Is Swizz Beatz A Deadbeat Dad?

Alicia Keys may have fallen for her new hubby Swizz Beatz (born Kasseem Dean), but it seems not everyone is a fan of the high profile producer.

Swizz’s ex-wife Moshanda, with whom he has 3-year-old son Kasseem, has made her feelings clear, penning an open letter to Alicia last year in which she says the singer “assisted in destroying a family,” and writes, “I made it very clear that on the contrary of what she might be hearing, I am still married to my husband, living with him and just had a child.”

But Moshanda isn’t the only woman who is publicly outing Swizz’s alleged bad behaviour. While still with his wife in 2008, Swizz fathered a baby girl with 24-year-old Jahna Sebastian. Though paternity has been established – Alicia apparently accompanied Swizz to the test – it’s being reported that he has yet to acknowledge his daughter, does not play much of a role in her life and hasn’t provided adequate financial support.

Swizz also has another child, a 10-year-old son from a previous relationship. He and Alicia are now expecting a baby – his fourth, her first – in November.

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  1. Wow. Alicia is gorgeous. What does someone see in this male that she *needs or wants*? The man has 4 children. I’m sure Alicia will be the one supporting all of them, making those child support payments. ROL is reporting he also owes millions in taxes.

  2. I am so disappointed in her! She is so beautiful and talented. She could have any guy she wants and she picks that loser! I have lost respect for her. Sorry to say this, but this marriage will NEVER last. He does not even pay child support. That is terrible!

  3. Alicia knows exactly what she married. Whatever happens after this ought not to come as any surprise to her.

    They say love is blind, but there were too many red flags flying for her to miss them. She’s made her bed.

  4. I read Alicia by marrying this dead beat dad will now be legally responsible for his unpaid taxes. She could have kept him in her life since she is apparently blind to all his faults and problems but to legally bind herself to him? She has made her bed and it’s going to be a very expensive one.

  5. This is going to be very expensive for her. By marrying him, she’s now responsible for all the taxes he owes. She’s made a huge mistake but she’s a grown woman who thinks he will be perfect now….

  6. I think we all know not to believe everything we hear. I can’t say I’m a big fan of his but Alicia, yes. She is a very intelligent, caring, and beautiful person. She doesn’t deserve all this criticism. I hope everything works out for them because she seems to care for him so much. I haven’t lost any respect or admiration for her. People can’t help who they fall in love with. If he is as bad as everyone seems to think, I’m sure she will see it sooner or later. There is no reason to lose respect for her. She is still the same person. She is just w/someone we have heard a lot of bad things about. May be true, may not. Nevertheless she is still the same. Peace

  7. I could’ve sworn his oldest son was conceived while married to his wife (who also has a son by him). Unless he’s coincidentally sleeping with these women during their short period of ovulation and just so happens to find himself in that 1% of condom failure, he had a whole lot of unprotected sex while married. All the little ones are adorable and look alike.

  8. She is beautiful and in love. . I know nothing about Mr. Beatz except he has kids, three already I think. This is no. 4. All different Mom’s. That’s a little strange. But for Alicia’s sake I hope he is being real and honest w/her. I hope she is not being taken for a ride because I believe she really cares for him. Anyway Alicia is a wonderful person and will be a great Mom for all the kids. Still it’s a lot to take on. He should appreciate her very much and feel very fortunate for himself and his kids. I wish you peace Alicia. LOL

    • Alicia Keys is a wonderful person? I don’t know since when having relations with a married man makes a woman a wonderful person. It’s sad that people give her a pass for her homewrecking ways all because she’s a superstar. I guess you would feel differently if it were your man she started a relationship with under your nose. I completely understand that even while he was still denying his feelings for her to his wife he was also telling Alicia that his marriage was over and basically playing both of them. But Alicia who sang the song Karma and other female empowerment songs should have had more respect for Swizz wife and stay away from her husband. Alicia will lose him the same way she got him. Eventually she will feel the same hurt she caused Swizz’s wife and Swizz will get his too.

    • Alicia is a grown woman so I don’t know why people are having issues with this. No one knows exactly what happened between Swizz and his other baby mommas. We all know that there are women out here who trap men into having their babies. I hope Swizz treats her better, Alicia is a wonderful person and with God’s guidance I wish her all the best.

  9. Of course he is a deadbeat dad – just as he appears to be a deadbeat husband/partner. What a horrible, horrible man. Why do talented, beautiful women fall for sc*mbags like this guy? I really wish her all the best in the world, but I can’t help but think that this marriage will never last and will bring a lot of heartbreak for Alicia.

  10. Alicia has carried on an affair with a married man who first had a pregnant wife and then a new-born at home. It’s true that people sometimes can’t help with whom they are falling in love, but they sure should know how to BEHAVE in such situations. She should have waited till he sorted his marriage out, let the family deal with it however they see it fit. Instead she chose to attach herself to him, screwing not only him but, figuratively speaking, his wife and little child.
    Maybe she is still the same person and her true colours are just showing now. Or she’s just plain stupid, who knows.
    He for sure is a deadbeat dad and a douchebag.

    • i agree with you completely! love is blind… but we can control our actions that may ruin somebody’s life

  11. hey this is my first time commenting on this blog, but longtime reader…i absolutely think what alicia did in terms of messing with a married man was and is wrong and in such poor taste. secondly i think to mess with a man in general you should choose one that does not have 3 kids by 3 different women, and finally he is most definitely a dead beat if he is not paying properly, because i am not sure if you all know by swizz is probably richer than alicia. he is a very well respected and known producer in the music industry has written many hits for lots of artists and just recently won a major award for his talents…so if he is not paying his child support its because he is a loser….but no matter what they are married now and if she likes it i love it!!!

  12. Thgis sounds so much like the Whitney Houston-Bobby Brown story. Brown had several kids with several women before meeting Houston and having another chilkd with her.

  13. At least by marrying him Alicia Keys took him off the market-well-at least until his next fling. It just too bad that she is having his child when clearly from his past he has shown that wonderful blessing doesn’t mean much to him.

  14. any woman who can stand by a man that doesn’t pay child support or acknowledge/co-parent his children from previous relationships is just as much of a dirtbag..sorry, but it is what it is

  15. I met Alicia in person about 4 years ago, as I’m in the industry and there was a project to speak to her about. Before she knew that I was ‘connected to the right people’ she was a very big jerk and shockingly rude. I could not believe the way that she was talking! No basic simple human respect. As soon as she knew who I was connected with she turned on a dime and was instantly nice. I felt like someone slapped me in the face. Could not believe that. Now the world is just starting to see a taste of the Alicia that I met back then. Looks like she’s created her own karma by marrying someone who is sure to give her a hard fall one day.

  16. Alicia is beautiful and talented musician. She is a blessing to Swizz because he may become a better man.

    I can’t wait for Alicia to shine and develop into a movie star and put out great, masterpiece music.

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