Liev Schreiber And Angelina Jolie’s Kids Are Playdate Pals

Liev Schreiber
says his children had playdates with Angelina Jolie’s kids while on the set of their movie Salt.

The actor’s two children with Naomi Watts, 3-year-old Alexander and 19-month-old Samuel, had fun frolicking around with Angelina’s six kids out on the studio lot.

He said, “There were playdates which were amazingly fun! We were playing shoot ups inside the studio, and [our kids] were having squirt gun fights out in the lot.”

Schreiber said that as a result, he and Angelina bonded.

I think we’re both in that place with our kids where they’re really amazing, right around three-years-old, when all the language starts to come out of them. It’s a very exciting period in someone’s life, both the child’s and the parents and it was fun to bond over that.”

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