Tom Cruise Encourages Suri’s Fashion “Creativity”

From flamenco dresses to designer handbags to those infamous heels, 4-year-old Suri Cruise certainly seems to have a flair for fashion. Dad Tom Cruise says he has no intention of standing in Suri’s way when it comes to her sense of style.

“In Spain, they wear the (high-heeled) flamenco dance shoes form birth,” the Knight & Day star tells Britain’s GMTV. “Listen, I believe that she (should wear) whatever she wants to wear. She dresses herself. I want to encourage her creativity and her own self-expression. I think that’s important for the child’s own identity. ”

Tom adds that he’s been through it all before with Isabella, 17, and Connor, 15, his kids from his previous marriage to actress Nicole Kidman.

“It’s something that I have had to do with Bella and Connor and now Suri. It is what it is and they’re just going to create what they’re going to create. I just try to give them as much safety and as much room to find their dreams and to express themselves. I’m like, if they wanna wear it, they’re gonna wear what they wanna wear.”

What do you think? Would you let your kids wear whatever they want to wear?

What do you think?

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  1. Yes. BUT, high heels are not good for anyone’s feet, let alone a developing child. So, I would draw the line there.

  2. yet another excuse to cover up the fact that she gets whatever she wants and is never told no and that she’s the one who makes the choices in that house. terrible parenting.

    • You morons applaud Brad and Angelina for indulging and encouraging their daughter to dress like a boy, yet you criticize this couple for letting their child be uber feminine. Such hypocrites.

  3. Cruise is an idiot. We’re not talking about allowing a child to wear mismatched or creative clothing here. The issues with Suri are much different. High heels are both dangerous and bad for her legs. She wears summer clothing in the dead of the winter without a coat AND as of a couple of months ago, she was still drinking a bottle which is absolutely a health issue according to the AMA.

    Cruise needs to try educating himself about parenting. He may have raised 2 other children, but that doesn’t make him a competent parent. Children need limits and they need to be kept safe and healthy. Cruise and Holmes are neither keeping Suri safe nor healthy and that’s just what we can see in photos. Imagine what they do behind closed doors!!

  4. Charley—- Amen, I agree with your comment 110%… I allow my kids to be creative without wearing inappropriate clothes. High heels are a not good for a growing child’s’ feet. Also, bedroom slippers are not meant to be worn outside that is why they are called HOUSE SHOES… they do not have proper soles for streets and will not be able to protect your feet (REASON WE WEAR SHOES)….. Your children can be creative in other ways drawing, singing, dancing, making crafts etc…. A child under age of 5 has NO business making clothing decisions on their own. When my kids were small I would give them a choice of 2 or 3 outfits appropriate for days activities and then let them decide same with meals… too many choices overwhelms small children….. 🙂

  5. I let my Daughter choose her clothing within the confines of three rules: weather appropriate, age appropriate, and occasion appropriate. The rest is up to her.

  6. Luckily it isn’t YOUR child. Does anyone really care what the *rules* are in any celebrity household? He’s following the same parenting plan he had for his first two children, and they seem to have turned out okay. The only difference is that they weren’t photographed every 10 seconds, so no one had any idea what they were doing or what they were wearing.

    Give them a break. The child isn’t doing anything that’s unsafe in the long term.

  7. You guys praise angelina and brad for letting their kids be “creative” but you bash tom cruise for the same things you people need to get it together
    You don’t if she runs their house have you been in there with them just bcasue you see some pictures you can completly judge someone?

  8. Some of you are acting like Suri is going out in stilettos every day. Give them a break! Wearing a pari of 1 inch dance shoes every once in a while isn’t going to hurt her. She doesn’t even wear them that much anymore. She went through a phase last year where she wore them a lot, but I’ve only seen her wear them once or twice in the past 6 months. Well said Janna. I completely agree.

  9. It’s kinda mm… funny (ironically talking) to see that after Nicole had Sunday and Tom had Suri we never heard nothing about Isabella and Connor anymore, and it’s rare to see photos of one of them with Tom or Nicole. I know they’re older now but anyway, it’s weird.

    • The older kids aren’t photographed as much as Suri, but I do see photos of them. There have been several photos of Bella with Katie over the past couple of weeks. I believe this site posted some, but most media outlets are only interested in the little kids.

  10. look, i’d let my daughter wear a tea cosy if she wanted to ( actually, she DID wear a tea cosy yesterday… as a hat… combined with a batman suit and wellington boots…) BUT lipstick? high heels? summer dresses in winter? sandals in slush and snow??

    without wanting to get too dr phil… they need to ask themselves “how’s it working for me?” Is Suri a confident, playful and creative child? OR is she an insecure mess glued to her mothers hip, peeking out at the world from behind her hair, sucking on bottles and hiding in a fluffy blanket?? hmmmmm. very interesting.

  11. Suri, the alien kid is spoiled rotten. Most young girls like to show their independence and choose their clothes and it’s good to let them explore this development. However, going out to shop or to a Broadway show in PJ’s and slippers is wrong. It’s not appropriate and all kids need to learn age and location dress appropriate. Also, going out to shop or get ice cream which seems this kid does daily, going barefoot is nasty and unsafe.

  12. Why do we care about how Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are raising their daughter? Their reality is different from ours. The kid is living the life of a spoiled millionaire, she can do whatever she wants. She got money and power.
    We have to think about the best thing that comes with so much money. The best drugs. Remember Drew Barrymore, she was a druggie at 11 years old.

  13. No, they don’t!
    i’m spanish and it’s not true. Flamenco it’s a tradicional spanish dance but kids only wear flamenco shoes at flamenco courses, and special events like “Feria de Abril”.

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