be allowed to choose her sex) Jolie is projecting her attention seeking antics on this poor child and using the child for attention.

    When she was a few days old, this gal was dressed in boys clothes. Did she choose them? Shi realizes that the only way she can get love from her mother is if she takes on this ‘I want to be a boy persona’. It happens to kids, they crave for love and attention and once they find a way of getting it, they will stick to that just to please their parent and not because they are naturally like that. Especially kids from big families where attention is stretched thin.

    I very much doubt that this child originally wanted to be a boy. But as she grew and saw that Jolie favored boys especially Maddox, she decided to morph into one to get some love from her mother. It happens. Unfortunately, it may damage her forever. The poor sweet munchkin.

    • Oh my gosh, this is hilarious. You start off saying “I don’t want to judge another parent,” and then you follow with three paragraphs of some of the most judgmental and presumptuous statements that I’ve read on this board. Thanks for the good laugh 🙂

    • You honestly believe they would force their daughter to dress like a boy for attention? No matter how famous they are or how much you dislike them, they are just parents like anyone else that love their kids! And I don’t think would ever consider using their own kids as leverage for more attention. If you see pictures from when Shiloh was younger she was dressed in girl clothing but obviously that’s not what she wanted as she got older and I don’t think that had anything to do with attention. I wanted to be a boy when I was little too, and I didn’t come from a big family. It’s just a phase I went through and eventually got over. They’re doing the right thing by letting Shiloh but who or what she wants to be instead of making her to be a girly-girl.

    • Have you forgotten those pictures of Shiloh with long hair AND girl clothes for much of the first 2.5 years of her life? Look through the archives; there are more than 1 photos of Shiloh in dresses and Mary Jane shoes. And how come Zahara isn’t dressed as a boy since, as you say, Angie is biased towards her sons and Z would undoubtedly feel as left out as Shiloh?

    • HOLY cow! you said what i was thinking!
      ANgelina Jolie dressed this baby as a boy since she was an infant. GOOGLE it people. you will see pictures of this tiny newborn dressed in boys clothes, always. Angelina jolie is sick person.

    • hmmm…when has it become “controversial” for little girls to wear pants? Just because the three year old or four year old child has a preference for boy type clothes should not open her up to such bizarre judgement on her parents or her sense of style. As for being a baby dressed in boy clothes within days of her birth, I guess there must be frilly and lacey onesies on the market. Strange that my sister-in-law only bought the same type of plain cotton onesies that I dressed my boys in….yes, I am being sarcastic.

      come on folks…it’s just a little girl who likes to wear comfortable clothes. To each their own.

  7. I agree with Angelina, wholeheartedly. Everyone parents differently, if you don’t think children should be allowed autonomy, then don’t parent that way, it’s your choice. I won’t judge you for being strict, nor should you judge a permissive parent for allowing their child to choose their own clothing (oh no! How will they ever learn boundaries???)

  8. Whoa, Anon1. You’re making A LOT of assumptions.

    I wonder if the pressure would be off if she wasn’t such a cute kid. It seems the people who can’t tolerate Shiloh’s choice feel that she needs to fulfill some sort of stereotype because of her looks.

    She’s so young. This could all turn around in no time. — Or maybe not.

  9. I love this family!! But.. if Shiloh was my child.. she would be more socialized with girls play. I would let my child dress any way they choose, but with limits. I am the parent, the child is the child. Children need guidance and consistency when growing up. Some girls are never into “girly” things as a child, but I do think that socializing with girls only at times is very important.

    • Shiloh has a sister who seems to be on the girly side.Yet she still is a tomboy.I don’t think her socializing with girls or “girl” things is the problem.I actually don’t think there is a problem.Shiloh likes “boy” clothes and likes to do “boy” things.Who cares?

  10. You’re unhinged. You need to get a grip. You act like Angelina Jolie has done something personally inappropriate to you. She hasn’t. Her life doesn’t effect you and you’re taking things far too personally. Please, seriously, seek help.

  11. I have a friend who let her son express himself creatively for about a year, when he was about four. He wanted to be called Sara, and he loved to wear tights and leotards. His mom assumed that this meant that he was gay, which she had no problem with. A couple of months later, he stopped wearing tights and leotards and never asked to be called Sara again. He is now seven, obsessed with baseball and soccer and acts in stereotypical boyish ways. I truly think that when we make more of a deal out of something than is necessary we could actually make things turn out differently than they might have if we just let things happen. Shiloh may always choose to dress and act in stereotypical boyish ways, or she may outgrow it to some extent, but who cares? We all go around once on this planet and we have the right to be comfortable being who we are inside, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.

  12. It called picking your battles. Dressing in boys clothes isn’t really a big deal. I can remember when my grandmother thought it was terrible that I and my girl cousins started being allowed to wear pants to school and they quit offering Home Economics. I am old enough to remember when we couldn’t. : ) She was certain we girls were all going to be transgender, not know our proper “roles in life, never have children, yada yada yada. Didn’t happen though. I just imagine Shiloh will be fine.

  13. Amen! I would much rather see my daughters in baggy shorts and huge t-shirts than wearing these tight, low cut tops and ass-displaying mini-skirts you see 5 years olds running around in now! *shudder*

    I completely agree with Angelina. There is nothing wrong with letting a child be who they want to be, and express themselves, as long as they’re not doing anything dangerous or unhealthy. And I’m sorry, but does it really look Shiloh is being forced to do anything? She is one of the happiest looking Hollywood kids I’ve seen. She seems like she is always having a blast, and I highly doubt that’s what we would be seeing if she were leaving the house every day in clothing that she didn’t like.

  14. I was like Shiloh for sure. Once in my life, i was her. Except the part that my parents are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt! Until my high school i was tomboy. I want to be a boy. My mom is a tomboy one. She is a police. And so my dad. And my 3 older brother. I don;t have any girly figure in my family. And guess what? I still go to the prom with gown and i learn to wear skirt and some ruflle blouse now because of my work. And I NEVER feel so depressed by my society, By the age, Shiloh will understand. Her role in society. Her role at the family. Her right for herself. She could be ended as a man, or become a lady. And It’s not even your bussiness. Mind your own child. Your own family. Shiloh, is one of the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen.

    • and i even hate my name back then. amanda. i never want to called amy or mandy. i want to be called as andy. you could believe me or not, i don’t care. but i always be amy, inside, whatever people called me….

  15. I remember going through a tomboy phase in middle school. I cut my hair short (just like the picture above of Shiloh), wore boys’ clothes, etc. It was just a phase I went through. My parents let me do it and didn’t make a big deal out of it, because it wasn’t. I knew I was a girl, I liked girly things, but I also had a tomboy-ish side to me as well. And you know what? I grew out of that phase, and now I work at a Make-Up boutique and love fashion.
    Angelina seems (and I say SEEMS, because none of us know what she truly is like. We do not know this woman. So those of you judging her and saying she is a “monster,” I find that ridiculous, because when was the last time you hung out with her?) like a great mother. She’s not worried about where this may take Shiloh, because as long as she’s happy with herself and with her life, that’s what counts. She could grow out of it, and she may not, but if she’s comfortable with herself, then who’s to force what a girl “should” wear?
    My daughter is two, and while she loves girl toys, she also plays with tools and loves cars. I don’t force her to play with dolls and her kitchen unless she wants to.

  16. I am transgender female to Male… I can tell you my mom dressed me in pretty little dresses most of my life and I hated it. I fought against. My mom was always reminding me I was a girl. When I was 5 I cry so hard because she made me wear a dress to my bday party I threw –up and got really sick missed the whole party. When I was 7 she stop letting me hang out with my male friends and put me in a dance class with all girl I sit in the corner every week and cried for almost 5 months. She painted my room pink, threw away all my boys toys, and I still rejected it. She won’t let me play sport, she brought me makeup and everything girly …later she said she was trying to train me to be a proper girl but I rejected it all the way. I hated my childhood, I never got anything I wanted and I always felt like I was awkward in the clothes and shoe and in my body. I knew I was different from the start and I hated myself for not being like all the other girls and not being the daughter my mom wanted. When I was 16 I try to kill myself, I have permanent nerve damage from it… I have seen so many specialist and doctors, pastors, went to a special camp, she had me hospitalize and when all else felled and it did… she kicked me out her home. 15 years later and I made the transition, I put my myself through college and I am happier then I have ever been in my life. I wish at some point in my childhood my mom would have listen to me, I wish she would have supported me, show understanding, tolerance , acceptance, mercy, anything like that . It would have made a world of different. I knew who I was since I could remember, I been prayed over, institutionalize and everything else and I am still who I am. I don’t know what Shiloh going to be when she grows up, but I am really happy her parents are supporting her chooses because it’s going to make dealing with the rest of the world crap a whole lot bearable in the future and give her the courage to always be herself no matter what that is. That’s what really important that our children grow up happy, and healthy, and loved, and supported … right

    • People just don’t seem to understand that you are who you are and all the therapy, counseling, praying, etc. is not going to change what you are on the inside. So many people try to live their lives as who they “should be” but are “not” and it causes much psychological damage to the person. It may just be a phase — or — it may not. But letting her be herself and accepting her as she is, is the best thing any parent could do. People think if you make girls play with dolls and boys with trucks that you can teach them how to be what they “should” be. They just don’t understand. Your story sounds so much like my transgendered friend who lived so unhappy for many years until she got sexual reassignment. She is a wonderful person and finally happy now as a woman.

  17. i think it’s pretty obvious she’s gonna let these kids run completely wild as teens if she’s already doing this kind of stuff.

    it seems to me she thinks her own insane past and troubled youth was good for her and led to her “development” or whatever and therefore she won’t prevent her own kids from going crazy and experimenting themselves. it think that’s very wrong and imo, a CHILD that young should have no input whatsoever when it comes to stuff like this. personalities don’t develop until the teen years for kids, it’s a lot better to keep them under control until they’re that age, and instill some sense of morality and lessons as underpinnings they can fall back on.

    god, why does she insist on acting as if she’s the be all end all of good parenting? she’s such a pretentious woman with a god-complex. that’s why i don’t like her. i don’t care about the so-called adultery, it’s her attitude and self-righteousness that’s annoying to me.

    • A child’s personality is fully developed by the age of 2. I’m not sure where you got this teenage crap. Shiloh is who she is and there’s nothing her parents can do to change her. If they try, they’ll just alienate her and she won’t want to have anything to do with them when she becomes an adult. I’m quite sure they do not relish that scenario, so they are allowing her to be who she is. All parents should do the same with their own children.

      As for Angelina thinking she’s the be all and end all of good parenting, where are you getting that impression? She was asked a question by the interviewer and she answered. Would you rather she lied? Would you rather she refused to do interviews and thus destroy her career? Would you rather she live on off the government instead of doing what is required of her profession? Seriously, I feel sorry for Angelina Jolie because no matter what she does she can’t please people like you. You’ll drag her through the mud no matter what she says. Here’s a word of advice: Stop worrying so much about a person you do not know and will never know. Spend more time concerning yourself with your own life. You’ll be a happier person.

      • You are right, personality is formed from 0-2 and continues to be shaped as the child ages. I can’t believe the person posting thought that personality didn’t develop until they were teens!! What are the kids before that? Blobs??
        I am not impressed by Angelina’s star quality (nor do I care), just that she wants to be a good parent. What she has done in her past is irrelevant. As far some of the post saying she wanted to bring media attention, believe me, she doesn’t have to do anything. They are on her like blood hounds. The last thing she needs is more media attention!!

  18. The blonde-blue eyed child wanted to chop her hair off and dress as a boy and people are freakin out…get a life!! Angelina is absolutely right, she should know her father seems like a controll freak. Like she said, you have got to listen to your kids and stop telling them that they are always wrong. Parents could learn a thing or two from their kids. Parenting is a two-way street. As you can tell, Angelina thinks the world of her mom and her Dad well….I think Voight has shown us with time who the crazy one really is and it sure aint his daughter because she seems to have a very good head on her shoulders while he is the one writing crazy letters to the president. Imagine what he was like as a parent especially to one who seemed very independent.

  19. Chastity Bono was always dressed as a girly girl like the poster above that is trans-gender. Best wishes in your life and I am happy you have overcome your mother’s parenting (to a good degree) All the best for the rest of your life.

  20. LEAVE HER ALONE. I totally agree my Children pick most of there clothes my daughter (although not always a tom boy)but who is also 4years VERY TALKATIVE TOO Loves to wear her 13 year old brothers T-Shirts I see no harm in that, her best friend is a boy so she associates with boys but she also likes Girly things too many a times she tries to run out with her disney princess costumes on. If you press a certain style onto children they will rebel, so letting them make some choices on there own is quite normal, I applaud parents that are diversified and not so politically correct when it comes to raising ONES OWN CHILD they have every right to parent as they see fit and our opinions shouldn’t matter to a true parent, you go little Shiloh defy the norm.

  21. LEAVE HER ALONE. I totally agree my Children pick most of there clothes my daughter (although not always a tom boy)but who is also 4years VERY TALKATIVE TOO Loves to wear her 13 year old brothers T-Shirts I see no harm in that, her best friend is a boy so she associates with boys but she also likes Girly things too many a times she tries to run out with her disney princess costumes on. If you press a certain style onto children they will rebel, so letting them make some choices on there own is quite normal, I applaud parents that are diversified and not so politically correct when it comes to raising ONES OWN CHILD they have every right to parent as they see fit and our opinions shouldn’t matter to a true parent, you go little Shiloh defy the norm

  22. Whether Shiloh is transgender or not, it’s none of our business. It can be phase or it could really be who she is. Allowing a child to dress that way isn’t going to turn them gay or anything. She can always choose to wear girl clothes if she wants. If Shiloh comes out as trans ten years from now, then ok. Either way, it’s not hurting anyone.

  23. I think it’s great that Jolie is allowing her children to express themselves. And good luck to Shiloh, whether zie turns out to be trans, gay, or just a tomboy. The world needs more parents who are accepting of their children’s preferences.

  24. You only have to google “Shiloh 2 1/2 YEARS” and you will see that Angelina was already dressing her in boys clothes at that age, pushing this whole thing so that she can act like such an enlightened mother over the rest of all mothers over the world! It’s so transparent!!!

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