Reese Witherspoon & Ava: Lookalike Lovely

Academy Award-winning actress Reese Witherspoon headed to the UCLA Wilshire Center in Beverly Hills hand in hand with her 10 1/2-year-old daughter Ava on Thursday (July 22). Every time we see Ava, she looks more and more like her gorgeous mama!

Reese and her ex-husband Ryan Phillippe are also parents to 6 1/2-year-old son Deacon.

Reese is currently filming Water for Elephants where she plays the love interest of a veterinary student, played by super-hunk Robert Pattinson.

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  1. there is something about Ava’s face that reminds me of Sebastian in Cruel Intentions in the picture where her glasses are on the tip of her nose. I think she has his eyes and mouth.

    • BINGO! That’s almost exactly what I was going to say. But I think she she has her father’s mouth and chin. She also often has his body language. Ava is very much a combination of both of her rather good looking parents. Lucky girl.

    • I’ve seen a photo of Reese at about this same age wearing the exact same glasses as Ava has here. And soon enough Ava will start dressing for fashion. Luckily she’s enjoying her childhood and dressing as she pleases.

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