Report: Mel Gibson Claims Oksana Grigorieva Attempted Extortion

The extremely messy split between Oksana Griogrieva and Braveheart actor Mel Gibson has become even more sordid. TMZ is reporting that Gibson believes Grigorieva leaked the series of tapes, after attempting to extort upward of $10 Million from him for her silence.

Gibson is reportedly meeting with the LA Sheriff’s Department in hopes of launching a criminal investigation against Grigorieva.

Grigorieva also claims to have photo evidence that Gibson struck the ex-couples’ daughter Lucia during the January altercation, and RadarOnline is reporting that Child Services is set to meet with Gibson next week. At this point he is still allowed to see his daughter as per the original custody agreement.

An interesting twist in the situation comes in from Gibson’s ex-wife, with whom he spent 28-years, and has 7 children with, Robyn.

Robyn has come forward and provided a “sworn declaration” on behalf of Gibson, saying, “Mel never engaged in any physical abuse of any kind toward me before, during or after our marriage. Mel was a wonderful and loving father.”

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  1. Whatever she might have done it doesn’t excuse his behaviour. If he really hit her and struck his daughter then he should be in jail.
    And I have a feeling that his first wife isn’t the nicest lady around. Spending 28 years with such a racist and misogynist (even if he never hit her) doesn’t quite shed the best light on her.

    • I’m really tired of this nonsense. What a joke. They BOTH should go to jail.
      Gibson should get a assault charge and Gregorieva should be indicted for extortion. End of story.

      It’s obvious she’s nutty as a sh*t-house cat. Mel should do a little prison time and she should be deported as a felon and get nothing. Not a cent. The kid should be handed over to a foster family. Very simple resolution.

  2. I don’t feel sorry for him at all…what a dupe. He has a perfectly nice family (they’ve tolerated him all these years) – then this bimbo comes along and bats her eyes, pays him a little attn and assures him that she “really” loves him and doesn’t understand why his wife doesn’t appreciate him and ,oops, an unplanned pregancy. So….taped, private conversations leaked (and maybe even altered), an extortion attempt and attempts to deprive an innocent baby from bonding with her father (is she destined to be totally screwed up, also?). Wow – I couldn’t have predicted this.

    • I agree with you completely! Seems that she has a habit of finding famous men (Timothy Dalton) and “accidentally” getting pregnant. I do not condone or agree with a man hitting a woman however, we do not REALLY know this happened the way she is describing and why does everyone believe her? I personally think she has had an ulterior motive all along.

  3. Reading the comments here, apparently as long as you’re famous everything is excused. One can be the most vile, violent and overall horrible human being, but hey, he’s a famous actor, so his actions aren’t his fault. Blame the people around him.
    How utterly disgusting!

  4. I do not condone any of Mel Gibson’s remarks. However in this country we are to presume someone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Unfortunately others want to condemn him in the media and in the court of public oppinion. I think it is reprensible for these tapes to be played. These were private conversations that should be between them, their lawyer and the judge. We are to hate the sin, not the sinner. Mel needs help, but this woman is not the innocent victim she claims to be. She has a history of accidently getting pregnant….come on she’s not a teenager, she’s over 40 and it looks for all intents and purposes that she IS LOOKING FOR HER NEXT MEAL TICKET. MEL needs help, but as far as the physical abuse, let the courts handle it. There is alot no one knows about.

  5. The alleged abuse took place in January and 6 months later this woman is crying to police. I don’t think being famous…especially after Mel’s last official meltdown with the police should have stopped her from reporting it. Give me a friggin break, she is definitely controlling the situation. The tapes do sound like they were pieced together edited, and neatly wrapped with her telling him what she thinks of him. Who knows what she really said? She could have dubbed her comments in after the fact. She may have tons of Mel audio from all of his theatrical releases and conversations…my question is did she talk to Linda Tripp, and save the blue dress he came on too…???? At the very least this is a wringer…Wise up Mel change your phone number and if she were so damn abused she would have changed her number and relocated. It’s a shame to take all of his money out of her wallet. Russia is calling sweetie!!!

  6. What a tragic and disgusting woman. No matter what he said or did, it has nothing to do with the rest of the world. And no matter what SHE has said or done, it has nothing to do with the world. This woman apperently does anything to get attention. And Shiri.. oh phhleasee, get a life.
    1. The comment about his first wife is ridiculous.
    2. “Whatever she might have done it doesn’t excuse his behaviour. “, and whatever he might have done it doesn’t excuse HER behaviour.

  7. . She obviously had bad intentions. You don’t get involved with a married man with good intentions. She is bragging about being with Mel for 3 years while he was married to Robyn, what does that say about her character. Mel Gibson was her prey. She knew exactly what she was doing start to finish. As for Mel,he was a tool. After realizing what a fool he was for leaving his wife and children for a pocket predator he was to emotionally unstable to react responsibly. So he lost it and damaged his career yelling out vulgar racial slurs amongst other things. It was very stupid of him and now he is looked at like a racist and a woman abuser. Mel you reap what you sew, You made you r bed I hope your comfortable.

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