Michelle And Sasha Obama Travel To Spain

First Lady Michelle Obama and daughter Sasha, 9, took some time off from presidential family duties for a getaway to Spain. Michelle, Sasha and a few family friends arrived on Wednesday (August 4) and toured the city center of Marbella.

President Barack Obama is at home, celebrating his birthday alone – he turned 49 on Wednesday (August 4). But he got a welcome surprise when Michelle and Sasha phoned him with birthday wishes from Spain. And it’s reported that daughter Malia, 12, who is away at camp, used her allotted phone time to call and wish her dad a happy birthday.


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  1. Maybe they should have spent the money in our own country to help out our horrible economy! I for one do not give a crap where they go on vacation!

  2. they have the right to go on vacation anywhere they choose and they dont know you so your caring or not caring dont mean one thing to them

    • I would agree if the vacation was on their dime but you and me – the taxpayers – is paying for the lion’s share. Do you know that Secret Service Agents get an extra $300 per day? And security is much higher in Spain than it would be in, say, Louisiana on the Gulf coast. I say this trip is profoundly insensitive and extravagant at a time when the average American cannot afford ANY vacation.

  3. Looks like people’s political beliefs are showing their ugly faces again… why can’t this just be a mother and daughter on a getaway? Lol, people looove to judge this family, it’s just silly. And they don’t even pull the antics that some OTHER faux-political family does… Why do you demand that THEY spend money on vacation in our country (which they definitely have, by the way), but not anyone else? I suppose we should all vacation in our countries ONLY, cuz it’s the right thing to do? Then we can learn even less about the world, right? Cuz that’s the goal, after all… And FYI, Marilyn, they were wealthy enough BEFORE they came into office to pay for a lavish vacation for themselves and some friends, so I’m not sure your “sources” are correct. Just because Obama is a politician doesn’t mean he dips into the kitty.

    • No, they werent. This trip, along with their mode of transportation, all of the Secret Service, the clothing “stipends”, etc, are all tax payer subsidized. The Obamas purportely were able to “finally pay of their debts” (Michelle’s words) once Obama’s last book came out. They were upper middle class and wealthy enough to live in a better part of Chicago, but they were never wealthy enough to take any of the “family trips” they have been taking on tax payer dime.

      For the record, I’m from Chicago, so I’m not stating hear say, I’m stating facts.

  4. I love Michelle’s shirt..That is (as my mother would say) Shaaarppp!…She has impeccable fashion taste. Sasha is inheriting that sense as well.

  5. They took a few friends with them? Another source quoted that Michelle et al booked 30! rooms at the hotel in Spain. Secret service yeah yeah..but 30 of them?

    Seems there may have been more than a ‘few friends’ on this holiday, and I sure hope my tax $ didn’t pay for them.

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