Michael Douglas Gushes About Wife Catherine Zeta-Jones

Wall Street star Michael Douglas and wife Catherine Zeta-Jones will celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary in November. The 65-year-old said of the milestone, “It isn’t bad for ‘the couple who were never going to last’, right?”

Like many celebrity couples, Douglas and Zeta-Jones, who are parents to two children together, Dylan, 9, and Carys, 7, met on the set of a film. Douglas, who is exactly 25-years Zeta-Jones’ senior, said of their meeting,

She was a tremendous surprise. I was getting along quite well as a single guy and then I got struck down. I was bowled over by Catherine.”

Douglas has one son from his 23-year marriage to ex-wife Diandra Lurker, Cameron, who is currently serving time in jail for possession and dealing of drugs. Douglas has taken responsibility for his part in his sons downfall, saying, “I’ve taken blame about being a bad father – if being a bad father is working your butt off trying to create a career at one time. When I had Cameron I was early in my career and as opposed to most jobs, making movies takes you all around the world, so you were absentee in that sense.”

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  1. He always gushes about her. I was at a conference on development awhile back and all he did was talk about his movies, his father and his wife. He hardly talked about his connection with the UN. I still have no idea why he was there although I now have a firm grasp of every award he’s ever won…

  2. Yeah he doesn’t seem very sorry about being an absentee father. Doesn’t even sound like he regrets it. Sounds like he is trying to excuse himself.

    • Yes, that’s what I thought too. “Yeah, I had to build a career (implied: for my son) and that’s why I couldn’t be there very often, but I did for my son so how can you call me a bad father?”, that’s what it sounds like.

  3. Why bother having rehab centres for the drug abuser when it should be
    for the enablers and family members instead.. since they are the ones
    that blame themselves for the drug /criminal …Why not have one for
    enablers help them understand that the drug abuser is the one that has
    to decide to go to rehab family members only make it worse by making
    excuses.. Because he was an absentee father doesn’t mean anything..
    There are a lot of fathers that are absentee from their families that
    their household is just fine..

  4. I remember the pictures of her smoking while she was hugely pregnant – I’m sure she still smokes.

    He’s like any other celebrity father who has a second family with the old “this time it will be different” routine. I get so tired of hearing that.

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